Nokia Glance Screen Beta on Nokia Lumia 925 with double tap to unlock.

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As a surprise for Nokia Lumia 925 owners, they will be getting the Nokia Glance Screen Beta app. The always on clock which also notifies when the battery is low.

It’ll have night mode for reduced glare in the dark as well as the double-tap to unlock first seen in the Nokia N9 and now living in the new Asha touch series.

When I went back to the N9 for a week, I loved being able to just glance at it to see the time. No need to press the lock button or tap it. Useful as a bedside clock or just as a clock in your pocket.

hello 925

Charging stand would have a clock feature anyway. 

Nokia Glance Screen will be available to most WP8 Nokia Lumia smartphones when the Lumia Amber update arrives. Not a limitation then for non-OLED screens (which would be the most power efficient, though Nokia has had this kind of always on clock on non OLED before).

What about notifications? Might we eventually see Sleep Screen?

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  • BJ

    WANT! 925 looks so tempting if only it had the same vibrant colors as the rest of the classic range.

    • D Harries

      That always happens when a new phone comes out.

      If only….. etc

    • D Harries

      But if you want colour, they come with snap on covers

  • Grand

    look forward to see it on 808 pureview!

  • muhsal

    “Most”…..not all ,it would be nice jay if u contacted some Nokia peeps to tell which will not get the nokia glance??
    is it the 520 only ….just like it didn’t have the Nokia city lens ?? or there r other members of the lumia family which’s not getting it ??

    • Maybe

      the 520 don’t have the Nokia city lens cause it doesn’t have a compass

  • jordan82

    So it means we’ll have Nokia Glance screen on our Lumia 920? Yes!!!
    And that’s an early version (beta) so maybe we can expect on screen notifications in future release! 🙂

    • guerrahp

      …still cant handle the real Sleeping Screen.

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    Now it’s time for fancy graphics like the symbian version 🙂

  • jtanigawa

    So did the Lumia 925 still launch with the Amber update installed?

    • Janne

      If this feature is in beta, it seems that it probably did launch with a new WP with the “necessary hooks”, but all Nokia customizations are not yet available (or are only available via beta).

      • DesR85

        I know that Nokia need some of these Beta features like the Glance Screen Beta to differentiate the 925 between existing Lumia phones, but couldn’t they have waited until these features are out of Beta, then release it?

        Seeing Beta versions of Nokia apps/features such as HERE Drive+ Beta (on the 920, 820 and 620) just give the impression that the app or feature is still under testing and not really a full release.

  • v.s.i

    It would be nice if they included a customizable image slot (but even the N9 didn’t have that officially 😛 ).

  • Grendell

    Pls. Release this in the N8’s anodized colors. Want it in orange!

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  • Viipottaja

    The more I see the 925 the more I like it and more I want. Hope the AT&T rumor is true.

    • Bassman

      Just pre-ordered mine, will hopefully arrive on 12th June (Optimistic!). I can’t wait! As much I like my N8, it is time for it to retire gracefully.

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