Video & Gallery: Lumia 520 Electric Yellow Unboxing

| June 10, 2013 | 10 Replies

WP_20130609_002We got our hands on the quirky little Lumia 520 to test out (gracias Nokia Jordan), so check out our unboxing video & gallery below + some of our first thoughts on the device:

And here’s the customary Flickr gallery/Set either in the slideshow below, or the at the Flickr link:

My first thoughts on the device (besides the awesome color) are a bit mixed, I’ve used both the 720 and 620 which have similar internals as the 520, yet the 520 seems to be noticeably slower (especially in rooms chat); I think this might be related to using cheaper conductors and transistors inside the device as a cost cutting measure?. Also I’m having some issues with the physical camera shutter button; as the second part of the two stage shutter fails to click for some reason (I assume the cases hardware case and the actual phone’s aren’t aligned, but no matter what I do it won’t work right).

Immediately noticeable also is the fact that the 520 lacks Nokia’s amazing CBD display, which is why the screen has a greyish tint to it; this helps you appreciate the CBD on the 920 and others even more (the difference is visible in the image below)

One of the features of the 920 that helps hide the bulk of the bezzel is the fact that when the screen is off you can’t really tell where the screen ends and the bezzel starts; unfortunately that’s not the case for the 520 as obvious from the pic below:

Of course we’re talking about a device that costs $150 so you can’t really complain; be sure to stay tuned for more coverage; and as always let me know what you guys wanna see in the phone.


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