Nokia Meme on S4 zoom non pocket friendly – teaser for own Zoom reinvented? (Actual thickness of S4 Zoom pls? 25+mm?)

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Nokia’s got a set of Memes on NokConv one of which is condescending Wonka.

It reads: Oh so You’ve got a smartphone with a zoom lens. I bet that fits in your pocket perfectly.

Nokia is having their own event, July 11th in New York to unveil Zoom reinvented. I do remember mumblings from some Nokians about proper optical zoom coming at the start of the year. Perhaps this is finally it. In a way, 41mp simulates some zoom (with pros/cons of its own)


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One thing that bothers me is how the same sources can make jabs at one phone’s thickness and question pocketability, and in the same breath say a much thicker smartphone is pocketable.

e.g. GSM Arena says later in the review the 920’s thickness makes it more comfortable to hold. but earlier they say “This one is definitely not for every pocket, or hand”

However on the S4 Zoom, they take a more kinder approach, “ quite thick and heavy compared to a modern smartphone, but still pocketable, unless you’re wearing tight jeans”

Let’s take a look again shall we:

If the 920 IS 10.7mm, there’s no way in hell the hump on the S4 Zoom is 15.4mm (which is already quite thick for most, e.g. 808 at 13.9mm at hump). Look how much of the top finger it covers on the second picture. That’s around 20mm already. Unless the hands are small but then obviously the rest of the proportions will be wrong.

How thick is the S4 Zoom in reality and why is no one mentioning actual thickness unless what I’m seeing is an optical illusion.

Humour me here. I adjusted the picture to make the length to be about 125mm (it’s 125.5mm length or 4.904inches).

The hump is clearly over an inch thick, 27-28mm which you can pretty much round up to almost 3cm in fact. I believe a few people mentioned this in the comments already. 28mm thickness, and all we hear is that it can still fit in your pocket as a comment whilst a 10.7mm is said to be not for every pocket or hand? LOL. I’m not saying they should let the 920 off on being ‘thicker’ than the other slimmer smartphones at the time, just be consistent and call what’s thick, fat (and ugly) what it is.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 11.34.02 Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 11.33.45

It could be some flawed presumption on my behalf that the height would remain proportional to the thickness.

If anyone has seen one in person, please feel free to let us know how thick it actually is.






Would people forgive thickness and weight if the overall benefit is there? Like the phablet craze which initially was laughed at until it made sense for some people to have a choice on having a larger screen.

If Nokia makes a thicker phone, they get slated. If someone else makes a thicker phone, it seems fine. Oh well, hopefully it means more room for thicker phones? Or perhaps slim phones with a slightly thicker hump?




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