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The Qimini pocket wireless charger is a funky and stylish alternative to the standard Nokia DT-900 charging plate, and it does all that you would expect from it. The “pocket” wireless charger is marketed as the worlds slimmest wireless charging pad at only 9mms (and 85 grams); and comes in 4 colors (Black, White, Green and Red); so check out the unboxing below and then carry on for the rest of the review:

The Qimini has a pretty important “one-up” against the standard Nokia charging plate (the Dt-900) in the fact that it charges via USB cable as well as your standard wall jack. Making it perfect for use on the go (which I assume is its target feature, seeing how small/slim & portable it is).

In terms of actual charging at first I thought I had a defective unit as my Lumia 920 kept disconnecting and reconnected, but then I realized that the wireless charging coil in the 920 is NOT in the middle of the phone, but actually somewhere near the bottom half (I assume that’s to make room for the camera module?). This means when setting the phone to charge the bottom half of the phone should be in contact with the charger with the top half “hanging off” (as visible in the picture above).

Charging speed is pretty standard and seems to match up nicely to the Dt-900, with an output of 5V/1A making them pretty much equal on that footing. The Qimini also has a tiny green LED light to indicate when the phone is charging (similar to the white LED on the Dt-900).

Material wise the Qimini is covered in both sides with a rubberized plastic sort of material that prevents the phone from slipping off (in contrast to the smooth plastic of the Dt-900 which relies on the single ring of rubber in the middle to keep the phone in place).

Although wireless charging is pretty awesome, I honestly can’t see it replacing a simple USB cable when on the go (sure you’ll get extra awesome points for wireless charging your phone while pattering away on your laptop at Starbucks, but it’s not the most functional solution in the world). The other issue facing the Qimini is the price-tag of $79.95; which is quite high considering you can grab a DT-900 for around $27 on Amazon; of course if you feel like getting something stylish and price is not an issue then look no further.

Check out the official site/order your own over here:

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