Quad Core 720p Nokia Lumia Pops Up on Benchmark Site

| June 16, 2013 | 90 Replies

quad-core-lumia_thumbA while back we heard rumors that quad core processors on Windows Phone would be available later this year when GDR3 rolled out (plus full HD screens); the first of these devices has appeared on a benchmarking site “GFXBench”. The unnamed phone has a quad core processor, Adreno 305 (same unit s the 720, 620 and 520; HUH?)  and surprisingly a 720p screen rather than the 768p we’ve gotten used to in Nokia phone. Of course the new aspect ratio might just be as a place filler in prototype devices (hopefully in place of a 1080p screen).

Keep in mind that the original EOS rumors claimed that there was a possibility that we’d see a quad core variant of the EOS; and it seems that the production cycle at Nokia is working full steam with multiple devices on the way. Either way this year looks to be AMAZING.

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