Skype Video Messaging Graduates from Beta for ALL Platforms… Except Windows Phone (Mini Rant)

| June 17, 2013 | 58 Replies

skype-lumia-windows-phoneOnce again Microsoft has done the impossible and made me doubt their competence even more than before! The latest piece of perplexing decisions comes in the form of the Skype Video messaging feature which has just graduated from Beta status for practically every single platform short of Windows phone. The app is available for PC, Mac, Android, iOS, EVEN BLACKBERRY! But not Windows Phone (not even the Beta version)!

For the record the app itself allows you to record video messages and leave them to your offline friends to see once they log on (a feature I didn’t know existed until I borrowed my friends iPhone the other day).

Is it really that difficult to code for WP that even Microsoft don’t bother with it anymore? If so I really don’t blame the lack of apps; seeing how the people who own the damn OS don’t seem to want to bother with it. It seems whoever is in charge of the strategy thought it would be smart to follow BB’s plan of action with BBM releasing it for all other platforms, except Windows Phone; honestly this is beyond ridiculous!

I realize that Microsoft is a huge company with loads of different branches (software, hardware, OS development, games etc.); but how difficult can it be to give a tiny bit of priority to your own OS? Hell we don’t even want priority; just equal treatment! It seems that Windows Phone is the only incompetent branch of the whole MSFT division, getting the left-overs of resources, and always being an after thought. I imagine the birth of Windows Phone went something like this:

Belfiore: “Hey, Steve we got a couple guys here who just finished working on the latest useless Windows update and have nothing to do; should I give them the week off?”

Ballmer: “Nah, we’re paying them aren’t we? Let’s have a little fun, give them a $200 budget and ask them to make a phone OS”

Belfiore: “That’s evil!…… I love it”

So pretty much screw you Microsoft for not thinking things through…



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