Nokia Lumia 920 GDR2 coming July for Telstra (PR2.0)

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The GDR2  WP update for the Nokia Lumia 920 and 520 is coming to Telstra in July. Currently the status is “waiting for vendor submission”.

July is around about the expected time for GDR2 in general, plus there’s Amber specifically for Lumia.



  • FM Radio support
  • Data Sense
  • Pin tunes in Xbox Music
  • CalDav/CardDav support
  • ‘hundreds of small quality improvments’ :/


  • Double tap to wake
  • Glance screen clock
  • ISO 3200
  • Nokia Smart Camera


Thank goodness Microsoft works so slowly otherwise, you know, 8-9 months later, we could have had quite a meaningful update on our devices.

Source: WBI

Cheers Alexandre for the tip!


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  • Rogene

    Still no orienation lock feature? Its verrryyyy important.

    • Rogene


    • Orientation may be included in this ‘hundreds of small quality improvements’ who knows….

  • D Harries

    There’s one update I wished they would do for the 808, and that is improve the fonts like on all the gorgeous Lumia phones. I read during downtime using my phone, so like Opera browser and Nokia Browser could see an improvement there

  • Jad26

    Do you have any idea if the 920 will support ” Double tap to wake and
    Glance screen clock ” ?

    • Mapantz

      I’m pretty sure the answer is yes!

      I had a feeling ISO 3200 would turn up but will there be anything between ISO 800 and 3200? It seems odd to bump it up that high from 800.
      It will be great to have the glance screen clock, as i used my Luma 920 most of the time now, i’ve missed the clock that i had on my 808.

      Good news all round. 🙂

  • Microsoft needs to speed things up. Looking forward to seeing all the improvements GD2 has to offer.

    • twig

      Like being able to use the Bluetooth wedge keyboard sold at ATT next to the phones on display. The salesperson said it would work, still waiting 6 months later for the Windows keyboard to work with the Windows phone.

      • dss

        works fine with an iphone 5..

  • AMT

    “Thank goodness Microsoft works so slowly otherwise, you know, 8-9 months later, we could have had quite a meaningful update on our devices.” Exactly my thoughts. Nokia is doing their best, but why isn’t Microsoft delivering the top most wanted features such as custom sounds for SMS, MMS, email and notifications and separate volume control for media and ringtone ?

    • Viipottaja

      They will but both fortunately and unfortunately they are increasing coherence and unification between Windows 8, 8RT and WP and this is making them abit slow. I agree that some of these features should be introduced separately and hopefully some of them will in gdr3…

      • nn

        So Nokia can only silently sit and watch how MS is wrestling with other code it deems more important to reach target of big unified something, which is unrelated to Nokia business. Who would have thought that?

        • Janne

          I’m fairly certain Nokia has multiple times stated that big unified something and the Microsoft roadmap were seen as very important for Nokia.

          I’ll leave it a home exercise to figure out why that might be. 😉

          That said, Microsoft delays is of course on risk Nokia too has acknowledged. They are just betting Microsoft has less of them than Nokia had with MeeGo and Symbian^3. So far that seems to have held true. 🙂

          • nn

            I’m also fairly certain Elop believes in something like that. That doesn’t change the fact the the past and present proves him wrong.

            If I didn’t know you will just says it’s true but won’t say why, I would ask in what measurable way WP seems to be better than Symbian in this regard. Even when it comes to the core things of new Nokia, so far Elop and MS are yet to deliver what Nokia had two year ago.

            • Janne

              Even when it comes to the core things of new Nokia, so far Elop and MS are yet to deliver what Nokia had two year ago.

              And thank goodness for that! 😀

              • nn

                Indeed, after the desktop experience nobody sane wants to give MS even slightest chance to be relevant in smartphone market.

            • Viipottaja

              Yup. Two years ago they had big but rapidly declining market share, MASSIVE operating costs, going to or in (NSN iirc) red, slow OS and UI development cycles, slow pace of bring R&D to market, and fading consumer awareness and brand image.

              Now they miniscule bot slightly growing market share, red, MUCH smaller operating costs, still in the red (except for NSN and depending on quarter mobile phones), two new cycles of the OS but still too slow, some R&D results in the market (obviously benefiting from a long background but proof is in the eating), and improving awareness and brand image.

              Both situations suck, one is going in the right direction – slowly. 🙂

              ps. Yes, I know, you will disagree. 🙂

              • That was a random Noki

                Nn doesn’t understand how Nokia was already collapsing in 2010. He probably thinks that it’s just perfectly fine to lose unit sales in the high end and in the mid range.

                He probably also thinks that it’s perfectly fine to focus sales on an area that’s just about the be stormed by cheap Android phones.

              • nn

                Lets focus on the development progress. Yes, Nokia was slow with Symbian. The problem is they are not better with WP, in fact they still don’t have the core features they already had in their own platforms two year ago, let alone something beyond that.

                So where is this with-WP-it’s-better coming from?

                • That was a random Noki

                  WP costs less.

                  • nn

                    No, it doesn’t.

    • Pathetic

      microsoft has more important things to do than Windows Phone.
      Windows 8, Windows RT, Xbox One, Office, all these products have been a big crrrap!, Microsoft gains nothing with Windows Phone, and even WP is a big crrrap. I would do the same as microsoft focus resources on what it is worth. i feel sorry for Nokia, this software upgrade is a mediocrity, so long for these poor improvements?. this update reminds me to N9, they said “over 1000 improvements” but no one really knows what improves, is misleading

      • Capedonut

        Given the recent rumours suggesting that Microsoft might pay some developers up to $100 000 for an app, I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t take wp seriously .

  • sbw44
    • Janne

      If true, historical reasons probably. MS bought Skype in the middle of developing WP and I’m sure internal Skype developments at that time were geared towards iOS and Android mostly? So, indeed it takes a while to align WP and Skype developments…

      Too long if you ask me, but this I believe is the underlying reason anyways.

      • sbw44

        There any concrete news that skype will be deeply integrated in WP? If so won’t that cause problems with carriers?

        • Janne

          Yeah, I think the rumours of deeper Skype integration are true and probably part of the reason why things take a while

          As for carriers, Apple already got them on board with FaceTime and iMessage, I doubt Skype will be any kind of issue. If some carrier wants some billing support or whatnot, MS can probably do special deals for these… Just like Elop explained at Nokia annual general meeting 2012, before the Internet misquoted him until the real message was lost. 🙂

          • nn

            Interesting you are bringing it up. Year passed long ago and we are still waiting for the special deals with carriers that will leverage the Skype competitive advantage. I guess he is still having conversations…

            • Janne

              I guess they are! Any day now! 😉

              It must be the same thing as the carrier boycott, any day now it will start!

              • nn

                or end, whatever comes first

                • Janne

                  You do understand the difference between lackluster sales (and lackluster sales efforts) and a boycott… Yep, selling a new ecosystem has been hard. Yep, first Lumia generation failed.

                  The difference isn’t really that hard to see
                  though. 😉

                  • nn

                    Well, I don’t know if lacklustre sales efforts or telling Nokia to throw WP away and use Android qualifies as boycott or not, but what I know is it is far cry the “everything is fine on the carriers front” position. Let alone from the proclamations that carriers actually love WP as the third option.

                    • Viipottaja

                      Well, some carriers have actually said that they do want a 3rd horse and that WP and BB are the ones they are most looking at.

                    • Janne

                      That’s the problem with straw men, they don’t portray the respective arguments in a truthful light.

                      I doubt anyone has said everything is fine with operators or that all operators love WP.

                      That said, there isn’t any proof of any kind of carrier boycott. Not even incomplete insight from someone I’d deem reliable on the matter. 😉

                    • nn



                      That carriers want/will want WP as third horse against iOS and Android is exactly what was claimed. Just for convenience, Viipottaja repeated it here for you.

                    • Viipottaja

                      Nope or yup, depending what you are implying, I simply stated the fact that some some carriers have said so. 🙂

                    • capedonut

                      @nn the fact that the carriers agreed to sell wp is a sign that they believed in a possible third ecosystem. However they could not know for certain how well it will sell in advance and if Nokia fails to impress, they will be given the cold shoulder.

                • Viipottaja

                  Well, the numerous carried deals seems to suggest it may have ended sometime between that story April Las year and now.

                  • nn

                    Indeed there are some deals, and always were. The question is how much deals and when the deals are signed, how much are carriers pushing Lumias in actual stores and ad campaigns.

                    • Viipottaja

                      Correct. There seem to be a lot of deals for sure, terms of those deals are of course difficult to know for sure. A boycott would mean something different though, _to me_ at least.

            • Viipottaja

              Slow indeed, but there is at least a modest start:


            • Otto

              Year passed long ago and we are still waiting for the special deals with carriers

              Ummm… What dark hole have you been hiding in? Special deals since February, by MS:
              Want a link to Verizon listing Skype as their official supported service too?

              • nn

                You will be shocked, but I actually know about this. Except Elop in his grand vision talked about revenue sharing, preferential treatment of Skype-traffic, etc. Where is that? Nowhere. I guess another billing thorough third party is better than nothing, but what was supposed to happen is completely different thing.

  • wiishesh

    Widows phone does not excite me much anymore now. Getting bored of flipping tiles, lack of support, slow progress.

  • takis

    These news are good!!
    But what about the Lumia 820????

    • Janne

      I’d say of course 820 will get GDR2.

      • Pathetic

        Man you talk as if you were the great sage, to me you’re just a stupid blinded, seeing things that are not, inventing fantasies, awake from your dream Cinderella! reading your comments I realize that you are mentally ill, Where do you get your stories?, If Nokia does this, that if the carriers do this, that Elop sign something. lend me your crystal ball to see the future man,

        • Janne

          That is a faily interesting comment to make…

          But before I send you greetings from the asylum, please comment on this: Why would Lumia 820 not get GDR2? It sports the same CPU and RAM as 920 – and it has the low-powered AMOLED screen technology Lumia 925 has… would my conclusion not make sense, logically speaking? But also judging by past Lumia and WP releases, that have seen the same generation receive the same updates? Lumia 820 isn’t even lower memory spec, which theoretically might miss some features.

          Where’s the insane part?

          • Tony

            These are 4 window phones currently sold through Telstra . Telstra does not sell Lumia 820, hence it is not on the list.

  • Maurice

    Is Nokia Smart Cam working on the Nokia Lumia 520? Thank you 🙂

  • ADN

    FM radio wow i’m impressed !!!
    obviously Nokia is dead

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