Qualcomm Announces Six new Snapdragon 200 Series; Brings Dual Sim Support to Windows Phone

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Till now Windows Phone’s processor choice has been limited to the Qualcomm family (by restrictions set by Microsoft); thankfully that family has opened up a bit with 6 new additions to the Snapdragon 200 range. The new chips come with HSPA+ support (not true LTE), and Adreno 302 graphics processor (the 720, 620 & 520 use the Adreno 305); the main feature however would be Dual Sim support, something that has been long missing in the Lumia range (and a reason that many potential customers have gone over to Samsung’s plethora of dual sim devices.  Hopefully we can see some decent dual sim phones, seeing as Nokia’s tradition is that dual sim = low end, which I find very wrong; I think a dual sim 820 would be great, maybe even a 925 or 920 no reason to shy from diversity and options in the high end right?

These new chipsets might make it possible for Nokia to dip the price-range of their Lumias below the already insane $130 for the Lumia 521; of course we don’t know what the actual performance is (hopefully not another Lumia 610).

So what do you guys think is lower better? Or should Nokia just stick with the tested and proven processors they have going for them right now?

Press Release:

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., has expanded its entry-level offerings with the addition of six new processors to its Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 200 class, featuring dual- and quad-core CPUs. The new Snapdragon 200 processors are manufactured on a 28nm process technology and feature key modem technologies that are important in China and emerging regions, including support for HSPA+ (up to 21Mbps) and TD-SCDMA. It is anticipated that the new processors (8×10 and 8×12), along with its Qualcomm Reference Design counterparts, will be available in late 2013 and are designed to deliver improved performance, graphics-rich gaming experience and advanced multimedia features for high-volume smartphones.


“With the expanded line of Snapdragon 200 processors, Qualcomm Technologies is building on its dual- and quad-core processor portfolio for entry-level smartphones and tablets, bringing key process technology and modem features to all Snapdragon tiers,” said Jeff Lorbeck, senior vice president of product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are excited to offer our customers the broadest range of 3G technologies and superior performance and power-efficiency, enabling them to deliver a wide range of innovative smartphones for the high-volume segment.”

The expanded line of processors delivers an optimal balance of multimedia features and modem technologies with extended battery life. The processors will have support for dual cameras, with an 8 Megapixel rear-facing camera and up to a 5 Megapixel front-facing one, as well as feature a single platform for all SIM variants, including Dual SIM, Dual Standby, and Dual SIM, Dual Active, and Tri SIM Tri Standby. The latest additions to the Snapdragon 200 class also feature: class-leading graphics performance with Adreno 302 GPU; integrated industry-leading IZat Location functionality and support of Qualcomm Quick Charge 1.0; support for the latest Android, Windows Phone and Firefox operating systems; RxD support; and a single, multimode modem enabling faster data rates, fewer dropped calls, and better connections.

Qualcomm Technologies also will be releasing Qualcomm Reference Design (QRD) versions of the processors. The QRD program offers Qualcomm Technologies’ leading technical innovation, differentiated hardware and software, easy customization options, testing and acceptance readiness for regional operator requirements, and access to a broad ecosystem of hardware component vendors and software application developers. Under the QRD program, customers can rapidly deliver differentiated smartphones to budget-conscious consumers. There have been more than 250 public QRD-based product launches to date in collaboration with more than 40 OEMs in 17 countries.


Thanks for the tip Viipottaja 😀


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  • pdexter

    I think that dual SIM is key there. Also from GPU alone its hard to say about the SoCs performance.

    • Wow, can’t believe I missed that part, edited the post now; I can assume the next phone will be a dual sim then? Something I know a lot of people are missing, especially in India and East Asia. Perhaps a Dual Sim variant of the Lumia 720; that would be a nice seller.

      • incognito

        Dual-SIM 520 would fare better, 720 is too expensive for many people who find the dual-SIM feature to be crucial. Granted, even in the high-paying segment dual-SIM with a proper support (i.e. profile separation, secure storage, sandboxing etc.) from the underlying OS could be quite a hit for the ever more popular BYOD enterprise segments.

        • I think that’s where I’d disagree, you’re thinking along the same lines of Nokia’s whole Dual sim strategy which limits it to the lower end of the spectrum, but here in Asia a lot of people have two lines for personal/buisness AS WELL as the fact that there’s a huge difference between rates for same network calls, so they’d usually have a number on the two largest/most popular networks to keep costs down.

          That’s why you see the Galaxy Duos strategy selling so well here, there’s no reason to have to limit yourself to a lesser phone just because you have two numbers (especially since most of the targeted community with those are college aged students, who would definitely prefer a more powerful/feature filled device).

          • Viipottaja

            I thought you were in Lebanon for some reason. 🙂 Where are you based now?

            Is the Galaxy Duo a mid-range device?

            • Jordan, so close enough 😀

              There are actually multiple “duos” out there, there’s the Grand Duos, Y Duos, S Duos etc. so it’s just a branding for the dual sim variant of their phones, needless to say you do have more selection than Nokia’s Asha Dual sims.

              Here’s a really long summary of my thoughts on the whole Dual sim story:

    • kues

      On wikipedia the SoCs are listed as Cortex-A7- so about Cortex-A8 performance and better than the Cortex-A5 Lumia 610 has.

  • v.s.i

    Yeah, we can’t gauge performance at this point, since there are no phones running on the platform. But dual-SIM would be really welcome, and I doubt we’ll ever see WP lag.

  • Note 3

    Nokia should release a phone with 1080p and Snapdragon 800 ASAP

    • Viipottaja

      AFAIK, some processor guy was saying the other day no phone will come with it before early 2014 from any manufacturer on any OS platform.

      • Pdexter

        As far as I know special version of Galaxy S4 with S800 is set to be released in the coming months.

        • poopshoot

          AFAIK, that is only in South Korea

      • Note 3

        HTC One Max, Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are rumored to have a Snapdragon 800 processor! Before 2014! There’s also a rumored Galaxy S4 version with Snapdragon 800 processor.

  • Viipottaja

    Ali, you are welcome! 🙂

    • aliqudsi

      Gah! Sorry, I’m horrible with keeping track of where the stories come in from :/ Thanks 😀

      • Viipottaja

        No problem. 🙂 And I realize you guys sure see these stories yourselves too – just a bad habit of mine to post in tips stories I see on other sites.

        • eh, it’s just the mix up of having twitter, email and the tips page all open at the same time; plus sometimes I’ll start writing a post then take an hour or two break tweeting about random things and start all over completely forgetting where I got it from.

  • Dual sim not crucial, but would be highly convinient.
    Just roaming thru 5 european countries….. NL,BE,LU,FR,DE

    But until now i only see dualsim phones at the lower cq midrange
    And not into the top models. 🙁

    • Pdexter

      Never heard of the dual SIM being used here in Europe.

      I got a feeling those dual SIM models would not find their way to Europe.

    • incognito

      As a frequent traveler on the RS-HU-AT-DE-NL-UK route, I do feel your pain when it comes to roaming – sometimes the prices are just outrageous, which is why every sane person that is frequently abroad gets a local SIM and than one has to carry at least two devices so that his/her main number remains active… Personally, no problem for me as I carry my N9 and N900 with me in all occasions, but still it would be so much easier if I could plunge a local SIM in an empty SIM slot on either of them and be done with it…

      That being said, starting 1. July 2014. we, the Europeans, will finally have one less problem to think about: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-06/15/roaming-charges-die . If sub-networks are to be treated equally my years long dream of having giffgaff across the Europe will become a reality. Yay!

      • v.s.i

        Wow! That’s great news, I never thought they’d approve the roaming proposal this fast.

  • Annoymous

    I think Nokia needs to work on getting the “new” Snapdragon 800 in one their smartphones. –

    > 9X faster then Snapdragon 200
    > has an Adreno 330 – capable of pushing 4K resolutions (2160p).
    > can be clocked as high as 2.3GHz
    > has LTE radios built-in.

    The Snapdragon 200 is for flagship Nokia models – I hope!

  • swain

    off topic: anyone know samsung just killed Nokia’s tablet dreams by Ativ Q ?

    • 600usd? really? that tablet is very expensive. wait for suprise from nokia.

      • swain

        I believe the specs justify the price tag.

    • v.s.i

      LOL wut? Did Nokia announce a tablet and we didn’t know it?

      • swain

        No they haven’t. That’s why I said “dream”.

  • n8thebest

    Dual-SIM Lumia has been hinted at by Harlow. This would enable very cheap Dual-DIM Lumias below the 520. Also performance would be fine as these Snapdragon 200 processors come in either dual-core or quad-core variations.

    Nokia definitely needs Dual-SIM Lumias, and that will be huge for Lumia sales in many markets.

  • ms.nokia

    dual sim is very important,

    i remember long ago giving my ex gf an iphone 3gs and she complained that its only 1 sim, not dual sim like her samsung.
    she didnt use it cause some of her friends are with different networks, apparently they can txt unlimited to same networks. i ended up keeping the iphone.

  • Bloob

    And MS might add support for them in the next 2 years. Meanwhile on the Android camp:


    No idea on the quality or price, but the specs and size seems good.

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  • krishna6233

    Bring Dual sim Lumias to India ASAP!!! 😀

  • manu

    dual sim lumia phone are welcome addition.absence of dual sim is the main chink in the armor of lumia 520/620. also a cheap dual sim phablet like galaxy grand/quatro is needed.

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