Temple Run Now Available for 512 Mb Ram Lumias

| June 20, 2013 | 20 Replies



One issue with games on WP is that occasionally high profile titles would be left out for the 512 mb community, the one that caused the most noise was Temple Run not running on 512Mb devices (something I JUST mentioned yesterday). Well apparently Windows Phone (or at least Joe Belfiore) have been listening:

That’s right you can grab the app right now for your 720/620/520/521 and enjoy the mindless running, pick the game up at the link below (and in case you missed it check out our gameplay demo below as well):


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  1. Nuron says:

    The link still shows not available for my lumia 520. Maybe slow roll out ?

  2. Denis says:


  3. qromodynmc says:

    People can play Last Of Us or Uncharted 3 on their 256mb ps3 and we cant play temple run on our 512mb windows phone,How nice..

    • BellGo says:

      500+mb* ram on ps3.

      But yeah, this game was horribly optimized.

      • qromodynmc says:

        Actually I dont know Ps3′s memory,Just I heard it somewhere. Anyway that changes nothing,temple run shouldn’t require 512 mb,None of mobile games shouldn’t require.

      • Pdexter says:

        RAM amount itself tells you nothing when you are comparing of ARM architech put into a very small system on chip. Compared to full blown custom board that has nothing to do with small system on chip ARM arcs found on phones.
        How the system handles the RAM, type of RAM and so many other things play much more of a role.

        Just highlights the problem people who just compare to numbers.

        All that said, it is about optimization in this case while your analogy might have not been spot on.

        • n8thebest says:

          Exactly. People like this have no clue what they’re talking about. The PS3 system is MUCH more powerful hardware than any smartphone, and the RAM on the PS3 is extremely fast.

    • Aliqudsi says:

      Really? You’re going to compare a GAMING CONSOLE to a low budget phone?

      In case you were actually wondering *maybe* it has something to do with the 3.2Ghz CPU and The friggin GAMING Processing Unit AKA GPU .. just maybe…

      • Bloob says:

        Not when the limitation is supposedly RAM.

      • SitBadDog says:

        Wrong argument, Ali.

        Love your work, though. But yes, they singled out RAM. I don’t understand these RAM requirements. Esp since wp8 has a pretty weird multitasking logic anyway. I think it’s mainly developers too busy to care to truly optimize instead of just porting.

    • SLAYER says:

      things aren’t as simple as that

  4. krishna6233 says:

    much awaited!

  5. Two.face says:

    ps3 has 512 mb ram..but that ram and mobile ram is different..

  6. shan says:

    Still not available for Lumia 620

  7. Merito says:

    GPU and 3,2GHz is one of the big differences.

  8. Weirdfisher says:

    In case you guys don’t know, temple run can be played smoothly on iphone 3gs and ipod touch gen 3/4 which have only 256mb ram

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