Temple Run does NOT work on 512mb devices – @TempleRun lied?

| June 21, 2013 | 29 Replies

So Ali posted up yesterday that Temple Run is available for devices with 512mb RAM (as tweeted by Joe Belfiore and the devs behind Temple Run. It seems though, that is not the case.

I cracked out the Lumia 520 to do a comparison between it and the 820 – to get stopped by this! (Same error on my Lumia 720 as well :/ )



Not sure the app hasn’t fully populated the store or what – but it seems there are several other users getting the error too! (You can see though that it is showing the latest update being only the other day – so it would seem the update has at least populated my store)


C’mon guys, sort yourselves out!


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  • Maybe

    Lumia 520, 620 and 720 users have been trolled

  • n8thebest

    Apparently this is an issue with the store, that Microsoft and the developer are trying to fix.

  • KiranMNBUSER

    Temple run 2 runs on android phones with 512 ram. They why not on wp with 512 mb?

    • Maybe

      Cause WP8 consume a lot of memory and demand high processing power to run a task/program. That’s why the lowest spec that WP8 can achieve is only dual core and 512MB RAM. But for Symbian, MeeGo and Android with real multitasking instead of “Resuming” are very minimalist and require low memory and processing power to run a task/program. That’s the reason some apps can run simultaneously. Take for instance, Sailfish OS even have live multitasking homescreen that you can interact without any lag even the video is still playing.

      • KrisW

        The opposite is true, actually. Full multitasking like Symbian or Android requires more RAM, not less. Tasks running in the background will page data into RAM as they run, and this memory will be unavailable to foreground tasks until paged out. This paging takes time, which affects overall performance (paging isn’t the performance killer on Android, though – VM compilation and Garbage Collection are what make Android’s performance so erratic). Tombstoning, like iOS or WP, allows a task to be suspended and flushed entirely out of working RAM, leaving all available RAM for the new foreground task.

        The lowest hardware spec for WP8 was deliberately set at 512 Mbyte and 1GHz because it gives app developers a useful baseline to develop against. Some of the devices running Android 4.x are not really capable or running the OS and CPU-intensive apps at the same time, but developers are the ones who have to field the complaints of “your app is slow, its UI lags” from customers, when the truth is that the customer’s hardware is inadequate for proper use of the OS.

        About TempleRun, it wouldn’t be the first time that an app was “launched”, but the store hadn’t propogated it fully to every market. On Symbian, I learned the hard way about telling people there was an update as soon as I could see it on my device…

        • Maybe

          I mean because it requires very minimum amount of RAM for an apps so it can run a few apps at one time without the anooying “resuming”. On the other hand, WP requires a huge amount of RAM to run a single apps and for this very reason WP8 don’t have true multitasking capabilities as it will run out of RAM if too many apps run simultaneously. So sadly it will only resumes the apps after the one is frozen, paused, stagnant or whatever you want to call it.
          Please don’t try to confuse people with what I’m saying.

          • KrisW

            “Please don’t try to confuse people with what I’m saying.”

            I won’t. You’re doing a good enough job by yourself.

          • Maybe

            *after the present one (currently open) is frozen, paused, stagnant or whatever you want to call it.

            And another thing I was referring to “A” task/program which is singular not plural which demand more power and RAM in WP compare to the others.

          • Viipottaja

            Are you sure the “amount of RAM required per app” is the only or even main reason MS has decided to go with tomb stoning and app switching rather than real time multitasking (although, as far as I have understood, some apps are allowed to multi-task/run in the background)?

          • v.s.i

            Actually, RAM usage in Windows 8 *is* high with Metro apps. Just check in the task manager. Bing Weather routinely occupies >200MB for me. :O

            I guess it’s something to do with the framework, but then again, maybe WP uses different methods.

      • cache

        Actually, Android don’t have true multitasking, just resuming. But apps can have services, which can run pernamently.

        • Bloob

          That holds somewhat true only for the UI-thread.

  • ahaha

    Poor windows phone. Ewww.

  • nobody

    Temple Run Oz, the one with the best graphics among all the temple run version runs in android with the 512mb ram.. what happen when it comes in wp 512mb? come on, it is just a Temple Run 1. 🙁

  • Indrek

    Quick note (and yes, I know I’m nitpicking): mb = millibit (one thousandth of a bit). The acronym for megabyte is MB. Not Mb, or mb. Please use the proper capitalisation. Thanks!

    • Mapantz

      mb doesn’t get used for ‘millibit’

      • Indrek

        I know it doesn’t get used for that, because there’s no such thing as a fraction of a bit. But if there were, then that’s what “mb” would mean in the context of digital data.

        My point was that if you’re talking about megabytes, the correct acronym is MB. And yeah, you can point out that that could also mean megabel (a unit with no practical value, of course), but again, we’re talking in the context of digital data here. It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine when people use incorrect capitalisation for units.

        • Bloob

          especially mixing Mb & MB just leaves me confused.

  • BellGo

    How on earth did it manage to take up 1gb of ram anyway? That is some poor optimization.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Why doesn’t Belfiore or whoever announce what the holdup is? This is embarrassing for everyone.

  • Viipottaja

    Calling the developer a lier seems a little strong. I doubt they would have said it if not true, and guess its something to do with the store and by market availability of variants again…

  • Not a big deal, I downloaded Submarine Patrol last night.

  • GordonH

    Fragmentation!!! is unheard of in WP7, WP7.5 and WP8 and upcoming WP8.1.


    • tom3256

      Fragmentation becomes biggest problem of WP ecosystem and there is no solution for that. Locked phones, no f***ing way to update system using custom roms.

  • After update, the game occationally collapses on my Lumia 920.

  • KiranMNBUSER

    8 Mbits = 1 Mbytes

  • manu

    lol. my old nexus s with 512mb ram can run even the best android games without breaking a sweat.