Waze Crowd-Sourced Navigation Enters WP Beta Testing

| June 21, 2013 | 17 Replies



Waze is a pretty popular navigating app that has the huge plus of being completely crowd-sourced, meaning you get live traffic, accident, cheapest gas prices and most importantly police/speed trap warnings on your maps. The app is pretty useful and depends on the community to update and improve their maps, well here are a couple screenshots of the newly released beta version for WP (private beta, so not everyone can download it). waze1 waze2I guess I never actually wanted/needed this app because HERE maps are so awesome, but if this brings me live traffic that would be amazing.




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  • allmächd

    Here Maps has live Traffic too…

    • JGrove303

      And just how do you activate it? Ovi Maps and Nokia Maps had it here in USA, be Here doesn’t yet.

      • AliQudsi

        Here maps has live traffic, here drive doesn’t which makes it kinda useless. Plus since Waze is crowd sourced you can use it countries not officially supported as long as there are other people using the app in the region (I’ve given up on Jordan getting official traffic support, so Waze would be my best bet).

        • andred1905

          In Ecuador Waze is very popular because it’s the only app with live traffic information. I used it when I had my N8. Now, with my L620 I can see my location and get directions with HERE Maps but navigation is disabled on HERE Drive+ :S. Also, HERE map data is fine, but not current.

        • JGrove303

          You know, I never bothered to check Here Maps for traffic. Thanks for the tip, Ali!

        • MF

          We only got live traffic in Malaysia quite recently. I guess you never know if it’s coming but we do know the Nokia team has been busy working!

  • Edwin

    has to say in Indonesia, Waze is more useful than Here Maps, since it’s build up by the communities and Indonesian people love to update through social network. While Here Maps relies heavily on its developer (and they concentrate a lot on European and America market) thus Waze is super beneficial for WP users on other countries.

  • D Harries

    Here maps could benefit from the community input

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  • efekt

    Waze is almost synonym to navigation here in Israel (where it was created and being developed).
    The beta test is public, but not everyone gets in – you can apply to the beta test here:

  • cache

    Google now owns Waze.. So i think that Waze for WP will be never finished to final..

    • MF

      Anti-competition! And yet so many people still think of google like they are corporate saints.

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  • BrianT

    Great! Competition on the platform can only be good. This will drive Nokia to improve Drive and Here. They’ve been a bit slack so far.

    Will Waze come to WP7? Can’t see why not.

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