Nokia hinting at yet another event, September 19, 2013? – Schedule a time for being awesome?

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Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 09.27.44

Nokia loves to tease, and Nokia fans love to speculate. It’s a perfect match.

On Nokia’s facebook page, they posted the image above last Thursday wondering what people might be doing this weekend. It said, schedule a time for being awesome. Some folks noticed that the calendar mentions being awesome as an event on the calendar for the 19th of September 2013, at 12:00pm.


Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 09.30.39

Could it be another Nokia Event? September is the usual time for Nokia World. Has that been resumed since postponing last year? Or is it availability of EOS? Or availability of a major update?

What could it be? Or merely nothing 🙂

The location noted here is Stockholm, but that’s current location not the location of the future ‘event’.

Source:  facebook


Thanks Anthony for the tip!


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  • GDR3, quad-core, 1080p 😉

    • akash

      yep, nokia world on that date. nokia will release phablet on that day. exciting

  • arts

    On sep 19 something mediocre© will happen.

    #calledit #youhearditherefirst #mediocre

    • Janne

      You are getting the hang of it!

      But I will go even further than this, Nokia PR being Nokia PR: Nothing will happen on September 19th? 😉

      • v.s.i

        29 years since the first use of 🙂 in an online message.


        • arts

          so a mediocre innovation involving messaging. count me in!

          • Janne

            Mediocre tease of an announcement involving nothing.

            Classic Nokia PR.

            • jiipee

              There could be some more basketball?

        • Me

          Oh i see it’s WP BOB 😎

  • t t

    Sounds so Nokia. Next time is coming something awesome and amazing. Some day I want to see that next time.

  • hengn

    The SHB is also a swedish hint, svenska handelsbanken; a swedish bank

  • Perhaps we will see the Lumia 830 and 930 being announced on September 19th.

    • twig

      Are those phablets?

      • capedonut

        I don’t think we know yet, although there was hinted that they might release a cheaper and lighter revision of the 920, which could be the new 830

  • adit38

    i pretty sure some amazing nokia new inovation will reveal at 19th sept.

    but i dont think it will be eos (if eos only lumia version of 808, plus ois on top), eos still awesome device, but thats just nokia yesterday inovation.

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  • Cod3rror

    Hahah, Nokia and Microsoft, it’s always “next time” with them.

    Wait till WP7, wait till 7.5, wait till WP8, wait, wait, wait.

    Wait till Lumia 800, beta test is over, wait till 920, wait till 925, wait till EOS, wait, wait, wait.


    • Random Random

      Yes, it’s the same it was with Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo.

      Waiting for the next release.

      • v.s.i

        Except now it’s only waiting for the WP team to actually improve the OS. Nokia’s engineers have more than outdone their part of the deal.

        • Random Random

          Possibly, but it’s still faster compared to the speed of OS develompment Nokia had.

          • v.s.i

            Indeed, but many basic features are still missing. Nokia and its customers should expect more. However, the new Asha OS disproves you (granted that’s not for the high end, but it looks good).

            • Random Random

              Asha development was speeded up by Smarterphone.

              • v.s.i

                You just have to have the last word, don’t you? Unless you are an irritated woman in a quarrel I think defending your point by being sour and overreacting doesn’t cut it.

                Case in point: the UI was designed by Peter Skillman and has nothing to do with the former Smarterphone OS’s UI. Or is it easier to code an UI than some buttons and a slider for setting shortcuts?

                • Random Random

                  Did I say that it was Smarterphone UI?


                  The rest of your rant seems to be irrelevant.

                  • jiipee

                    In fact they again took several steps back, just the UI got refined. No 3G, no dual-sim yet.

                  • v.s.i

                    OK man. You’re right and I’m wrong. I’ll argue with you again as it seems you’re simply too wise for me and know everything there is to know about Nokia.

                    Cheers and have a good night.

                    • v.s.i

                      *never argue 😉

                    • Random Random


                      You were just trying to make me to say something I didn’t say.

            • arts


  • sinple

    chances of a thinner Eos? lol

  • tim

    yeah the new asha 501 s40 looks awesome would they code it with qt merproject or something good than it would be an awesome system.

  • stylinred

    From the picture I immediately thought about the Nokia Wellness Diary…must be the greens

    I wish they would make a wellness app again…look at Samsung it got praise for theirs and it was simply a copy of nokias

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  • Mendax

    As an aside, I managed to catch the Lumia 928 in person at a Microsoft Store in California, and I have to say, it’s quite mesmerizing. Nokia have done a great job of making all-screen phones with unique designs that are a breath of fresh air from the Galaxy and iPhone series.
    The screen on the 928 is especially catching, and I have to say, I’m starting to warm up to Windows Phone.

    With Microsoft’s help in updating the OS, it could be a real hit.

    Patiently awaiting GDR3 and EOS.

  • frank

    The way the calendar entry is actually set up is, “being awesome” starting today 12pm UNTIL September 19th.