Wololo: MS bringing PC and Xbox Game titles to….Apple iPhone and Android (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

| June 25, 2013 | 69 Replies


Apparently, MS are working with gaming firm Klab to bring PC and Xbox titles to…the Apple iPhone. Wait what? Further more those titles can also end up on Android. Such titles include Age of Empires.

Sometimes when you read things like this, it feels like Microsoft would rather make a quick buck from other platforms than make sure their own succeeds. It would explain the pace at which they’re moving. Do they have faith in WP anymore? What reasons are they giving to get people to switch to Windows Phone?

Well, that’s one side of the argument. The other side perhaps maybe to increase the brand awareness of Xbox. Since the marketshare of WP is still relatively low, a bigger market for WP games may give Xbox/WP developers more reason to make games on the platform.


It’s not the first time other platforms get a better treatment than their own. Most recently it was Skype Video. Perhaps when Microsoft eventually compresses their company to four main divisions, they will begin talking in a more cohesive fashion to ensure they at least don’t forget what products they make and what support they need to give in order to succeed from within first.

What’s worse is not that the competition ALSO gets the games WP users enjoy, it’s that WP folks don’t even get those games to begin with.

Thanks for the love, Microsoft. Continue being so slow with WP that you travel back in time.

Source: Nikkei / Reuters

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  • char aznable

    They know that their own platform sucks.

  • Pawlee

    Even Microsoft don’t want to support Windows Phone 8… is Nokia the only people who are actually serious about the platform? (I suppose they don’t have much of a choice these days)

    • Dragoon’s Spear

      dude they got forced to use wp cause of elop so now nokia is basically microsoft’s bitch until elop gets removed or nokia kills wp and pushes sailfish/jolla or turns asha into new smartphone OS in replace of symbian/meego

      • Diazene

        jolla sucks, it just looks complex, I’d say the Asha platform and android are much better choices

        • ummNo

          They could use Harmattan UX on top of Sailfish?

          So, featurephones with Asha which is lite-Harmattan and smartphones with Harmattan UX on top of Sailfish.

          • Random Random

            How are they supposed to bring Harmattan User Experience to Sailfish? It might be possible to port the Harmattan UI but porting the Harmattan User Experience would require actual Harmattan.

            I guess you don’t really know the difference between User Experience and User Interface?

            • jiipee

              I think that they could well port the whole UX to Sailfish. Jolla is open to cooperate with other OEMs to customize Sailfish. In terms on UX, there seems to be no radical differences in the approach and Mer & Nemo are open source, which means that the underlying code can be changed too.

              Id like to see, how fast Jolla would be able to port Sailfish on L920. The camera tech would be impossible without Nokia’s contribution. How is the screen tech?

            • ummNo

              Always asking, never actually saying anything or contributing to conversation.

              Why they would not be able to port Harmattan (UX also) to Sailfish?

              • Random Random

                Porting the whole User Experience would turn Sailfish into Harmattan. The User Experience includes everything Harmattan has. Not just UI.

                That’s something I have contributed to the conversation. Apparently you have missed lots of my messages since I have contributes many times.

                No need to thank me for educating you.

                • ummNo

                  Yes, well that was the idea. Use Sailfish as they were going to use Meego. Take the core and turn it into your own. Bit of development to keep them compatible, pulley menu etc.

                  There is already a lot of similarities between Harmattan and Sailfish.

                  • Random Random

                    Yes, I understand your idea, but in order to make Sailfish to have Harmattan’s User Experience, they should abandon Sailfish and replace it with Harmattan. No Sailfish elements would remain.

  • qromodynmc

    Another reason to not buy a Windowsphone. Actually Im over it,even Microsoft doesnt care own product,Why should I care? Lets just wait for the end of Windows phone. Sorry Nokia,you shouldnt choice Wp first.
    And,Xbox One wont succeed easily,There is a lot of hate on it. Even Xbox gamers thinking to buy PS4 Because they are tired of Microsoft’s new policys. So Hard times waiting Microsoft..

    • Hary

      How many hours do you play Age of empires currently?
      Giving up on WP because a game is going to be released on iOS or Android? That’s nothing but just an excuse to not use WP.
      Yes, it would be desirable that WP was also in the list of firsts. But not the end of the world if it came 2nd.

      • Qromodynmc

        Just answering because you asked,I spend more than 500 hours in AoE 3. finished campaign 3 times,Played skirmish mode more than 50 time..
        But this is not the point. Point is Microsoft not giving enough effort to own platform..

  • tony

    Nokia might silently open up their devices for an update to other OS Firefox or jolla or tizen(they so much don’t want android running nokia even God doesn’t know y)
    Jolla seems very promising….and nokia should not bear or put up with Microsoft’s inadequacies !!!!

    I know i am fantasising but i think its saner than the present!!!

    • Diazene

      I bet none of those games is coming to jolla, just saying, firefox is a failure because it depends mainly on HTML5 apps, so is tizen

      • Random Random

        Tomi Ahonen claimed that Tizen will be the third ecosystem by 2015. That is so hard to believe.

  • t t

    Nokia made mistake when they decided to go only with WP. Nokia should also make Androids. MSFT people know witch system sell.

    • Random Random

      Nokia was badmouthing Android before the 112. They already closed that door long before it was opened.

      • capedonut

        yes , they got what they deserved …more or less

      • Janne

        Anssi Vanjoki famously badmouthed Android, yes.

        I don’t think anyone in the current management badmouthed Android? I believe they actually negotiated with Google, but decided it was the worse deal.

        • Random Random

          It’s very likely that they were not allowed to change Android as much as they wanted to while still being able to access Google Play.

        • jiipee

          Elop’s been doing his part in the Android badmouthing. He’s probably out soon and would be no problem.

          • Janne

            I’d say calling Elop downplaying the competition “badmouthing” a little rich. I don’t think he has said anything that could exclude a reversal.

            Anssi Vanjoki associating Anrdoing with peeing in you pants, on the otherhand, that was a little different. But that was the arrogance of the old Nokia.

            Not even that did, though, stop Vertu chaired by Vanjoki, going forwards with Android.

            • Janne

              (As for Elop being out soon. That may be, he never seemed to be the type to stick around long, looking by his CV, not moving to Finland properly etc., as I speculated early this year. What remains to be seen will he leave orderly at the end of his transitional job or if he is ousted for performance. Or if our speculation was wrong on him leaving soon.)

  • v.s.i

    The Xbox division wants to make money => they will port games to more platforms. (1) The WP division wants to make money => they should improve their OS. (2)

    1 – nothing wrong, but they should have considered WP too, especially as they’re under the same division.
    2 – you’ve got no one to complain to. I think basically WP doesn’t even have a full-time team… otherwise it’s hard to understand why nothing ever moves there. We’ve had this discussion 1000 times already.

    I hereby volunteer to enter the WP team and help them out with their… total lack of grasping the mobile market. Who’s with me?

  • aba

    MS also launched official MS office suit on iPhone and Android.
    I never thought this before, but I feel Nokia also should look for alternative platform..may be android. I am worrying about nokia’s prospect with MS. Nokia is working tirelessly on windows phones development and what MS is doing for their own os…i hope Joe befiore reads this blog…

    • incognito

      No they haven’t yet, only online web-based Office is available for them, but they are actively working on full-featured native versions of Office for iOS and Android.

      My colleague joined their Android team last month and according to him they are quite keen on getting it done ASAP and have quite a bit of support from the top.

      • Janne

        I believe Microsoft released iOS Office for Office 365 subscribers recently, didn’t it?

        That was smart of them. Catering the Office 365 subscriber crowd, thus supporting enterprise with Microsoft server solutions and iPhone users, while still withholding the stand-alone Office experience from iOS users.

        It even occurred to me someone at Microsoft must have been thinking how to do this without cannibalizing on the Windows Phone benefit too much, don’t cha think? 😉

        • Janne

          (And even then starting with a U.S. exclusive only and delaying the tablet versions for a year.)

  • Banderpop


    A few things that should be on the Xbox to-do list before this:

    Get Xbox 360 games to work on Xbox One, so that all those online purchases over eight years don’t end up vanishing forever.

    Get more than just a handful of phone game ports onto the Xbox marketplace for Windows. Franchises like Forza would be a nice start.

    Sort out being able to let indies publish to Xbox One, instead of driving them away from the platform while Sony are welcoming them with open arms and helpful pay checks.

    Give xbox indie developers access to Kinect dev tools, because the big publishers certainly aren’t doing anything interesting with it. This really should have been done years ago.

    Make ports between touchscreen (phone, tablet) and Kinect games easy so that games developed for one can bolster the catalogue for the other. Two arms, two thumbs, shouldn’t be too hard.

    Make the Windows Phone 8 development tools available for platforms other then just Windows 8, and the emulator work in more than just Windows 8 Pro. People just aren’t prepared to make the jump until the OS is proven to be mature and not on a version .0, especially with development tools being as complex as they are.

    Do something like that Xbox 360 / Kinect / Windows Phone 7 multiplayer demonstration video from early 2012 where people can play multiplayer games with phones and Kinect in the same room, instead of not bother and hope everyone forgets.

    • jiipee

      Good points

  • Patata

    Microsoft won’t lose anything if WP isn’t more successful, but they can make money by supporting the two big player in mobile buisness. This might be bad for Nokia, but it’s perfectly fine for Microsoft.

    • Diazene

      no, they will, mobile is the future, while computer sales volumes are decreasing, MS will die if they don’t have a good mobile/tablet OS soon

      • incognito

        You are aware that Microsoft makes almost three fourths of their money on things not directly related to Windows, right? Most of their offer can work on any OS just as easily, be it mobile or desktop.

        I wouldn’t be surprised that they’ve calculated that more money is to be gained by spreading their offer to other platforms than they would lose by completely abandoning the Windows franchise.

      • Janne

        Microsoft has always supported other major platforms, don’t make it sound like its something new. In the late 1970s, early 1980s (in addition to MS-DOS/Windows) it was all the 8-bit and some 16-bit home computers, then it was the Mac, then it was Symbian, now it is Mac and mobile platforms.

        Microsoft makes software where they see fit, just like Nokia makes products for cars, iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices too, even though they don’t have such own products.

  • capedonut

    Nokia’s gonna have to port alll their services to other platforms eventually. Will they call the music service “hear” then

    • Viipottaja

      Or Ear? 🙂

      • capedonut

        in france 🙂

        • capedonut

          …and then we have “stair” for the photoapps

  • Viipottaja

    It is coming to WP too, albeit later. See the update in the story with MS statement:

    also, just age of empires for now at least.

    • Diazene

      LOL, so even MS is releasing stuff late for windows phone

  • BellGo

    Yup. Seems that MS will indeed merge WP and Windows 8.. and thus effectively killing WP, as it is very likely the version that won’t be updated nor supported after.. Which is horrible for Nokia.

    Imagine if MS comes out and says:
    “Windows 8 will soon work on your smartphone! *It will take one year for this to happen. *Windows Phones not upgradable.”
    There you go. 2011 again, Nokia has only a dead OS to sell. And the sales would crash during that one year. And there would be more competition after that one year.

    • BellGo

      (the reason why I think this, is because MS seems to be spending less and less developing WP and they already announced some sort of “new unified Windows model” didn’t they?)

      • Viipottaja

        They have not announced anything. Even the rumor is about merging to departments of MS, I.e. organizational rearrangement.NOT about killing WP or even completely merging it with Windows all of a sudden. You can bet the WP UI/UX will remain quite distinctive.

        • BellGo

          That would be better for Nokia.

          We’ll see, though.

          • Viipottaja

            Yup, of course things may change. The WP and Windows 8. kernels are, afaik, already basically the same (what that means I have idea though 😛 ) and API and functionality/interoperability will continue to increase (we have already seen some settings in Windows 8.1 that appear WP like).

            to me the objective reorganization seems more likely to be about acceleration of the Blue process and strengthening of the “Three Screens” vision.

        • v.s.i

          I hope that will synchronize the pace of development between the two. WP desperately needs attention and it looks like the Windows guys can deliver. 🙂

    • Random Random

      It would be like the planned transition from Symbian to MeeGo in 2010.

      Nokia announcing how the future of the high end is in MeeGo. Symbian sales in high end collapsing and no upgrade path for almost all of the existing Symbian software.

    • Banderpop

      It did seem a bit short-sighted that Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 were separate products. Both Windows, both released in late 2012, both running on ARM processors and touchscreens. No compatibility between each other :/ RT gets a file manager, real multitasking and compatibility with hundreds of USB peripherals, and WP8 may never see these things, despite the omissions being obvious to anyone trying Windows Phone after Symbian, Maemo, Android or even Windows Mobile.

      Ports between the two should be easy, but really RT needed an instant, effortless app catalogue to be competitive. Considering WP7 apps could be recompiled server-side for WP8 without much or any developer intervention, it’s surprising this isn’t possible with RT. Or with anything to do with the Xbox consoles.

      I quite like the idea of RT on a phone. It’s just a shame that it hasn’t happened already, and as such the Windows name and ecosystem hasn’t done itself any favours.

      • Janne

        I expect Windows RT to be a placeholder, hedge bet of sorts. It will not matter this generation, but it is laying groundwork for the future, depending on where things develop with ARM – and perhaps for an eventual merger with Windows Phone.

        • Viipottaja

          Well, they may well still want to keep it (or at least the UI) for really cheap tablets, ie. to compete with all the dirt cheap Android tablets that act like a gateway drug to more expensive and better performing tablets.

          • Janne

            Sure, they will try.

            But I do think Windows RT will fail this generation.

            Doesn’t mean Windows on ARM will go away, though, or that Windows 8 will fail.

  • manu

    porting games to android/ios will help them in getting some quick bucks
    while joe belfiore demonstrated the capability of direct x gaming for windowsphone last year i thought they may port halo or some xbox titles to windowsphone.
    feeling really sad for nokia they should troll m.$ by switching to android.

  • Janne

    It seems the media and social media went a bit too far ahead with this one…

    Microsoft licenses ‘Age of Empires’ for iOS and Android, but downplays further releases

    So the real story is, Microsoft licensed one of its franchises to a company that specializes in iOS/Android ports – not that Microsoft started developing a host of titles for iOS/Android, shunning WP.

    Of course Microsoft has released, I believe two, other games for iOS/Android already. But until they start dishing out Halo and other signature exclusive works to iOS/Android, I’ll say this is business as usual. Exclusives where useful, others are fair business.

    • Viipottaja

      Wish Jay would update the story.

      • Janne

        Well, I think the story has SOME merit, even though it went too far in the minds of people – no matter, it does look like bad PR for Microsoft to do something this way. Maybe a little bit of flak will make them re-think the timing of their moves.

  • GordonH

    Another fancy term(excuse) to go “WP only” gone haywire … so many statements on that lists have gone done the drain.

    • Janne

      Would it be great to have Microsoft support Windows Phone even better and faster? Sure. And they are receiving some well-deserved flak for it. I think Microsoft PR on these suck too, leaving too many false interpretations on the table.

      Does that mean the interoperability/ecosystem benefit for Windows 8 and Xbox doesn’t exist? Of course not. I think we have Halo: Spartan Assault as one significant piece of evidence – arguably far more significant than licensing the porting rights of Age of Empires.

      Microsoft licenses ‘Age of Empires’ for iOS and Android, but downplays further releases

      • GordonH

        oh dear you again…
        Always ready to PR for Microsoft?

        • Janne

          Of dear, you again.

          I’m always ready to make sense out of confusion.

          You are clearly confused.

          • efekt

            Confused != trolling. He’s trolling 🙂

          • GordonH

            Confused… maybe … but certainly not here to do Microsoft PR.

        • capedonut

          What’s the problem? I mean one can acknowledge that things aren’t optimal, without interpreting every news as the death sentence to Nokia

          • GordonH

            What death sentence? 🙂

  • Banderpop

    Oh, I forgot about this. So you can play Age of Empires on your Nokia phone after all. So long as it’s an N-Gage 2.0 device, rather than a Lumia:

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)

    (╯°Д°)╯︵ /(.□ . \)

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