Wololo: MS bringing PC and Xbox Game titles to….Apple iPhone and Android (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Apparently, MS are working with gaming firm Klab to bring PC and Xbox titles to…the Apple iPhone. Wait what? Further more those titles can also end up on Android. Such titles include Age of Empires.

Sometimes when you read things like this, it feels like Microsoft would rather make a quick buck from other platforms than make sure their own succeeds. It would explain the pace at which they’re moving. Do they have faith in WP anymore? What reasons are they giving to get people to switch to Windows Phone?

Well, that’s one side of the argument. The other side perhaps maybe to increase the brand awareness of Xbox. Since the marketshare of WP is still relatively low, a bigger market for WP games may give Xbox/WP developers more reason to make games on the platform.

It’s not the first time other platforms get a better treatment than their own. Most recently it was Skype Video. Perhaps when Microsoft eventually compresses their company to four main divisions, they will begin talking in a more cohesive fashion to ensure they at least don’t forget what products they make and what support they need to give in order to succeed from within first.

What’s worse is not that the competition ALSO gets the games WP users enjoy, it’s that WP folks don’t even get those games to begin with.

Thanks for the love, Microsoft. Continue being so slow with WP that you travel back in time.

Source: Nikkei / Reuters

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