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925 ad

Here’s a two part promo from Nokia UK, from the perspective of a girl and the other from a guy, both who meet up at the end as shown in the image above.

What’s great about this video is that it captures the typical young adult brit quite well – particularly evening events in darkly lit clubs/gigs where up to now, only Nokia’s really with the likes of the N82, N8 and 808 could take a decent photo. The 920 is better than most, and I’ve not tried the xenon powered 928, but the 925 really has surprised me so far with its low light capabilities. I think for people shots, I’d still want some flash in there. Maybe in an evening dinner where there is still some ambient light, a flash free photo is best.

I think, with the arrival of EOS/Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia needs to have more adverts like this that show people taking pictures in clubs and nights out. From my facebook photos, my own or friends, the majority of photos are taken indoors. You could always tell who is taking pictures with a camera phone and who is taking pictures with a digital camera (except for mine where the Xenon powered Nokias are concerned).

Imagine Nokia adverts where young students are just enjoying nights out, no other device to worry about except for their Lumia 1020. You can be damn sure when Xenon powered opposition comes, that’s what they’ll do. I mean, check out how Sony is marketing their sensitive screen as being able to write with ‘any pencil’ as opposed to gloves or whatnot. It’s about finding a way to make your features connect to the public. We need to see more adverts like these, possibly more structured, and possibly working on the narration a bit more to show off the new Nokia Lumia 1020.

From the past, what have I enjoyed?

  • Busy ‘working’ weekdays meant that I could catch up to friends usually just in evenings or weekends. This means that’s when I’ll be taking most of my photos. I’d like to have some photos that will preserve those moments clearly. That’s what my N82/N8 and 808 (on loan) had done.
  • Capturing low light people shots very well, from mild lit to literally pitch black. No murky colours, no green haze, no grey overcast zombies.
  • Finally, movement – freezing the action. Funny antics capturing just the right precise moment in time.


  •  This is why I love my Lumia ‘1020’…
  • Perfectly bright photos from a night out (Show snaps, 2-3 seconds at a time, maybe 3 in total)
  • No separate camera, no blurring like those other phones (another 3, show the situation in video, show the picture by the Lumia)
  • Memories perfectly preserved (zoom out of the album)
  • (Review on facebook, people laugh about it, especially ones where there’s some action shots that would otherwise be missed due to low light/extreme movement)

Now, it is important to mention specific things to Lumia.

  • PureView, Carl Zeiss, Xenon. Briefly, in just one sentence explaining how that together is making these pictures so great. Otherwise there’s something missing as to why the cameras are so ‘supposedly’ good.


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