@Evleaks Unmasked; the Man Behind Nokia’s Biggest Leaks

| June 28, 2013 | 63 Replies

d16e6f6b8513b0ba7414a715d97e9f3dIn a bit of a surprise move today, the infamous @evleaks whom we can all associate with some of Nokia’s biggest leaks in the past year; notably the 920, 820 then the 720, 520 and 501 plus a slew of other phones from competing manufacturers decided to reveal his true identity.

*Drum roll*

Evan Blass, former blogger at multiple sites over the past decade including engadget and pocketnow; decided to take up the thrill of leaking some of the industry’s best kept secrets from all around.

Here’s his response to what I think some of you can relate to, how leaks can steal the “magic” of a product launch:

AP: Legal issues aside, do you feel as though you’re wronging these companies by outing their unreleased products?

EB: In some respects I do, sure. I’m well aware that products go through a very carefully planned journey from conception to release, and what I do interferes with that plan. I try to be as responsible as possible about it, but at the end of the day, I may have made someone’s launch a little less magical, and that sucks. I guess I take some solace in the fact that the same people affected by a leak one day are eagerly checking out a leak of their competitors’ product the next day. There’s great appeal in having insider information.

Check out his full interview with the folks at AndroidPolice.com:


So what about this new-comer to the arena “ViziLeaks”…..



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