@Evleaks Unmasked; the Man Behind Nokia’s Biggest Leaks

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d16e6f6b8513b0ba7414a715d97e9f3dIn a bit of a surprise move today, the infamous @evleaks whom we can all associate with some of Nokia’s biggest leaks in the past year; notably the 920, 820 then the 720, 520 and 501 plus a slew of other phones from competing manufacturers decided to reveal his true identity.

*Drum roll*

Evan Blass, former blogger at multiple sites over the past decade including engadget and pocketnow; decided to take up the thrill of leaking some of the industry’s best kept secrets from all around.

Here’s his response to what I think some of you can relate to, how leaks can steal the “magic” of a product launch:


AP: Legal issues aside, do you feel as though you’re wronging these companies by outing their unreleased products?

EB: In some respects I do, sure. I’m well aware that products go through a very carefully planned journey from conception to release, and what I do interferes with that plan. I try to be as responsible as possible about it, but at the end of the day, I may have made someone’s launch a little less magical, and that sucks. I guess I take some solace in the fact that the same people affected by a leak one day are eagerly checking out a leak of their competitors’ product the next day. There’s great appeal in having insider information.

Check out his full interview with the folks at AndroidPolice.com:


So what about this new-comer to the arena “ViziLeaks”…..



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  • JGrove303

    And there you have it. Elop showing pre released harware to Blass to get us talking.

    A very good marketing strategy.

    • Mendax

      Elop or not, it’s working.

    • poopshoot

      Yup, but I still think Nokia is behind the Vizileaks account on twitter and the “very” controlled EOS leaks earlier this month.

      If you think about it…Each day for an entire week up till the S4 Zoom was announced we saw a leak from them. Now, no more leaks? It was all just a marketing strategy to take away attention from the competitor.

      • Random Random

        Yes, it’s very probable.

        It’s also nice to see if the unannounced ‘EOS’ product can’t match S4 Zoom’s zooming capabilities. Just like 808 was not able to do that.

        In the end of the day even the best crop zoom just can’t beat or even match S4 Zoom’s zoom.

        It’s very probable that S4 Zoom is something Nokia really don’t want to compete with. That would be a good reason to downplay it with intentional leaks.

        • suabesh


        • sbw44

          Lol last I checked the 808 actually beat the galaxy camera which is even better than the zoom! But knowing you, you prob find some excuse to make the 808 weak

          • Random Random

            And the proof?

            With 10x zoom the 808 is able to produce an image with less than 0,5MP. No pixel binning.

            With 10x zoom S4 Zoom is able to produce 16MP image. No pixel binning but then again, over 30 times the amount of pixels the 808 can give you with that zoom level.

            Sure, Nokia probably found a way to break the laws of physics with the 808. That must be the reason for beating S4 Zoom.

            • Imarius

              Yea but 808 is actually a camera phone, the best one in the market (till nokia make a replacement). the S4 Zoom is bloody stupid looking camera running android that happens to make calls.

              • Random Random

                Huge humps may look quite ridiculous for some people and most people want to buy slim phones anyway.

            • flyingmeh

              16MP images with a lousy lens that is 🙂

              laws of physics oh…i don’t think ever there is a way for a 16MP sensor to correct optical distortions/color inaccuracy/flares from the lens…maybe somehow the S4 got a way to break the law of physics

              it’s like ppl using SLR/D-SLRs but refuse to invest in the lens – a good camera is nothing without a good lens. PERIOD

              you’re like comparing a SLR with a $2000 prime wide angle lens and a SLR with a $500 10x zoom lens. that comparison doesn’t exactly means anything isn’t it? idiot.

              • Random Random

                Yes, you don’t understand the difference between optical and crop zoom.

                S4 Zoom just destroys 808 while zooming.

                16MP image vs. less than 0.5 MP image from 808.

                Yes, this was about zooming and nothing else.

                • Rob

                  The extra zoom is the ONLY thing the S4 Zoom has going for it, Random Random! You can keep spamming as many Nokia EOS/Lumia 1020 articles as you want, only makes you seem petty when you keep repeating ad nauseum the same anti-nokia/pro-samsung mantra.
                  Good job most of us already know what great cameras we have with our 808 PureViews rather than being swayed by your attempts to mislead. Change the record or move on already!

                  • Random Random

                    Sorry, no spamming included.

                    Just replying to some ignorant people trying to spread disinformation about 808 and the unreleased product.

                    In reality digital crop zoom just can’t match optical one. It’s just not possible.

            • arts

              so to you, the quality of the camera is ONLY based upon how far a camera can zoom and the resolution it can provide?

              • jiipee

                Yes, becaus of the Symbian religion and how Apple introduced the first actual smartphone! 😉

                • Random Random

                  Are you being a bit childish now?

                  Apple didn’t invent smartphone and neither did Nokia. A mobile smartphone was apparently invented by IBM.

                  Sure, Symbian was a religion but it has really very little to do with comparing optical and crop zoom.

              • Janne

                Actually, Random is right. If you need maximal zoom, Galaxy Zoom is better.

                But also he is right Nokia does not want to compete with that. They have a different goal with 808 and EOS. Some zoom with great IQ in a relatively sleeker size.

                Nokia just has a different goal than Galaxy Zoom. No need to be offended by it.

                • Random Random

                  Yes, that was the point. S4 Zoom is intended for people who need the best possible zoom and that’s it.

                  I have been using 808 for about a year and while I pretty much knew how it would perform, I definitely know that some people actually misunderstood the idea and performance of 808. This is quite evident from the comments from the summer of 2012 from MNB.

                  I believe the unannounced product will be selling quite well if it actually has the unlimited zoom. By unlimited I mean that the user can zoom at a later time since the image is always saved in full resolution.

                  • The 808 is about taking great shots in most conditions.

                    PureView phase 1 is 99% about oversampling and getting them ‘superpixels’. The ‘lossless’ zoom is nice but it’s not what it’s about.

                    • Janne

                      I actually don’t agree… I think 808 is about zooming too, it is not justa byproduct. That is why EOS is Zoom Reinvented.

                      Remember Nokia exploring and even releasing two optical zooming phones… PrueView was their answer to doing that in a thin body.

                      Background of EOS is in zooming, I believe. Maybe even the superpixel is the byproduct…

                    • Janne

                      Incidentally Nokias optical zoomers had 3x zoom.. Sound familiar to PureView spec…

                    • Janne

                      It just occurred to me that the birth story for PureView, as told by those Nokia Tampere guys, was satellite imagery zooming – where zooming was done after the fact.

                      So clearly the “superpixel” was originally just means to implement zooming in a small device. It was its original point.

                      Hence Nokia is prepping again to present us “Zoom Reinvented”.

                  • Random Random

                    Yes, pixel binning is nice, but the claim was about zoom and while zooming it’s just not going do deliver what some people think it will.

                    Some people really think that 808 is the best in almost everything. I’m pretty sure this is happening just because of Nokia’s false marketing.

                    They really claimed to deliver as good pictures as the very (yes, very) best compact cameras. Why shouldn’t some consumers believe that Nokia delivers the best pictures with the 808? In the end of the day Nokia didn’t say they were delivering that only in some specific use cases.

            • sbw44

              Uhm the camera comparison at gsmarena. They basically praised the 808!

      • Janne

        I believe Nokia was Vizileaks too.

        • Viipottaja


          • v.s.i

            Yeah, pretty much. Why? Well, for one the new Lumia got leaked at the ‘right’ time, so it stole the spotlight from Samsung’s abomination *cough* innovation and at the same time it made it look clearly inferior, not only because of the design but also by picturing its selling point in the right light, if you know what I mean. In which it is/will be, in 90% of average use-cases, superior.

          • Janne

            Too well timed, too well controlled and limited.

            • Viipottaja

              Not convinced, personally.

              • Janne

                Just look at it, very limited timespan and only about EOS:



                To me it has all the hallmarks of a viral campaign. It sure isn’t like evleaks.

                Sure, it can be a single dude who had a friend with access to a prototype and decided to start a Twitter account and a Blogspot for it, but isn’t a usual leaker – that is the other option. In that case the limited leak was to protect the identity of the original leaker…

                But an intended leak seems possible too, to me.

                • xconomicron

                  Definitely either intentional or Nokia themselves. I’m usually not a conspiracy theorist and I’ve seen my good share of leaks before in the mobile world -also in the entertainment business. I’ve “never” seen such a controlled leak such as the one done by Vizileaks. And it was timed perfectly for the S4 Zoom launch.

                  Such kind of leaks are rare…as Janne said, this is not your typical evleaks type thing where we only see a render of the product right before launch.

                  I write for an all mobile platform site and my colleagues have said the EOS leaks are one of a kind.

                  But anyway, to further the point even more…why haven’t we seen more leaks from Vizi? They stopped coming after the S4 was revealed…2 weeks ago.

                • Viipottaja

                  Perhaps. Nut Nokia has any number of other, better ways to tease . Don’t see any particular reason for a silly fake tweet account to do it. And the account has gone silent – sure, one,could,think it was because it and done its job but again a more plausible reason to me is that Nokia shut/fixed the leak.

                • @evleaks

                  Email me? evleaks at gmail 🙂

                  • xconomicron

                    —See Evan knows what’s up with the Vizi account!

    • ms.nokia

      Hype it up, create buzz, watch all the blogs reports the leaks, watch all the readers post about it.
      Great marketing.

    • Muerte

      You are not serious, right?

    • Viipottaja


  • Tampere_not_Salo_leaks

    Blah. You’re just a useless troll knowing nothing about the ZOOM.

    • arts

      lol. do you? the last time you told us that graphene sensors will be out in a few hours 😉

      • sandy

        808 is not only a perfect camera phone. Its a complete device.. Perfect for all usecases. There is no other device which can beat this. Name 1 thing which 808 cant do n I vl name 2 things which ur device cant.

        • arts

          @.@ wrong…. person maybe?

  • Muerte

    Jesus Christ dudes… The part telling about Nokia and HTC (Steve and Pete) is a joke, some people seem to have their sarcasm radar totally broken?

    • JGrove303

      Dudes got MS. He doesn’t need to futz around with sarcasm. It also gives no indications of sarcasm.

      Why wouldn’t he be sincere in this interview? He gives excellent reasoning for them using controlled leaks.

      • Capedonut

        Sarcasm is written with capital letters, I think that is an indicator of sarcasm

      • Aliqudsi

        Dude it was a joke, it was a light hearted interview (hence the coke question ) really Steve and Pete? I assure you the dude is capable of making a joke.

      • Viipottaja

        Actually, I think he appears to be using Google.

        Sorry… could not resist.

    • I think its more hyperbole than sarcasm, I think Nokia and HTC do have some say in evleaks, most likely Nokia and HTC both did realise very early on who this was. That way, evleaks can still be at the forfront of leaks, but Nokia and HTC will control what is leaks so the right message it gotten across.

      Look at @evleaks leaks on Nokia they are either a few days before the unveiling of the phone, or they don’t reveal much (exception being the 501)

      • Janne

        Well, it could also mean evleaks leaked mostly embargoed press materials – that they got a few says before the launch. Seeing evleaks was a member of press, it would make sense.

        • Viipottaja

          Was he still in the press at the time he started? To me, the absolutely most likely (as it is the most plausible; most plausible scenarios are often the reality) scenario is that he got those embargoed press materials from his friends in the tech journalist circles, as well as possibly some folks inside the actual OEMs.

          Of course, not all his leaks are press pics, and for those I am sure he has other sources (e.g. device testers, folks in 3rd party related companies a la what DSMobile kind of used to be, developers etc.), scurries picture sites (as he seems to imply in the interview too) etc.

          • Janne

            Sure, he could get them from friends.

  • Edwin

    for me personally, I don’t like leaks … it spoils my excitement

    • Viipottaja

      +1. I devour them but wish they weren’t there. 😀

      • capedonut

        Should probably short sell nokia on the tenth of next month because of all the leaks. Nothing unexpected to be seen

    • Ideally leaks shouldn’t be there – at least not the ones where it’s due to poor security.

      Nokia only have themselves to blame for those kind of leaks.

      As a community on the whole, people seem to like them. Little snippet of news here and there about what it could be, what it might do. Folks love puzzle solving and it’s amazing the lengths some go through to decipher things.

  • AlOnE89

    the awkward moment when leakster get himself leaked

  • sbw44

    I for one kind of like some leaks because it can sometimes helps the buyer decide if he wants to wait for a certain device or not.

    Look at the EOS leaks, some people might not like it and now start prepairing to buy another device if the EOS stays the same.

    I am currently waiting for EOS, but if it does not change a lot from the leaks I might skip it.

  • Carbontubby

    It’s the old zoom vs. prime argument again from way back in the 35mm film days, brought to digital cameras, and now alive and roaring in smartphones. The S4 zoom has a killer zoom but some photographers prefer a cleaner, clearer image from a good prime lens/sensor combo like on the 808.

    I prefer to think of the 808 as a really compact camera with a good prime lens. The S4 zoom doesn’t interest me at all.

    • Random Random

      It depends on the needs.

      If someone wants to take pictures of birds, 808 is definitely not the best possible choice if it’s possible to pick S4 Zoom.

      • Marc Aurel

        The 10x zoom of the S4 Zoom is a little short for many “birding” needs. Better to get a real superzoom camera. You can get a pretty good one for the price of the S4 Zoom with more zoom but still better optics and RAW capability.

        The S4 Zoom is a good product for people who want that zoom but suffer from the obsession to share their photos fast, and it comes with phone functionality. It’s actually a pretty good in that regard, since it targets a significant niche. As a photographic tool it is still, at best, mediocre.

        • Random Random

          Yes, and the same could be said of 808.

          The point is that if someone wants to have a phone with the best possible zoom, S4 Zoom is the phone to have. 808 has a moderate zoom compared to the S4 Zoom making it a less perfect choice.

  • what ever you guys say? I think leaks are as important as the official announcement itself. it generates a lot of hype which I like. EOS/1020 is surely the phone to get, seeing iOS 7 do so terribly on the visual front I think many will switch to WP8.
    Also Windows 8.1 Preview was also released, things are looking up for Nok and Microsoft from here

    • Random Random

      Currently iOS7 has only been received that critic from tech blogs and the history has shown us that tech blogs hardly matter what it comes to the sales.

      It will be interesting to see how the masses will like iOS7 when it’s released to the market.

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