Lumia Amber Coming to Devices This August, According to Nokia Spain

| June 29, 2013 | 22 Replies



With the Lumia 925 rolling out across the globe (except the US…) people have begun to wonder when we’ll get our own taste of the Amber goodness; with the glance screen and Nokia Smart Cam.



August is only a month away, but of course we never know with Nokia what part of August we’re talking about (hopefully not the last day).



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  • suabesh

    This is just so silly !

    The whole point of WP is supposed to be that the updating process is simple. Why is that only apple is able to update all its devices at once ?

    Nokia should have no excuse. It is their software, they should have complete control and launch it simultaneously. It is the ONLY software they do as well, given that Microsoft takes care of the rest.

    It is small things like these that puts Apple beyond the rest. For them, the consumer always comes first.

    • Janne

      Clearly Apple is unique in getting the operators play ball – others have to take operators into consideration.

      CrackBerry has complained the same thing concerning BB updates.

      Of course this is not the only issue, but still carriers are a major pain in getting the updates out.

      Apple does well, indeed, in this regard. They have used their controlling position to make sure carriers play ball.

      • suabesh

        Why haven’t the unlocked devices received it yet ?

        Just does not make sense, Nokia needs to stop living in the past and push the boundaries if they want to stay relevant.

        • Janne

          Like i said: Of course this is not the only issue. But in addition carriers are a big pain for everyone but Apple.

          • rudy

            I’ll believe it when lumia 810 on t-mobile gets it.

    • mike

      That is because Apple only has one phone, every other manufacture has many models, which believe it or not have slightly different software on it.

    • Toni

      I think that there was a change just recently announced that in the future manufacturers will get to push the updates once they green light them, whereas at present the update is ping-ponged between MS and manufacturers a number of times (e.g. Nokia gets GDR2 internally, do the tweaks needed (i.e. Amber), send it back to MS, MS approves, MS pushes). In future only parts 1 and 2 will apply.

      Nonetheless, it is ever so likely that these delays will persist. Even with Apple, the new phones are loaded with new software which means that the final version of the software has been available for at least a month before the software ends up to all users (as software is installed at manufacturer). Apple simply has an entirely different control over distribution channels of their updates (up to a point that European competition officials are currently investigating whether they are abusing their position) than anyone else at present.

      Overall, I think that Nokia and Microsoft still need to improve the updating process. I fail to understand why Microsoft cannot simply push updates through the store, simultaneously to all markets. It simply cannot be that every carrier has to do extensive testing on every update, and if they do, then simply Microsoft and Nokia need to get them involved earlier on in the process. Previous updates have been staggered in most phenomenal fashion where AT&T has got updates a full month or two before anyone else. Makes no sense and really has to be improved.

  • zeeshan

    Can’t understand why Nokia delaying amber however other companies are competing sudden like bb & android. Nokia have this update in Lumia 925 then why not to other Lumias suddenly.

    • Patata

      Maybe cause Nokia wants to use Amber as a selling point for the Lumia 925, at least for a while? They already did the same in the Symbian era and now, since the Lumia 925 isn’t that much different compared to the Lumia 920…

      • Otto

        +1 to that. Symbian Belle enabled devices were launched sumner 2011 but my N8 got update early 2012.

  • sbw44

    So if amber is coming out august, probably the last day meaning september, when will gdr3 come out? End of the year? Meaning next year.

    Geez what’s taking Nokia and MS so long? Besides carriers playing their painfull part.

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  • guerrahp

    This is just unacceptable. Blame it all on Microsoft. Microsoft is the slowest when it comes to supporting their platform. For this reason itself Nokia chose incorrectly how they handled choosing WP over their own and other alternatives. It may be smooth and buttery but its two or three generation back when it comes to capability and what…still late to market. Its a well polished turd that should have been flushed quickly out of competition but Nokia ate it all up.

  • Oh men! They said july!!

  • As*holes

    wait a minute, in August? But what year?, In Nokia anything can happen, it may be August 2014 and gdr#*+#*# or whatever for what year?, and the update Blue?, 2019? good job Nokia, you have a winning operating system (as*holes)

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  • Shivu

    NEW LUMIA phones are already coming with data sense and other new features…..

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  • ADN

    oh that’s what I call a real update !!!
    Fm radio 1 bonus app
    too good to be true
    enjoy your WP