Lumia 925 Video Samples

| June 30, 2013 | 22 Replies

MNB IMG_9820 Nokia lumia 925Until I get my own 925 (sometime this week hopefully) here’re a couple video samples courtesy of SamJPullen



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  • sooo. white or black?

    • Dragmeister

      Get the white one, it’s so beautiful and so nice, seats perfectly in the hand.

      • but im a man

      • shallow ocean shoal

        The N9 and 800 “seats” better in the hand than all these larger devices, so don’t even go there.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      I was just going to come here and ask the same question!!!


      I’m leaning towards black because I recall Jay preferred the black.

      Any other opinions from people who have used both?


      black with a red wireless charging cover or white with a yellow charging cover.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        Have you seen in person or just pics?

      • shallow ocean shoal

        btw I like white 808 with red rubber case


          haven’t seen it in pics as far as i can remember, i just think it would be a good colour combination.

  • Dragmeister

    I have the white one, I got it on O2 on the day of lunch, on 13th this month, seats on my coffee table next to my Nokia Lumia 920 red, it;s so gorgeous phone, and the videos are amazing, day light or night it’s very good

    • Luca

      Since you have the white one… Is it “delicate”? I mean.. does it goes on grey or does it tend do become dirty? 🙂 I’m also really thinking on buying that one, but this + the 16gb (are them enough? here in Italy, no nobrand 32gb version available) + the rear speaker (does it become mute when the phon is on a tale?) make me to think on it… 🙂

  • Janne

    I almost pulled the trigger on a white one (I think it looks the best) last week when got them on stock, but I had to remind myself I’m perfectly happy with my 920, especially thanks to built-in wireless charging – I would have to use the 925 with the cover that would kind of lessen the point… not to mention the 41 million pound elephant in the next room…

    That is the lure of new gadgets. 😉 We’ll see what the rest of the year has in store, so far I’m staying with the 920.

    • Sefriol

      I might go for 1020 if the rumor of full aluminium body is true. That would be a sexy beast!

  • Gen

    What type of British accent does this guy have?

    • West Yorkshire

      • Gen

        Geez the accent quite hard to understand. Sounds like a totally different language

    • shallow ocean shoal

      It’s a distant region in French Canada where Terrance and Phillip is from.

      • JamesSB

        Yes, according to the Cartman bible.

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  • D Harries

    The comparison between front and back camera shows the contribution of OIS. Mechanical versus software.

  • Janne

    I really like the white one.

    Although to this date the only Lumia 925 (it is not yet sold in Finland) I have seen was white, with a white wireless charging cover.

    This note may be of interest because it was being used by Jo Harlow of Nokia smartphone vice presidency fame. She was at the Helsinki airport (it really isn’t rare to see Nokia VPs in Helsinki restaurants either).

    I think the white 925 was a much smarter fashion choice from her than certain basketball apparel. Come to think of it, I can’t be sure it wasn’t grey with a white wireless cover. But I do think it was white.

    If I were to get the 925, I might have to pull a Harlow and go with a non-colored wireless charging cover (say, white or black). It somehow suits the nature of the metallic device better (than red, yellow etc.).

  • twig

    I think white for me. I wish to thank whoever designed the Nokia Asha 302. I got the red one the other day and have had a crush on this phone and the grey one since it came out. I would love Win8 with a touch screen or the new Asha OS with swipe but still being able to use the keyboard via Bluetooth or OS. Guess I really like the metal and poly combinations best and even this Asha feels better than my brother Sammie galaxy. Excellent quality. Beautiful design. Love to turn it on in the dark and those keys light up. This is the first I’ve seen the red in the U.S.