WP 8.1 Swipe Down Notification List Unblurred – Jokes, its just an app!

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So we have seen that infamously blurry “leak” of WP 8.1 showing off new notifications. While there are some differences between the two, it does seem a bit too coincidental for my liking. The notification list is almost the same. Clearly, the dev could have implemented the version in the leak, and then changed it in order to be “hunted down.”

Anyway, take a look at the video and make your own mind up.


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  • Pdexter

    Partly good and partly bad.

    It would have been beta, but if it was released in early 2014, it wasn’t all that great looking.

    Now we don’t know if MS is working at notification center at all.

  • guerrahp

    Sorry but that’s ugly.

    • Pdexter

      Well not surprising if it’s just made by random dev.

      • Ronca

        I’m the random dev 🙂

        • Dimi

          But your App does not have the same functions/behaviour like in the blurry video. You should clear that.

    • Magnanimous

      Which part ugly MR handsome??

  • nafis

    i hope with time it’ll get updated..

  • Dan McGuire

    Oh, so basically everything I have been looking forward to in future updates is false. Great. Time to go back to my N9.

    Microsoft are so slow with their updates it is ridicules!


      slow. but go back to your n9 with absolutely no updates. I rather wait for updates than get no updates and support. good luck idiot. no common sense and no patient to wait. Only people wait, wait for good things, good things come by waiting.

      • v.s.i

        I hate to break it to you, buddy, but for some people the N9 has lots of more interesting features than WP.

        Plus, my N9’s got a file manager, 4-orientation UI and I can run Debian programs on it. See? Not that hard to find advantages. 😉

      • edi_opteron

        Your pathetic comment is rational as it apears that you haven’t used an N9 or you’re immensely brainwashed that you can’t tolerate the true facts.
        Yes N9 has no more updates . But compare N9 with WP8, it’s hell of a lol!
        MeeGo Harmattan on the N9 has the capability of sending video via bluetooth,playin flv codecs, true multitasking power,it has one of the most admired notification centre. Separate volume for ringtone and system. File manager. Standby screen information ( dl billboard app add more info ). Not as restricted as WP8 where you can activate the dev mode and Voila! No need to install the apps ONLY by downloading them from the store. Swipe. Swype. Creating folders for more organization. Universal search. No ONLY IE issue as you can install firefox, Opera and etc. You can set a not-mp3 ringtone . FM radio ( Amber lol ). Supporting Qt. Gallery shows picture details. No buttons needed. The ability of closing the apps with different ways not like WP8 that you are forced to hit back,back,back….!
        There are many features that I havn’t mentioned becase I don’t remember them ATM.
        With all this superiority N9 does not even need updates! It only needs some Nokia attention to blast the whole market. People like you don’t understand. Nor Elop

        • Adriano

          +1. It was, and still is, IMHO, the greatest phone ever made. Form and function have never been brought together so harmoniously before, at least not in industrial design tech. If only Nokia didn’t forsake it. What a fantastic world we would have lived in, with MeeGo harmattan blasting the droids and idevices… The closest now is the Asha. What if there’s some secret team, hidden away from Elop, working on bringing Symbian back with Harmattan on top? 808 with Harmattan, I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

        • Adriano

          That smashing the back key to exit apps is getting to be extremely annoying… Why can’t they implement the swipe-down-to-close method from N9? Seriously… the best UX went down in history as an abandoned pet project, for what? Bigger screens and quad-core processors running colourful tiles and animated widgets. Baloney.
          Honestly, I couldn’t care about future updates – just one fix: the battery dropping to 4%! One fix and I’m keeping my N9 till it croaks.

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  • Dimi

    Sorry but you should compare both videos (that means yours one and the old (blurry) video). There are many differences in functionality and UI….

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  • john

    nokia had something only plus i see in all this is better app support. This guy hating on you for using an n9 who buys a phone to wait for updates .

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