LeakyLeak: At&t Branded Lumia 1020 (EOS) Shows Off “Pro Cam”

| July 4, 2013 | 61 Replies



As if we needed anymore confirmation that the 1020/Eos is a killer camera phone, the latest press shots show off a new app called “Nokia Pro Cam” what that is we don’t know for sure. But it’s a safe bet to assume it enables deeper setting changes (like the 808’s camera UI) and maybe even sliding your finger to zoom in?

The phone has the At&t branding and apps on it, which confirms our suspicions and rumors of it being an At&t device all along (Eos = Elvis (for At&t) = 1020)




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  • jbb_lkh

    Well hello “Nokia Pro Cam”. Come to papa…

    • Dargelos

      the bezel is okay, like on 720. Also a centered logo, thank god. They are starting to get it right!

    • akash

      oh com’on nokia bring devices to all carrier not only in one. u guys need to make money, not exclusives.

  • igorbear

    yet it only shows 10:00 in the corner, not 10:20

    • Muerte

      This. Earlier the clock has indicated the correct model number – why would this be a different case?

    • dss

      If they stick to their clock = model number scheme.. we are indeed looking at the Lumia 1000

    • aliqudsi

      True I found that kind of weird, I can’t recall which but one other phone showed a different time on its screen than the model number, it might have been the Lumia 900 or 800 perhaps?

  • DavidB

    Why is the bezel so huge again πŸ™

    • Viipottaja

      Yeah, I wish it was really thin so that the screen would break easier, it would be ergonomically off balance, would feel weird in the hand, would be more expensive and in less supply, and as an extra bonus, the lovely camera at the back would also break easier! πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

    • dss

      Nokia doesn’t have the advanced manufacturing Samsung does.. once they catch up, you might see thinner bazels.

      Also, that awful row of buttons needs to be somewhat easy to reach with your thumb.. having extra space under them helps a bit.

      • Viipottaja

        I’ve grown to quite like the buttons. Just improve the consistency/logic of how the back arrow works and make search button context sensitive, and I would be pretty happy. Of course, if they can evolve WP to something with no buttons at all that could be interesting but not automatically/magically better necessarily. There is no denying, IMO, that the consistency and muscle memory tickling qualities physical buttons are often helpful.

        • dss

          Of course you have.. but once you try Harmattan you will see how silly they are πŸ™‚

          • Matej


          • jiipee

            With a bigger screen sizes the benefit or Swipe UI could be less since it still has some back buttons etc.

            I helped to setup my wife’s father’s 720 and noticed that one has to use two hands to use it.

            The back button is good for bringing excitement to the UX. You never know what happens.

            Waiting for Asha 602 with a better camera, dual sim and 3G. Or Jolla, if it does not suck big time.

          • Viipottaja

            So the hardware buttons on your 808 are silly too then, eh?

            • dss

              They are call buttons.. it sort of makes sense to have them on a mobile telephone which makes phone calls.

              • Viipottaja

                You make calls on your phone? How quaint! πŸ˜›

                it also has a home button. And making call is indeed nowadays just one of the many use scenarios and an argument could easily be made that hardware buttons that are useful and intuitive in more of those use scenarios might be a better idea.

                • akse

                  Home button and windows button is ok. Back button and bing button kinda sucks!

                  • mirco

                    I really don’t understand what issues you peopel have with the back button. To me it works consistent and I don’t want to miss it.
                    The present functionallity behind the search button could be better, though. Once they have implemented a Windows 8.1 like search, it’ll become much more handy as well.

                    So, from my side there is nothing wrong with the three buttons. If you (not especially you, akse) don’t like it, get a buttonless device, but accept that your oppinion on it is just (well, nothing but) YOUR oppinion.

                    The same with the bezel… some people here seme to be crazy about thin bezels. While that is fine for me, I prefer to have a solid device. Also, a reasonable sized bezel minimzies the risk of accidentally touching the screen.

            • Matej


        • Hypnopottamus

          To be honest, I really like the hard buttons. Swipe is an awesome thing, but if WP implemented it how would one access the Tell Me feature (wich I actually use alot)? Also the search button is good for me b/c I use the music identity feature via the search button alot also.

          I really feel the way WP has utilized hard buttons is the best on any platform. I find them really useful.

      • MF

        So, that advanced manufacturing is the reason why Samsung phones break more easily?

    • Simo

      That’s what she said.

  • dss

    I can feel a deja vu coming our way..

    “I wish it was running blalbalal…”

    Its running WP.. shut up and move on.

  • Viipottaja

    If this is indeed the final look, Nokia has managed to negotiate AT&T branding down a bit with only the globe there. Of course, there may be some big ass AT&T letters on the back. Anyway, who gives a damn!

    • dss

      Yes.. still that ugly logo doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near such advanced technology.

      • Viipottaja

        Let’s get real, shall we. Obviously the carrier has a legitimate basis for asking their logo to be on the device.

        • jody

          not in most parts of the world, telecom networks provide a service, they have no business making a phone and slapping ugly texts and or images on it.
          but of course people understand how network deals could greatly affect phone sales in your part of the world

        • Dargelos

          8x had no htc branding on the front, and i suppose because of that, at&t gave in and were satisfied with just placing their globe on the back. If nokia removed the logo from the front completely like on the iphone then carrier branding probably also would be discrete.

  • LaW

    The bezel also is a turn off for me, like most nokia phones. (best “least bezel” so far is lumia 925) but i still cant wait to see the beasty camera of the 1020. That alone is enough to persuade me. July 11 Hurry UP!

    • dss

      It will look much better in real life

  • manu

    this design is getting a bit boring, industrial design of nokia has been one thing elop been boasting a lot about

    • dss

      Economically, keeping the design language of the whole like similar, makes a lot of sense.

      The initial investment into the Nokia N9 design must’ve been pretty substantial anyway.. why not milk it ?

      • Viipottaja

        And commercially – Nokia’s (even beyond Lumia range all the way down to 105 now) are immediately recognizable. Of course, it has to evolve over time and breaks from the mold are needed. 925 could be seen as an example of the former.

    • pdexter

      Agree. Waiting for that Q4 flagship.

      • dss

        I am certain that we will get the real stuff sometime in 2014. Removable battery and and SD card slot are essential to a proper camera phone…

        • Viipottaja

          I think the days of removable batteries are pretty much numbered.. heck, even laptops are starting to have non removable batteries.

          • dss

            I certainly hope that isn’t the case..

        • sbw44

          So that means I have to wait another couple of months for THE BEST Nokia can deliver! Geez my N8 is almost 3 years old and I am still waiting for something to replace it.

          • TRogdor

            I’m gettin the white narwhal 808…..sooo rare but beautiful…and AN actual friggin animal

        • Hypnopottamus

          This is the reason why I opted to get an unlocked 820 instead of an unlocked 920. It has both removable battery and SD card support.

  • torcida


    “Ooooh! Does anyone notice how the top seems wider than the bottom or is that just an illusion.”

    – Maybe because it is lying on the huge hump on the back. πŸ™‚

    • arg0

      As you say, the device was most likely slightly tilted due to the “tiny” hump on the back!

  • Patata

    Hope that other Lumias like the 92x range will get that Nokia pro cam app too and won’t be left with smart camera. They are branded as preview too…

    • dss

      The pro cam probably has the slide to zoom option from the 808, which is useless on any other lumia phone. Also, its likely that it has some controls that only make sense when using that 41mpix sensor..

      I am hoping that its the 808 app adopted for WP.. best camera app out there.

      • Patata

        And Belle FP1 devices got that 808 camera app too, so why not port the WP app for other devices too? πŸ˜‰

  • anon2

    Hope they don’t pull an 808 and keep it exclusive to the 925/928

  • sbw44

    Please release this with at least a Quad Core cpu

    • KeiZka


      • sbw44

        So it can sell more

        • arts

          thats one reason, but certainly there are more reasons to that.

          Pairing a quad core proc with a cutting edge gpu will be so so awesome.

          Games, and demanding apps like photoshop can be ported over, and while there can be many reasons why the app might not be up to par, HARDWARE won’t be one of them.

          • sbw44

            Yes that’s another reason but main reason why I want nokia to use them is so that people dont call it last years specs. The other thing is would the setup like the 808 be better than just having a snapdragon 800 soc that supports 55mp? For me the latter option seems better than having seperate gpu’s and scalling chips.

    • DesR85

      Up till now, I still cannot see the need for a quad-core phone, outside of intensive gaming. I know I have said this countless times but if these are the games they like to play, why not buy a gaming laptop/PC or a console instead?

      And I sure as heck won’t even get a handheld device like the PSP or Nintendo DS if I prefer those type of games.

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  • JGrove

    Time to settle up on my 920 and get my upgrade ready. This is going to be AMAZING. 41 million reasons to be on AT&T, right there, bezel haters. 😎

  • sbw44

    I hope this comes in colors

  • Like the technology in it or the supposed technology that is in it, but don’t like the look of it.

    It is nothing more than a blend between the 920/928 with a big camera slapped on there. But I guess that makes sense since this has probably been in development for quite a while and the 925 design didn’t exist yet when this was being finalized.

    7 more days.

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  • This look so much like the black Lumis 920.

  • johnny1

    NO SD Card support.,.. thats crap..

    “The phone is rumored to have a 41-megapixel PureView camera, and while we’ve previously seen detailed images of what’s believed to be the phone’s exterior, the leak confirms what we’d previously heard about its carrier destination. In terms of specs, the device will have a Xenon flash, a polycarbonate body, and 32GB of internal storage, according to earlier reports from WPCentral, but will not support removable SD card storage.”

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