Nokia EOS/Lumia 1020 may actually be called Nokia 909

| July 4, 2013 | 77 Replies

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Apparently the Nokia EOS, which was said to be called Nokia Lumia 1020 may in fact be called Nokia 909, following the lines of the previous 41MP Beast, the Nokia 808.

So, it’s still a 9xx series but it’s lower than the released 920/925/928 despite having a super advanced camera. Hopefully that won’t confuse people. The naming system of Lumia is getting confusing now.

It might be easier to market. Nine oh Nine. Nokia Nine oh Nine. I’m liking the Ns.

What would the successor be?

What’s the 1020 then? Does it even exist? Is the 10xx series a totally different thing?

Source: @evleaks


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  • michael

    It is Nokia Zoom 909 as nokia already trademarked “Nokia Zoom”

    • Otto

      Nokia Lumia Pureview Zoom Smartshot Powerup Excellence Revitalift 909

  • dss

    way better

  • dss

    Nokia 909 PureView would be a good name.. non of that Lumia crap

    • xconomicron

      definitely. Lumia sounds a little fem. IMO.

      PS, I’m not sexist.

  • Sambou

    Because Roland connection didn’t get that much response as I thought, maybe this makes it more clear that it very probably is going to be 909.

    Now it makes most the sense.

  • poopshoot

    sigh, I don’t care…just give me the damn phone already…I will pay an extra 100$ each day to Nokia if they release it within 2 weeks from announcement.

  • Sambou

    What about the good old Death Star instead of the moon?

    I can’t deny myself from being wondering if the design of the EOS/909 camera is inspired by this Star Wars object. At least I think the moon and 909 are lookalikes, but as Death Star is just a result of imagination and just a niche fan thing, thats why we didn’t see Death Star in the Zoom party invitation.

  • Sambou
  • LaW

    If 909 is correct then the 1020 is most likely reserved for the 1080p tablet in september, it would make sence to have the first 1080p, or at least more than 5inch nokia phone / Phablet to be a 1XXX device.
    But 909 as much as it rolls off easy, isnt really a successor at all. The 925 is still the flagship.

    Im still thinking it will be 930 – 950 or somthing

  • Sambou

    Do you really think that 909 is not the actual name of it?

    Please f****s make sure that you know what your talking about!

  • Sambou

    In the name of asshole!

    • Sambou

      You’re not me! Thank you awesome WordPress for enabling a person to use same nick without any kind of verification when posting in the same thread.

      At least check that the post is coming from the very same email, before approving the message. Ease and a very usable trick. Something N/MS should take a notice about.

      • CyberAngel

        As long as he doesn’t step on your Blue Suede Shoes
        if this is true then it’s very very poor performance
        I think you could get some compensation…
        It’s simply plain wrong
        slandering your (nick)name all over the place
        Without the correction I was thinking…

  • Don’t you think it would be fair to mention the real source? I mean, I did “break” this yesterday

  • CyberAngel

    “So, it’s still a 9xx series but it’s lower than the released 920/925/928 despite having a super advanced camera. Hopefully that won’t confuse people. The naming system of Lumia is getting confusing now.”

    Well, if it really is *NOKIA* then it’s no longer *LUMIA*
    which might be consfusing

    On the other hand “Hyperion”, the father of “EOS”
    is very proud of his son
    Nokia 808 => Nokia 909

    That sounds pretty convincing, huh?
    the confusion would then be this:
    Nokia => Symbian
    Lumia => Windows Phone

    The number should reflect the technical advantage and price
    Thus the 520, 620, 720, 920, 925, 1020
    Is quite logical
    The same goes with the generation
    I hope that the FHD models are then
    Lumia 830, Lumia 930
    AND adding FHD to the name would be preferable
    if Nokia would start using Pureview or PV
    that would be cool
    even better if EOS would be added to *only* the 41Mpix monster phones
    My Phablet:
    Lumia 1130 EOS FHD

    Any ideas abou the Phablet naming?
    Lumia Maxi?

    5.3″ like Samsung Galaxy Note
    6.44″ like Sony i1 (my favourite)

    • Sambou

      I am getting ass!

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  • Tampere_not_Salo_leaks

    909 is right, but it will have Lumia in the front of its name. Kinda sad.

    • Sambou

      You just don’t know anything. It is 909, but you just approve what others KNOW!

  • richard

    Is it 909 because it doesn’t have the new feature? May be it’s just an 808 with WP that’s why they call it 909. And that is what they call reinvented. Just replacing the OS. Hopefully not.

    • CyberAngel

      “just replacing the OS”
      Replacing the whole hardware!
      Comparing Nokia 808 to Lumia 9xx series
      3G Network => 4G Network
      Resolution 640 x 360 => 1280 x 768
      Screen Size 4.0″ => 4.5″
      Pixel density ~184 ppi => ~332 ppi
      RAM 512 MB => 1 GB
      CPU 1.3 GHz ARM 11 => Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait
      GPU Broadcom BCM2763 => Adreno 225