Nokia EOS/Nokia 909/Lumia 1020 – The next 41MP Nokia PureView – coming in Yellow, Black and White, arriving July 22?

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electric pikachu yellow nokia lumia 920 wireless charging(1)

The Nokia EOS is said to be available in the following colours – Yellow, Black and White says WPCΒ as indicated by screenshots from a Microsoft store. The expected price is about 602USD. Interestingly, there’s a date for stock arrival on July 22nd 2013. Is that when it will be available? Imagine Nokia gets something out like that so soon.


I want to know what the yellow one will look like at the back when the hump is in place.

arrival 22 jly


image from

Cheers Prashant for the tip!




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  • Marcel D. Juhnke


    I hope not, as I cannot afford it before September this time around, because I have my wedding in August.

    Luckily I have my 920 and 808, so hopefully I will be able to resist the ever growing temptation πŸ™‚

    • Cod3rror

      Who gets married nowadays, are you crazy?

      • v.s.i

        Dude, did I read what I just think I read?

        Really, man? Resorting to such an attack?

        Wow, I guess your basement must be really comfy if you’ve never felt the need to meet someone new, just post some irrelevant comments on an irrelevant site to be read by some irrelevant people somewhere on the net. Hell, for all I know next thing you’ll argue about is the flatness of the world!

        The Internet should ban you just for this comment alone.

        • kryptoniankid

          Chill. Cod3rror was joking. Relax people

        • rafaelinux

          Lol, really? He’s joking, man!

          • torcida

            …but that’s not obvious!

            • sunnyvale

              πŸ™‚ Probably not that obvious if you’re new to MNB. But if you’re a long time reader, you’ll notice Cod3rror has been also an MNB reader for long time, and likes to troll around every once in a while.

            • arob

              Really? His comment reeks of sarcasm!

        • v.s.i

          Okay, sorry all! didn’t get the joke. πŸ™‚ My joke meter was b0rked after 2 months of exams. πŸ˜‰

          • Marcel D. Juhnke

            Yeah no problem… I got the joke, my coworkers are joking around the same already…

            On the other hand, after the wedding is over and money flow has normalised, I don’t have any other choice than buying two of these babies… My wife is among the first to say “Honey, can we buy one of these?”

            I completely infected her with Nokia πŸ˜€

            • GordonH

              I would suggest getting one of those APSC sensor or mirrorless cameras. Some of them are small enough to “almost” pocket it.
              And if you don’t understand photography then the auto mode should suffice. A camera phone is good but those new mirrorless cameras take some really great photos.

          • Cod3rror

            Thanks to those that stepped up for me…

            But I was not joking. Marriage is absolutely stupid nowadays.

            Come on, it’s the 21st century! Getting married is absolutely the worst decision a man can make.

            Your wife will most likely cheat on you and you will get divorced, look at the percentages, it’s more than 60% and it’s rising.

            Besides, when people get married, they “settle down” i.e. get lazy and fat.

      • Prasenjit

        who gets married.. guess you were out of a wedlock???

        • nofan

          nay, guess he just came out of closet…lol

      • sunnyvale

        From your comment, I take it that you are married πŸ™‚

  • Peter L

    Amount of devices in the first batch is there too, 42K devices.

    • Seppo

      The amount is 70 devices and that 42k is 70×602$. That 70 devices is for a single microsoft store.

      Anyone know how many were there for each store when 920 came out?

      • Peter L

        That’s true, thanks for the correction.

      • Amounts varied from store to store and country to country, but there were reports of stores only getting between 5-15. That was what they could get per shipment though.

  • Muerte

    What if… Lumia 1020 is a tablet?

    Nokia 909 is EOS

    • torcida

      What then???

    • xconomicron

      Probably not…we would’ve seen more leaks like we did here for the EOS. If a phablet was going to launch, then I’d say “damn” good job Nokia for keeping the lid on the phablet leaks. πŸ™‚

  • t t

    Less that two weeks from announcement to release. That is how it should be.

  • n8thebest

    Yes, confirmation that it is Lumia 1020, and not Lumia 909. 909 would disrupt the entire Lumia product range, and cause confusion with the numbering system.

    • torcida

      “[…]cause confusion[…]”

  • v.s.i

    Is $602 the retail price? Because that would be a STEAL for such an advanced technology. πŸ˜€

    • Justin

      I would say that by looking at that form, I would say that would be the cost price. With that price expect a retail price between $749 to $$829. Give or take a few dollars.

      • jiipee

        Im of a different opinion. It mentions also discounts and I doubt that they show those and the net price on a form, IF it is a sales system. Otherwise the sales guys might give discounts too easily.

        Less than a month to availability is good (if it is more or less global) and the price sounds good. This could sell well despite of the bulkyness. A lot depends on how they succeed in promotion.

    • Paul grenfell

      Agree, less than what I paid for 808.

  • JGrove

    A little off topic, but judging from the phonedang image, Eos definitely looks longer and wider, along with flatter when compared to the Grey 920 sitting right next to it.

    Is it just an optical illusion caused by for shortening of photo angle and color, or can we agree that Eos will has a larger display? It looks like it could be 16:9 1920×1080 at 5″ with the bezels the size they are, similar to the 920.

    Nyes? Seconds?

    • Paul grenfell

      Definitely wider.. Could be 5″ suits me.

      • Ali Abdulla

        i disagree, compare both phones from their top end

        for me, they seem to have the exact width :)(too bad πŸ™ )

    • Other images have it at similar size just a little longer. I’m somewhat leaning towards a 1280×720 panel meaning a switch to 16:9. Also bear in mind that the 920 in the shot above is just a shell. Not a full phone, look at the camera lens. You see the table straight through. That might influence the image a bit as well.

    • lmiked

      I agree with well.
      Definitely looks bigger to me than the L920.


  • Yellow 1020/909

    Nothing official, just a colour change from the EVLeaks image.

  • chris

    RM-909 lumia 1020 perhaps

    • sunnyvale

      This. The whole confusion could be boiled down to this. It’s probably RM-909, but the phone could probably be named Lumia 1020.

  • Levi
    It’s Dutch but it shows official press pictures of the 909 (now the official name).

  • dss

    This is going to be the first Nokia cameraphone without an SD card slot … by the time you are done with apps and music you will be down to around 20gb if you are careful with your music. For me.. I have 25gb of music on my phone.. which would leave me with a few gigs for pics and videos.

    unacceptable for top of the line cameraphone..

    • mirco

      Unaccaeptable for you… perfectly fine for me.

      • guerrahp

        Hopefully they fix the Other Storage issue by now.

    • tiyo xi

      you are saying right but nokia gonna sort it in eos , after all they are giving sd card slot in lower end lumias

    • JGrove

      Ya, a take a sh*tload of video and photos, carry About 1.5GB of music and a ton of games. Images and video get uploaded to Skydrive nightly and monthly I dump all my imaging onto the computer.

      utilize your SkyDrive around around WiFi. Its only $10/month for 20 Extra gigs of cloud storage that you can access from anywhere.

      So, really, and they have done case studies about this, 32GB is perfectly suitable for NAND storage.

    • Random Random

      First cameraphone without that?

      Remember the N9?

      Back in the days Nokia was running lots of N9 ads in the Finnish television. Yes. They had ads. Praising the camera.

      • jiipee

        lol lots if ads…

        • Random Random

          Didn’t you see those 9 second ads they were pushing for weeks?

          Nokia not advertising N9 is a myth. In reality they did that in Finland and in several other countries.

          I saw billboards, television ads and ads in newspapers. I really don’t understand how people still claim that it was not advertised.

          But hey, that’s a nice myth.

          • Janne

            True, N9 was greatly advertised by both Nokia and operators in Finland in late 2011. There was also a huge building-sized banner in Helsinki – and I distinctly remember such ads in other N9 target countries as well.

      • GordonH

        LOL !!! ads

  • keke

    July 22nd sounds too good to be true.

  • JGrove

    The Dutch getting a Nokia before everyone else sounds too good to be true, too.

    • I’m not counting on it. The only Nokia (or Lumia really) that I could get at launch was the 800. All subsequent Lumia’s passed me by and landed here 3-4 months later. *grmbl

  • good question Muerte!

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