PureView V1 + PureView V2, 41MP, Optical Image Stabilisation and 2GB RAM. What else would you like in the Nokia Lumia 1020? :)

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As Ali just wrote, it appears quite subtly that OIS has been confirmed in the Nokia Lumia 1020. That was one of the things niggling in the back of many of our readers minds – what if we see PureView V1 only (large sensor, 41MP with super pixel oversampling?

I’m not sure where or how OIS has been confirmed. There are some speculations it might even feature variable aperture. That would be nice but not necessary for me.

What else would I like?

  • Stereo Rich Recording. Like in the 808 PureView. No idea if it’s there on the 1020. It’s not mentioned.
  • Memory expansion? The 1020 apparently doesn’t have this. 32GB is OK I guess.
  • The option to take 32MP And 5MP at the same time is great. Hopefully there’ll be other options (i.e. 38MP should you want some 4:3)
  • Exposure control. I love playing about with long exposure. The Nokia N900 could do that when it was part of a hackathon competition but I dont think it ever came out as a proper app. When stuck to a tripod, long exposure at night can make scenes appear like they’re taken in the day. But better than that, it’s nice for capturing the movement of light (e.g. traffic, or you can ‘draw’. In the day time, the use of a ND filter help take dreamy pictures of running streams in rivers/waterfalls/beaches.
  • HDMI out. Wireless HDMI? (Well you can kinda use DLNA Play To?)

Can you imagine the power of oversampling at 3MP AND OIS?  Night vision anyone? Haha. Also, the 808 has always been praised for its excellent shots in bright conditions too (and that’s when it begins to rival more high end cameras). Let’s hope for the same in the 1020.

Now after all that imaging power, let’s throw some filters in and square it up to potato resolution with the launch of official Instagram. Haha. I joke. It’s good for sharing compositions and the odd day to day snaps.

That’s as far as my imaging concerns.

Other hardware wishes:

  • It would have been nice possibly to have a 1080p screen. Mainly for bragging rights. I say bragging – well one area not to be put down in.
  • Not too fussed myself about having quadcore.
  • Larger screen? It’s 4.5″ which is good enough for me and many others. Some might like a larger screen, whereas for others that might already be too big. I think the trend is acceptance of larger screens.

Software wise, there’s no point me complaining of things I want. That’s in MS’s court mostly.

Overall I’m really excited over this device. I’m mostly a happy Windows Phone user and finally having the all around camera built into it as well is a fantastic prospect; pictures in pretty much all situations coming out better than compact digital cameras. The 920 and variants have been great, but for extreme low light in clubs, I need my xenon (I’ve not tried the 928, so that might actually be good enough).

I’m intrigued to how zoom would be reinvented. If it’s the lossless zoom seen in the 808 or if Nokia’s done something a little more in that area. Speaking of zoom, how about

  • zooming in video whilst recording?
  • Sort out the dreadful camera UI. Yeah I’m calling it dreadful. I’ve talked about it before and it’s improved over WP7. I like the instant swipe gallery which the other OSes have stolen, and I like touch to focus and snap a pic (when it works). The camera and video settings should not be buried away. They should be more easily accessible.
  • Lenses too. I like them but the way to access them feels very disjointed. It’s annoying when the phone has a password lock and you can’t access the lenses. And then when you unlock the phone and turn the camera back on, it’s still locked as you have to exit the camera app and turn it on again. Do people at MS actually use their phones and not realise this is annoying?



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