Gallery: Battle of the PureView – Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Nokia 808 PureView (vs Nokia Lumia 925). Which PureView is for you?

| July 12, 2013 | 60 Replies

MNB IMG_0580Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia

I bumped into Rafe Blandford of AllAboutSymbian/AllAboutWindowPhone whilst I was snapping pics of the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Of course he had his Nokia 808 PureView too so we got to snap some pics of them together.

MNB IMG_0581Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia MNB IMG_0583Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia MNB IMG_0584Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia

Another member of the White family, the Nokia Lumia 925.MNB IMG_0587Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia MNB IMG_0590Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia MNB IMG_0593Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia MNB IMG_0594Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia


Thickness of the bottom portionMNB IMG_0595Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia

Side view of humpMNB IMG_0596Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia

Hump to humpMNB IMG_0599Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia MNB IMG_0601Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia

View from the bottomMNB IMG_0604Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia

Rafe Blandford with the PureView beasts.MNB IMG_0605Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia MNB IMG_0609Lumia 1020 vs 808 pureview nokia


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  • Jesse

    Really liking the 1020, that price is killer though. Wondering if it will follow the Nokia trend of major price drops after the first month or two.

    • Peter

      Lol! I was thinking the same. There’s a good chance but then again this is sort of a niche product that niche people will pay extra for and Christmas season is coming up pretty soon.

      Only time will tell.

  • Janne

    That Lumia 1020 is so fricking sleek considering what it packs!

    This image tells the story:

    • Ammad


    • johan

      It’s amazing how compact the camera module is. Nokia has progressed in an extremely high tempo.

    • That’s actually pretty disturbing. I always thought of the N8 to not really be fat. I thought the 1020 would be too fat but it is even thinner than the N8 overall. Mindboggling.

      The 1020 might just be my very first secondary phone that I buy. Or should I go with a 925/1020 combo.

      • 4Leka

        This begs the question why they didn’t just make the 1020 in N8 thickness without the hump? I’m fairly certain the phone would be more attractive to a lot of people without the hump, even if the whole phone was slightly thicker.

        Personally I’d be fine with an N8 sized phone with no hump or just a very flat hump (like N8). But the 1020 hump just protrudes too much from the rest of the phone body. It’s ugly, but it’s also unwieldy.

  • Pawlee

    • Out of interest how many people (well, press) had an 808 with them?
    • Were there any 808s about from Nokia?

    This seems to be the most Nokia have acknowledged the 808 publicly since MWC.

  • AMT

    For me, one black L1020 thank you 🙂 (ex-owner of a red 808)

  • Aretard. ;)

    AreOut says:
    March 14, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    yeah it’s impossible for bloated OSes to include PV technology and will be for several years to come,426

    • milojko

      well he seems to be right as 1020 doesn’t use pixel binning but only resizes the full res picture to a lower resolution..

      see the difference between two

      • arts

        oh look! another person who jump to conclusions about 1020.

        • arts

          also, bookmarked for further use! 😉

      • The keynote spends time talking about oversampling. 7 pixels to make one super pixel. Oversampling is pixel binning.

      • Janne

        Where do you get this?

        On page 6 of their white paper Nokia talks of pixel oversampling and their talk of “seven pixels make a super-pixel” is the same as with 808 PureView.

        At least the listed benefits seem to be the same as in 808.

        • milojko

          hm, thought I read that somewhere here but I might permutated it then, it’s good if it is really present

          • Janne

            One thing, related, that I have wondered though is how lossy is the after-the-fact re-zooming? I know they called it lossless, but I do have to wonder if the source data is better right after taking the image than when re-zooming later. I’m betting Nokia uses a lossy compression for the high-res version saved…

            RAW support would have been awesome. I doubt we’ll see it, and really it isn’t important for most uses, but still it would have been that extra bit of wonderful.

            • Werner Ruotsalainen

              “RAW support would have been awesome. I doubt we’ll see it, and really it isn’t important for most uses, but still it would have been that extra bit of wonderful.”

              Indeed, particularly if the NR / sharpening params can’t be fine-tuned. The default sharpening seems to be too strong.

            • Banderpop

              The source data would be a lot better. Since each sensor pixel can only be red, green or blue, noise from low light can end up exaggerated in the final .jpg version of an image, as it will bleed into neighbouring pixels. Low light pictures taken on an 808 tend to be less noisy at, say, 5MP, than if they are taken at full resolution then reduced to 5MP on a computer. But the difference sometimes gets ruined by compression anyway.

            • Random Random

              It appears that Nokia is not using wide enough data paths for this to be really convenient. That’s one very probable reason for the lack of RAW format.

          • Werner Ruotsalainen

            Third-party apps aren’t allowed to access some of the binnng algorithms, though. (See my initial Nokia Imaging SDK report.)

      • johan


    • Otto

      “The 808 has probably perfect possible size/ergonomics considering its capabilities, period. Adding huge battery and more of a screen..and everything will not just increase its size to the one unusable for the phone to be functional but also spoil its camera ergonomics(different ways of holding it etc.) as seen from the previous link. Remember we are looking here to at least one inch of added length/width and half inch of thickness at the minimum”
      I suppose the guy who wrote that feels like a psychic now. 😉

      • Peter

        Applies for small handed (minded?) people. Most pocket cameras are even bigger. And besides, you can always stick with the 808 and stop complaining. A win-win situation for all 😉

    • Random Random


      I pointed out several times how his information was flawed.


    Glad they didn’t use a glossy finish.

    • jolla > nokia

      yes, i have white matte 808, i perfer it to glossy white

  • JGrove

    Wow, look at that! At the hump the 1020 is almost as thin as the slimmest point of the 808. Thats with OIS and 6 lenses. 4.5″ 1280×768 display vs. 4″ 640×360 display.

    Interesting times we’re living in, my Droogies! Interesting times indeed!

    • Banderpop

      Conversely, for just a 0.5 inch screen size increase, the 1020 is far too wide for my tastes. I prefer the shape of the 808! Although my ideal phone size would probably still be closer to an N8 or N9/Lumia 800.

      Actually, hump included, how does the N8’s thickness compare to the 1020? An N8’s chassis with a slightly larger, curved N9-screen, the Harmattan UI plus the 1020’s camera would be My Dream Nokia. I’m not too keen on the N8’s plastic end caps, but I’m putting comfort, function and ergonomics before looks.

  • jolla > nokia

    imagine 1020 on meego, the screen size will be 4.6-5.0

    that wp ui/ux designer sucks

    • djmuzi

      Meego… N9…. I have the N9 on my desc. Unfortunately it’s so sloooow compared to 2013 devices and the OS isn’t the greatest to be honest.

      Design is great though 🙂

    • Hypnopottamus

      Of course this is only your opinion. I happen to really like (and really prefer) WP UI/UX above any other platform.

      • jolla > nokia

        that three buttons waste space, you cannt see it?

        • Hypnopottamus

          No. Have you even used WP to see what they are capable of? I’m guessing not. But the difference between you and me is that I only state that WP UI is perfect FOR ME. You can’t understand why everyone doesn’t think MeeGo (or Jolla) is the perfect UI.

          • guerrahp

            I know the magnify glass button to be the most useless and annoying button.

            • Hypnopottamus

              I actually think the magnify glass button is useful. For example, I know a lot of people use Shazam or SoundHound to identify music. On WP, just hit the magnify button and hit the music identify button. Done.

              Another example is if there is a menu or poster in another language, hit the magnify glass button, hit the “camera eye” button and you get a translation on screen.

              These are only a couple of the many useful features that are accessible from the “useless” magnify button. As nice as the MeeGo UI/UX is, how would I be able to access features like these from any screen?

              I can see ways in which WP could probably implement these without the use of hard buttons. But people get caught up in the whole Swipe UI as if it’s the be all end all for mobile UI’s. That UI works for the MeeGo/Jolla interface, but you just can’t implement swipe for any/all mobile OS’s.

    • GordonH

      Why can’t we as a consumer have both choices of Meego and WP8?

      I’ll answer it myself:
      It was never about the positives of both the competing mobile OS. It was always about Elop and MS frightened that Meego technology and sales and would make WP look really bad.

  • djmuzi

    Great photos!!! Thax for comparing it with 808 🙂

  • Arthur

    I still love the 808 in matte white, not really digging the 1020 as much. Do love the 925 though.

  • dss

    The reason the hump is smaller overall is because they are using a smaller xenon bulb, a smaller single capacitor (as opposed to two in the 808), no speaker, and the senzor is smaller.

    On the other hand you have one extra lens and OIS..

    Either way, the 1020 is a pretty amazing piece of engineering.. We will have to wait and see how it performs in real life, but looks good on paper.

    It is bigger than the 808 overall, its

    and most importantly it carries more volume overall, which takes more room in your hand and your pocket.

    Its a bit lighter than the 808 which is impressive. I hope it has all the standard heat shields on top of the chips for cooling and all..

    • Flat xenon vs. the round capacitor in the 808. Pretty ingenious stuff.

      Even more interesting is the use of a ‘plain’ MSM8960 but with upgraded DSP as Nokia worked closely with Qualcomm on modifying the silicon. That is wht the 8960 can push the pixels of the 1020 (along with 2GB ram of course.

      • dss

        yes, the work on cpu/gpu is amazing.. I thought that they would have to go the companion chip way ala 808 but i guess a modified qual works just as well and it was probably easier to implement with the os..

  • Peter L

    Definitely the 1020.

    Symbian might be like a swiss knife what comes to the features, but most of the blades are very dull and barely usable.

  • johan

    The 1020 is an extremely amazing piece of engineering, and the picture quality, to my eyes, appears to be better than the 808. Yes, the pictures are slightly more “grainy” when zooming in on full resolution photos, but the dynamic range appears to have been improved tremendously, and colour reproduction is definitely superior to the 808. Overall, the images released thus far indicate quite the advantage over 808. This is logical, considering that that the sensor is only 4,6% smaller, but more than 40% more sensitive. 1,1 micron BSI pixels are far superior to 1,4 micron FSI pixels. Video capture, needless to say, will be in another league compared to the 808. Larger OLED screen, better OS. There is no question. 1020 thrones alone on top of the hill!

  • Deaconclgi

    This post has sold me. White it is, to match my white 808!

  • chris

    I actually think that the 808 camera hump is a better design in the hand as the lip supports the hand well.
    But as the guy from at&t said the device needed to be slimmer which nokia did a great job with.

    I think this phone would look great in glossy red with a black camera surround. I love the black, need to see the yellow in the flesh, the white one looks like primer imo.

    One thing elop said about the ois rattling when you shake the phone, would this be picked up when walking and talking down the street?

    • Bazil

      “One thing elop said about the ois rattling when you shake the phone, would this be picked up when walking and talking down the street?”

      Only if you are taking pictures at the same time. :p

    • dss

      I like the hump design on the symbian version better as well, but all that matters is how it feels in hand..

      Also, i think that the hump on the 1020 should be glossy as well

  • JJ

    I don’t know about the OLED screen in 1020.. I was an OLED fanboy until I saw this:

    I don’t want my screen to became like that in a matter on months!

    • Marcel D. Juhnke

      The problem with the Samsung is that it has the standby clock always at the same position, hence the burn-in.

      However, the Lumias with standby clock (as all the other Nokias with OLED before them) have a moving standby clock, which changes position on the screen every minute or so to avoid this burn in.

  • meyo

    does windows nokia phone have FM transmitter ? what i like about the 808 is Camera, GPS, and play via the radio…. if I can get this with 1020 i’m going to get it

    • dss

      no fm trans yet, but you cam do iy over bt..

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  • xd

    very good design decision, not glossy surface at all on 1020! U like it, 808 has a stupid glossy home button surface finish

  • Sowed

    What is the 925 doing in this picture. Its not even as good as a gs4.

  • Sowed

    RAW support coming in Camera Pro App(1020 exclusive). Fingers crossed. Those guys are gonna come up with a killer camera with like 100 times zoom.

  • Steve G

    Imagine that Nokia 1020 Pureview On Android, check it out:

    • dss

      Why ruin it like that ?

  • symbiansuck


  • Is camera’s compare in there?