Nokia Lumia 1020 appears for $735.50 unlocked in all colours at NegriElectronics

| July 15, 2013 | 17 Replies

735 1020

Online retailer, NegriElectronics lists all three colours of the Nokia Lumia 1020 for $735.50 unlocked. This appears less than a day before official pre-order begins with AT&T.


The price with a contract is $299. Do you remember stories from readers where sales consultants tried to say the likes of the 8X was the more premium device over the 920 because it cost more? Let’s see if that might switch things up a bit here (if, hopefully, they don’t try to be pseudo geeky and say the 41mp is useless and it isn’t all about megapixels because they fail to understand oversampling and zooming reinvented – aka reframing).

Cheers Alvester for the tip!


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  • MKnowles

    That’s not that bad actually… I paid over 600 for my 808 8 months after it was released.

    • milojko

      the difference is that 808 was and still is the best cameraphone around 😉

      • shallow ocean shoal


        Please rope this guy in, he is ruining the reputation of our wonderful 808!!

        • sbw44


  • edi_opteron

    Is it a bit expensive or Is it my fault living in the third world?

  • JGrove303

    $700USD is what the 808 went for here in the USA. So $35 for OIS and a 4.5″screens display is a bargain. Still cheaper to pay my contract termination fee andd get a new contract with a “”1020

    • dss

      You can also subtract some for the smaller sensor..

  • Mendax

    Decent price. Fingers crossed for a pentaband 1020 later this year (from Rogers or another carrier).

  • nokia_power

    One question. Iam from Germany and want to buy may be the Lumia 1020 when I on vacation in the USA during October. Will the smartphone function in Germany witout problems?

    best regards

    • v.s.i

      The unlocked version should (I don’t think the North American version has different LTE bands than the rest-of-world one). I’ve heard the newer Verizon phones (incl. 928) are world-ready but I don’t know about AT&T.

    • v.s.i

      I stand corrected, you may want to check your bands over there but it seems you’re looking for the world version, which is RM-875. NAM version is 877, which is what Negri Electronics is selling. As most European carriers use LTE on the 800 and 2600 MHz bands, RM-877’s incompatible. Use these links:

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Don’t do it. Wait the little extra time for a proper European model.

  • Anders81

    I placed an order today via 🙂 only the price and availability are open items 😐

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Yeah this price seems as expected, I was expecting worse.

    Give me a $850 Nokia-only branded unlocked unit that works perfectly on T-Mobile USA. Sell it only at Microsoft stores. Win.

    I am very afraid AT&T or Rogers unlocked units will not work correctly on T-Mobile, because the Lumia 900 did not work right. The line would buzz/click, the calls would drop, the reception bars would go up and down, the Internet sharing would not work properly. Something very wrong and many people experienced this.

  • nokia_power

    OK guys thanks for the answer !!

  • jamearl

    How reliable is NegriElectronics? Is it an reputable retailer? I didn’t notice any ship date for the unlocked phone. When will it ship?

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