LeakyLeak: Nokia Lumia 625, 4.7″ big budget beast!

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Check it out, the Nokia Lumia 625 makes an appearance at the Telecommunication Equipment Certification Centre MIT in China.

This is expected to be the 4.7″ screen device, larger than the current flagships.

It makes sense as mobile space is shifting towards ever larger screens, even budget devices are having phablet sized screens but with WVGA resolution.


4.7-inch WVGA, big gray screen without CBD
length and width Lumia 920 approaching, 130mm +, 70mm + 2000 mAh battery


Aikon adds the following details:

133.2×72.2×10.5 (mm)
161.5 (g)

Cheers AIKON for the tip!


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  • David

    Would be an interesting addition to the “larger” screen market, especially if it is at the price point of the Lumia 600 series.

  • RS2013

    I remember a post here about “rumored” Nokia’s bigger phone coming soon.

    as it said 625 will be 4.6″…very close to this leak.

    “Our information is not a fairy tale… you’ll hear more soon from Nokia”.

    • Janne

      Yes, we have certainly heard this rumour under the names Juggernaut Alpha or Max before. I remember it being 4.7″ previously too though.

  • Janne

    So, I wonder if by Q4 we’ll see Lumia 625 and perhaps a Lumia 1030 quad-core/1080p phablet vying for our attention. Will a Lumia 825 or somesuch join the show as well?

    I haven’t seen any information about a Nokia World this year, I guess they are not continuing that tradition anymore. I’m guessing we’ll see a separate launch event for the Q4 devices.

    Will they leave Lumia 92x range alone? It would make sense considering the recent updates and the fact that the next big thing is expected in the 10xx range. There was the rumour of “cheaper 920” though, so maybe we’ll see some cheaper refresh of 920 – or not.

    • Svedu

      How early has the info come previous years? Are you saying that the last Nokia World event was held last year?

      • Janne

        Nokia World, when it was an open event, was announced in the spring and tickets were sold through the spring and summer (until sold out). Last year they also announced the dates in spring, but then cancelled and replaced it with the New York launch event and an invite-only, smaller event in Finland (at Wanha Satama). Last year they promised a string of smaller events, but I don’t know if that materialized.

        So, Nokia World in its old form (a grand two-day event with announcements, developer conferences etc., much like Apple’s MWC or Microsoft’s BUILD) seems to have stopped at least for now.

        • Janne

          So for now, the last of the big, two-day Nokia Worlds seem to have been the Nokia World 2010 and 2011 in London.

        • Svedu

          So maybe last NW has been held then.

          I remember another (annual I think) event named “Nokia Connection”. If I remember correctly the N9 was presented at last Nokia Connection.

          • Janne

            Yes, Nokia Connection has been a separate event – Nokia Connection has been in Asia during the summer, if I recall. Was it perhaps adjacent to some regional tradeshow there? Don’t remember what the history is there.

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  • Henry

    I don’t understand, does cheap phone = no design no aesthetics? It’s not the NOKIA that I used to know, this phone looks exactly like an HTC.

    • Janne

      This photo is just poor. The phone looks like a big Lumia 620 – and I believe Lumia 620 design is widely applauded.

      But of course, in this age of full-glass fronts it is harder to differentiate.

      I do think Lumia 620 looks unlike any other mobile on the market, though, so I expect Lumia 625 to look like Lumia 620 than HTC.

    • flava

      How long have you been following Nokia? The leaks are always looks uglier and bulkier than the actual released phones…

  • JGrove303

    So Nokia is gonna go after Samsung’s big screen budget market wih Windows Phone before any of the other Android Oems even do it?

    Well played, Elop & Ballmer. Well played indeed.

  • Zhi

    At least the bezel looks small. Nokia seems to make even 4.5′ phones as big as 4.7′ phones because of their huge bezel!

  • Sefriol

    4,7 screen with 800×480 display resolution? Oh boy.

    • Janne

      Samsung has even bigger low-res Galaxy on the market.

      There is demand.

      • RED

        demand arises from people who dont have time or knowledge to look into pixels density and stuff like that. No wonder these small details are very important but to the average consumer the ones who ask you at your workplace about which phone to buy in a given budget- a suggestion towards better usability and speed would be more appreciated than the Processor cores., SoC or the pixel density !!!

        …….just a thought !!!

        cheers Nokia for rolling out bigger devices for bigger hands !!!

  • nabkawe

    With such big space I’d expect a thinner model , 10.5 is unacceptable , if it doesn’t have OIS orbwireless charging.

    • Viipottaja


  • LaW

    Gees nokia make a 4.7inch screen and its only 0.3mm shy off the height of an S4 which has a 5inch screen!. Please Nokia reduce those bezel’s!!

    • Viipottaja

      That’s what you get for $300+ less.

      • Goc

        The 1020 also has a huge bezel.

  • vince

    the phone looks like an 820. which is cool because i preferred them anyway.

  • vince

    the phone looks like an 820. which is cool because its my preferred choice in the lineup

  • manu

    ya bring it on 5inch and 6inch needed to compete with galaxy boat phones

  • ammad

    People. Please stop bloody complaining,
    this is a BUDGET phone. Not flagship.

    Pretty awesome if this is priced right.

    • Viipottaja


  • Doug

    You’re going to need a bigger battery for that screen…

    Samsung can shove 2300’s in their phones that are thinner than Lumia’s. What is keeping Nokia from accomplishing the same thing?

    • Viipottaja

      Cost, component choises and availablity, appropriately configured and low cost assembly availability, due regard for durability and model differentiation within the overall Lumia product line.

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  • plus, 10.5 mm may be the thickest point on the Lumia 625. while the average thickness of Lumia 520 is 9.9 mm, and above 11 mm at the thickest point.

  • Damen

    I wonder what the phablet will be called.. Lumia 1125, Lumia 1225?

  • D Harries

    A bigger screen means the internal components are spread over a larger area making the phone feel thin, which in turn, a thin phone makes a large screen more palatable in the hand.

    As a user, I’m so very impressed with the display, reading through website text etc

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