Lumia 520 Review; Nokia’s Low Cost Saviour.

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I played around with Nokia’s low-priced Lumia 520 for a bit more than a month (true it was slightly eclipsed by the arrival of the Lumia 925- but nonetheless). I previously covered separate segments of the 520’s performance including gaming, software, hardware, and imaging; so naturally this is the part where I string it all together and throw the “review” word around.

The Lumia 520 has been making some (relatively) large splashes in the pond (and across it – in the form of the 521), grabbing the title of the world’s most popular Windows Phone 7 or 8 device; sure there isn’t much competition in that field but it’s still an impressive feat for such a small phone. But has the Lumia 520 rightfully earned the throne? Or did it just weasel its way in on a ridiculously low price tag with the usually matching low performance.

(naturally I can’t straight up tell you, because then none of you would watch the video I put together for you guys below)

To put it simply, the 520 is everything the 620 and 720 were in terms of Windows Phone experience, besides one or two shortcomings (the poor build quality in the camera shutter, and the choppy video recording), but in a word YES the 520/521 really do deserve their moment in the sun having shed the price tag without shedding much of the performance. And as the recent quarterly results have proven; the 520 has definitely given Nokia that “boost” it needed to secure its spot as the 3rd OS in the market, and perhaps even send a tremor of fear up some of the smaller Android OEM’s who had a portion of the low end market.

In case you missed them here’s the rest of the 520 review series, starting with the unboxing!

Lumia 520 unboxing:

Removing the back cover and Inserting Sim/SD card:

Gaming Performance Test:

Software performance:

and finally

Video Recording Sample:


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