Rich Recording Phase 2?…how did I miss that?

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We have already seen a demonstration of Rich Recording on the Lumia 1020 but Daniel P. over at PhoneArena has a VERY informative article about Rich Recording (RR) Phase 2 on the Nokia Lumia 1020. Somehow, I missed the announcement of RRP2 (not Ridge Racer Player 2) so his article was very informative indeed.

Enough of my small talk, here are some quotes from the article:

Nokiablew us away with the audio recording quality of its 808 PureView handset last year, as we’d never heard until then a phone that can be taken to a concert, and record it in full clarity, without being threatened neither by the deep bass, nor by the shrill voice of the lead singer, as it can grab sounds north of the 140 dB level without a hiccup.

The technology, in development since 2007, was called Rich Recording, made possible by the special mics that Nokia created alongside its partners, which could take a sound pressure up to four times stronger than your average phone microphone.
He goes on to speak of the new Rich Recording abilities:
Now with the Nokia Lumia 1020 we have what can be deemed Rich Recording Phase 2, as the new HAAC mics can now take six times the beating of your average phone unit, and never flinch at high sound pressure levels. This allows for distortion-free stereo recording in the whole range of human hearing, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with the microphones situated so that your handling of the handset doesn’t get in the way.
Something also totally new to me is that there are MANUAL AUDIO SETTINGS in the Nokia Pro Camera application:
In the Lumia 1020 Nokia said it improved on the Rich Recording technology even further on the software level, too, allowing the user to take control over the HAAC mics. In the new Nokia Pro Cameraapp you will now find not only an abundance of settings for pictures and video, but manual controls for the sound recording as well. Nokia introduced three modes that cover most situations with audio that can occur:
I don’t want to simply take all the info from his article so head right over to the article to find out what the actual Audio Settings are and a brief mention of HTC’s Rich Recording incident. Regardless, improved audio capture, manual audio settings in addition to the manual camera settings widen the innovation lead that Nokia has over its competitors and is a win for consumers who want the best pictures, video and audio from a pocketable device that more often than not, will be right there with them to capture the moment.
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Additional Rich Recording info from Nokia: (1)(2)(3)

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