#Recap! #ZoomReinvented And the Peeps at Nokia’s NYC event

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Here’s an image recap featuring the peeps we saw at NYC for the #ZoomReinvented event!

These were some of the most awesome folks ever, and half of the excitement at these events as well as the new device launch, is getting to meet and talk with them.

I’m terrible with names. Feel free to help me name that Nokian.

Getting to the hotel.

MNB WP_20130710_042New York

Here’s me. Photo by Sam J Pullen and his Nokia Lumia 925. Rocking the #TeamYellow Nokia Purity Pros, on the way the hotel

MNB IMG_9981New York

Hudson Hotel, Sam J Pullen comparing room sizes

Going to evening get together, near Times Square

MNB IMG_0007New York

@KoreanDoll (Angela Ricardo), @SamJPullen and @ClintonJeff

MNB IMG_0023New York

MNB IMG_9997New York

MNB IMG_0036New York

With KatieB!

MNB IMG_0040New York

CJ with Nirave!

MNB IMG_0043New York

Mark Guim joins 🙂

Posh inside!MNB IMG_0033New York MNB IMG_0037New York MNB IMG_9987New York
Mirror selfie, getting ready for the event next morning.


MyNokiaBlog tag 🙂MNB WP_20130711_006 (1)New York

Event…waiting outside

MNB IMG_0088New York

Isn’t that Rajiv Makhni from ND-TV?

MNB WP_20130711_013New York

Cheers Jklee for the photo!

Ooh, saw this on CJ’s album after looking for a different photo. It’s the keynote area 🙂

CJ's pic,

CJ’s pic, Sitting with @jklee. A bit early. Just getting ready, lights still on.

After the keynote, rushing to the demo section

MNB IMG_0191New York

MNB IMG_0417New York

Kellie from Nokia. Kellie Marks was awesome! We had a long chat and she let us have her personal 1020 to take snaps of as well as giving us some great demoes on camera (quite a few still to go up)

MNB IMG_0419New York

Ina Fried, All things Digital. As I finished the first round of photo taking of the 1020, I wandered over, tired and hungry to Sam J Pullen chanting, where’s the food, where’d the food? I didn’t realise at first the person who directed me to the grub was none other than Ina Fried from ATD.

MNB IMG_0658New York

Nokia Sound Guys! Hanna Kankkunen, Heikki Sassi and [______]

MNB IMG_0631New York

Nokia Lab, Carl Zeiss and Nokia (plus the Camera Man in the back who recorded the 1020 zoom reinvented promo on the 1020)

MNB IMG_0612New York

THE Rafe Blandford with the 41MP beasts!

MNB IMG_0423New York

Tejal Patel, Digital & e-commerce marketing specialist nOKIA

MNB IMG_0475New York

Jens Eggert

MNB IMG_0670New York

Juha Alakarhu and Eero Salmenin!


MNB IMG_0677New York

Arto Vahnaven

MNB IMG_0664New York

Pekka Kokko

There was a blogger session at 4 to see Juha and Eero talk about the Nokia Lumia 1020 and the camera innovations inside.

MNB IMG_0666New York

Waiting to go into the blogger session. I didn’t notice until after looking at the photos that WPC’s Daniel Rubino was right in the middle of the shot. Had to zoom in to confirm the name badge. Thank goodness for name badges.

MNB IMG_0671New York

MsJen and her 808.

Zoom party predrinks

MNB IMG_0693New York MNB IMG_0698New York

MNB IMG_0694New York


MNB IMG_0728New York

Chris Weber!

MNB WP_20130711_20_58_36_Pro (1)New York

Chris Weber is such a cool guy! Thanks to you guys out there, MNB is noticed and recognized by Nokia’s EVP of Nokia Sales and Marketing

MNB IMG_0724New York


MNB IMG_0725New York


MNB IMG_0726New York

With Eric!

MNB IMG_0723New York

This is Jenny Schroder! We had a long conversation about Nokia’s new approaches in marketing, the effectiveness of the new keynote and Nokia’s Here Maps platform.

MNB IMG_0711New York

Cool Nokia Guy, we talked about how proud Nokia was that day. Unfortunately lost the business card and didn’t get to take a photo of the name badge.

MNB IMG_0729New York

Yay, MsJen 🙂

MNB IMG_0731New York

MNB WP_20130711_051New York

MNB WP_20130711_072New York

MNB WP_20130711_078New York

John Pope – Director of Communications at Nokia, and Tiina Jaatinen, Editor in Chief of NokConv

MNB WP_20130711_066New York


Leaving next morning.

We’re wearing some PureView 41mp shirts 🙂


Pic by Nirave from CJ has a photo of this but with his 808. Not sure if that’s up anywhere.


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