Alleged Nokia Phablet Screen Leaks, Packs a Whopping 6 Inch screen and a Tiny Bezzel!

| July 25, 2013 | 55 Replies


Bezzel haters rejoice! If the image above is correct then you’re lucky day is near. What we’re looking at is apparently Nokia’s very first Phablet, packing a whopping 6 inch screen and an extremely thin bezzel! Also visible is a slot for a front facing camera (hopefully 1080p) and not much more besides that. Of course GDR3 is said to bring 1080p resolution support for WP8, which would look absolutely grand on such a large screen; if only WP8 gave some sort of optimization for larger screens (rather than just fitting more tiles in).

So what do you guys think? Is it real? And more importantly do we like it?

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  1. Ld. Sidious says:

    The screen is too big for me, but there is demand for these types of “phones”, so bring it on! Add a snap-crackle-pop 800 processor in there and I think you have a compelling product, Nokia!

  2. raj1402 says:

    725 – 5 inch 1gb ram GDR2 720p screen
    825 – 5.5 1 gb ram GDR2 720 Screen
    945 – 5.5 inch 1gb GDR3 1080p screen
    1045 -6inch 2gb ram gdr 3 1080P screen -

    • raj1402 says:

      945 or 935
      1045 or 1035

    • Viipottaja says:

      Would be surprised if all those come out, but perhaps. I would imagien they would also be accompanied with smaller screen models (as also hinted by Nokia’s head of design on Vodaphone blog interview the other day).

      • Sefriol says:

        Nokia will most likely release 2 of those devices this year (at least one high end) and leave rest for the next year. Just like they have done past 2 years.

  3. MNhut says:

    More space between the buttons would be great…

  4. wes? says:

    Hope that not all future flagships have that big screens.

    I think 4.5″ is a sweet spot for single handed use. There should be a flagship that is not bigger than the 920/925/1020. If they reduce the bezel I’m fine with a bigger Screen but don’t strech dimensions for all new flaships please…

    Of course they have to produce bigger phones as well but they are not for me…

  5. n8thebest says:

    Too big for me, but great to see Nokia further expanding the Lumia lineup and giving customers more options.

  6. JPDVM2014 says:

    If this thing come with a camera similar to the 1020….than this will be my next phone!

  7. Viipottaja says:

    Yup, this should be the one I have heard about from couple of sources. 1080p, about 17mp Pureview, 3000 or so mAh battery, quite thin.

    • tony says:

      Seriously???? WoW

      ……bring it on…..i bought. A cheap Chinese android 5incher for the needs which are out,of wp8 reach…..this makes,a,strong case about nokias future in the markets world over…,as Mr. Joe belfiore says he’s hearing….i wish they also,do,something by the,time. This device,is in,market making wp8-9 as compelling as android(certain areas utilities and apps)

      • Viipottaja says:

        That’s what I’ve heard from what have been fairly reliable sources in the past, but of course we will only know for sure when it comes out.

    • n8thebest says:

      I’d love to have all those specs, except with a 4.5″ screen. Any word on if we’d get that?

      I’m also eagerly awaiting the “EOS 2″ with a Snapdragon 800 chipset.

      We can tell that Nokia and Qualcomm pushed that Snapdragon S4 chipset to the absolute limit with the custom implementation they have on the 1020 for the 41MP oversampling.

      In any case, I should hopefully have a new Lumia in a few months. Just waiting to see what new stuff comes over the next few months.

      • Viipottaja says:

        have not heard anything on such a model, but I am sure models with that size screen are also coming. Whether they too will be 1080p, not sure.

        Remember that Pure View is a broad name for imaging, used also for 920 (and I guess for 925 and 928) camera.

        • Riku says:

          Releasing a new PureView 41Mpix device just months after the bringing Lumia 1020 to the market would be disastrous for the 1020 sales and thus I don’t believe we’ll see another such device this year. It would be interesting, though, if they’d release a device Viipottaja described in Q4; new gen chipset, moderate increase to the 925 PureView camera and 1080p to compete with Android. And maybe something else to differentiate from competitors ;)

          If the rumor is true, this will be my next device.

          • Viipottaja says:

            Note that I said that I’ve heard this phablet would have an about 17mp PV, not 41MP. 1020 will remain the camera king for a good while to come.

          • Viipottaja says:

            And I realize you did not imply that, just wanted to make it extra clear. :)

  8. v.s.i says:

    Great! Just what the doctors (Jay & you) ordered. 😁

  9. Tokam says:

    Look the number of sensors :o
    Besides I think that there is A LITTLE FLASH FOR THE FRONT FACING CAMERA !
    Look the yellow spot next to the Front facing camera area .

  10. adit38 says:

    good for nokia if true

  11. dhdh says:

    you cant do this wp thinner bezel on 1020.

  12. Heron says:

    MS needs to get rid of the buttons and do it like Android or something…

    Let it be filled with screens.

    • Viipottaja says:

      So you think the space under those keys inside the phone is just an empty? Or that those keys are 10mm thick? :)

  13. N8User says:

    This is great news for Nokia, it will sway Android users whi love big screens.

    The front facing camera is huge. 5MP?
    Put it on aluminium casing please!!

  14. Merito says:

    wish have Lumia 930 with 4.5/6 and 930 N with 5.0/5 …two options on same smarphone.

  15. Zahid says:

    Remember the pic which leaked a while back showing nokia phablet in blue colour (along with htc one mini and xperia z ultra) , this screen looks exactly the the as in that pic , and also the bottobs do match up at the same place on as were on the leaked photo, i think this photo is real and will turn out to be a real production model given that both the other phones which were leaked in that photo before their announcement turned out to be exactly same after the announcement

    • Viipottaja says:

      Indeed. And this also effectively confirms, pretty much, that the 2/3rd wide tiles are coming and that at least phablets can have e.g. 3 medium square tiles in a row. GDR3 might be quite a nice update, especially if MS indeed back-ports (that’s the term web seems to use but how can you transfer something from the future and call it a back-port? : ) some Blue bits to GDR3.

  16. Kyle says:

    That must be pretty frustrating when they drop those tiny phone screws on the floor.

    Isn’t having a smaller bezel counterintuitive when you have to use two hands to use the phone? Is it even possible to hold a phone like this with one hand (unless they give you one of those glass suction cups like they show in the picture)?

    • JGrove303 says:

      *not intend ended for use with children’s/carney’s size hands for one handed use. Any “phablet” should be used with a headset anyway to avoid looking like an asshole with a picture frame up against your face.

      the 920 with the Brando power bank case maxes out my one-handed use. This 6″-er, I could hold in one hand, but I wouldn’t be single thumb typing like I am in this post.

  17. mittu says:



  18. CyberAngel says:

    OK…one thing to think about:
    The screen is NOT the same as the device face
    so the actual bezel will minimum 1 mm around to just to hold the screen
    probably much more…
    I wish Nokia would name the phones with similar spec
    but different screen size like this
    Lumia 930X with 6″ screen FHD (eXtended or maXi or eXtreme)
    Lumia 930 with 5″ screen FHD
    Lumia 930M with 4″ screen FHD (Midi or Mini)
    Maybe Nokia could use dress size codes
    Lumia 930 XL 6″
    Lumia 930 L 5″
    Lumia 930 M 4.5″
    Lumia 930 S 4″

  19. CyberAngel says:

    A six inch device would be the size of the hp 50g/49g calculator
    (about 8 cm wide and 18 cm long, weight 250 gr with a SD card)

    To hold a Phablet properly you either need a rubber stripes on the edges
    or use ice-hockey tar tape sliced in half on both long edges
    (I think it would benefit to extend it a bit to the back side)
    Place your non-slipping phone not on the thumb “pit”,
    but rather support it with your finger “roots”.
    NOW you can reach even a 6.4″ Xperia Z Ultra screen with your thumb!

  20. Ziko says:

    With huge size, they can include a bigger sensor than 1020+ ois.. that would be great..! :D

  21. D Harries says:

    What is the strategy here? That people could give up their computers and have one definitive device? This becomes tricky for people who might prefer a 41 mpx camera instead. Perhaps a tablet version with no rear camera and WiFi only to pair up with an existing phone

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