Nokia, A Historical Turnaround in the Works.

| July 25, 2013 | 219 Replies

Nokia+logo,+Helsinki,+Finland+87570One issue anyone that’s been following the Nokia scene for a while now is sure to be familiar with is the horribly underpriced stock prices. Almost exactly a year ago (July 20th 2012) stocks reached an all time low of $1.70, a price so ridiculously low that the rumors of a buyout were coming from all directions, and they weren’t too far fetched. There are multiple reasons for the horribly low stock prices, some of them obvious such as people “losing belief” and poor sales, on the other hand one constant factor over the past 2 or 3 years has been analysts constantly trashing Nokia’s stocks and underpricing them; calling out Nokia as a disaster waiting to happen.

Well as of today Nokia’s stocks have reached a healthy $4.05, carried by a fair bit of upward trend since mid April (and for the first time in longer than I can remember Nokia’s stocks rose after a launch event rather than dipping; when the 1020 & 925 were announced). The more interesting thing for me personally is seeing signs of renewed belief from analysts and other non tech related sites in Nokia and the Lumia strategy, to be specific Insider Monkey’s latest article titled “Why Nokia Corporation ┬áIs a Historical Turnaround in the Making“.


The article goes as far as calling out Nokia’s strategy as one for the books to teach from:

It may become an impressive case study, a must-read in all MBA programs: how a company once had it all, lost it by missing the smartphone revolution, but managed a turnaround in the end, after years of patient hard work.

Among the strengths listed to bolster confidence in Nokia’s strategy and future are, Nokia’s Lumia range outselling all of BlackBerry’s (BB10 & 7) sales last quarter, a promising outlook for Nokia Siemens (which Nokia recently bought out completely) and high quality feature phones (that compensate for their shrinkage in the feature phone market).

Most of all I found it interesting to finally see someone point out that the light at the end of Nokia’s tunnel isn’t as far away as it used to be (and is most definitely there); and it’s always nice to see someone sharing your belief in something you’re passionate about.

Read the full article here:

*Serious note, I really want to buy some Nokia stock, but buying online seems a hassle due to transaction fees ans signups etc any good suggestions?


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