PSA: Latest Whatsapp update Allows You to Navigate to a Contacts Location Via HERE Drive

| July 25, 2013 | 3 Replies


One previous irritation I had with whatsapp on Windows Phone 8 was the fact that sharing a location through it was next to useless in terms of navigation. The app would open up the location in a map view (I believe it might have been Bing maps still? Or just Nokia maps without any navigation options), with no reasonable way to navigate to the shared location. Instead you’d have to check out the street name (or nearby landmark) then search for that in HERE Maps/Drive and navigate to it.

Thankfully in the latest update the location is shared through the HERE maps  (sharing is through google maps, but locations navigation is through HERE) service meaning you can instantly navigate to it without having to manually launch the app (plus you have the option of choosing your mode of navigation- car/walking), or you can stick to listed directions (not turn by turn). wp_ss_20130726_0002 wp_ss_20130726_0003 wp_ss_20130726_0004wp_ss_20130726_0005


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