Inforgraphic: 41 Reasons Why the Lumia 1020 is One of a Kind

| July 27, 2013 | 19 Replies

1077428_540143282699988_1363193420_oNokia US have just shared the image above on their Facebook page, and as infographics should this one does a nice job in summing up why the 1020 is such an awesome phone. Interesting to include the “High Quality images for large printing” when as far as I know Windows Phone doesn’t support any kind of printing (does it?).





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  • adit38

    just three reason for me
    great camera replacement for my n8, nokia and no dead OS

  • Viipottaja

    Just saw the first, major channel (ABC) prime time AT&T TV ad for the 1020!! Hope they keep it going!

    A decent add too, a girl in a concert, zooming in with the 1020, sends it to friends and they go “wow, first row seats, now I am jealous!”

    • nabkawe

      Just seen it on YouTube , amazing thank you.

    • nabkawe
      • dss

        When the guy says 41 megapixels.. hah.. it almost feels like he can’t even believe it 🙂

    • n8thebest

      Great commercial! The ad offensive needs to continue!

  • Andrew_b

    The 1020 is one of a kind only until the 1025 is announced…

    • JGrove303

      ….really? You’re already talking up the mid year repackage? Unbelievable… 😝

      • Andrew_b

        No, the 808 is one of a kind. The 1020 is first in a series.

  • Maybe

    HDMI output?

  • Vain person

    What’s the point if there is no official instagram app?

    • JGrove303


    • there’s 3 to 4 apps that can open account , interact fully with instagram there’s 3 apps that can upload to it and one that is OFFICIALLY supports updating.

  • torcida

    “Interesting to include the “High Quality
    images for large printing” when as far as I know Windows Phone doesn’t support any kind of printing (does it?).”


    You can copy your pictures to your pc and than print them out…

  • Anthony Hopkins

    I have left my comment here, why it has disappear? And no explanation has been left? Could anybody explain it? Is it fair to do so?

    • Actually you didn’t leave your comment here, you’ll find it exactly where you left it; on the full size image of the inforgraphic, right over HERE

      Next time double check where you’re commenting before shouting conspiracy.

      • Anthony Hopkins

        wow, indeed I haven’t recognized the situation and how it works – sorry. Thx for explanation. Conspiracy? Don’t spend to much time on watching stupid movies for not-matured ;).

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