How Nokia is changing the industry innovation after innovation.

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First what does innovation mean ?

Innovation is the application of new solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulate needs, or existing market needs. 

While something novel is often described as an innovation, in economics, management science and other fields of practice and analysis it is generally considered a process that brings together various novel ideas in a way that they have an impact on society.

Innovation differs from invention in that innovation refers to the use of a better and, as a result, novel idea or method, whereas invention refers more directly to the creation of the idea or method itself.

Innovation differs from improvement in that innovation refers to the notion of doing something different rather than doing the same thing better.



 Nokia is quite a bit of a warrior ,  usually companies on the edge tend to follow the easiest road so they would achieve a speedy recovery, Nokia didn’t do that instead it focused on creating brilliant software and hardware innovations even on a less than friendly OS.
  • Nokia saw the need for a major re-branding and went with brightly inherent colored phones made from high quality polycarbonate materials  , in an era your phones were limited to white or black it was a welcome change indeed.
    HTC immediately followed suit and only in its Windows Phone line up which lead to the feeling that they intentionally went for colors to get Lumia sales. Samsung followed with colors too releasing 5 new colors for the Galaxy S3 and later for Galaxy S4 (though the colors were dim and ugly for the most part) , even the next budget iPhone is rumored to come in colorful plastic.
  • Nokia has always been the leading OEM in the camera technology with exclusive Carl Zeiss optics,  They ushered three  eras of mobile photography  , the first was the era of optical zoom 6 years ago in the Nokia N93  and the second was with the unheard of 41MP on smartphones with oversampling, and most recently Optical Image Stabilization (both less than six months apart). HTC also immediately put OIS in the  “HTC ONE”  although their implementation was half-assed at best, Samsung also felt jealous of the 41mp on the 808 and the 41 + OIS on the Lumia 1020 and ended up releasing two mediocre camera bulked phones.
    Sony is also trying to fight the 41mp with leaks about an upcoming 21mp Honami phone everywhere.
  • Nokia emphasizing the cloud based nature of WP and the Microsoft ecosystem with its minimalist  Fabula design thought of a future where wires are almost completely extinct , It pushed wireless charging with built in support and snap on covers and over 5 exclusive wireless chargers , HTC followed suit , Google nexus 4 and recently Google new Nexus 7 also their wireless chargers is a bit hated.
  • Nokia was the first to put NFC in a commercial phone , and even in smartphones , its the first company to forget about mobile payments and instead focus NFC on pairing easily with gadgets and other phones. Google followed suit immediately.
  • Nokia created the dual antenna method to get better reception in metallic phones , Apple claimed it designed it in their Iphone 4S , they settled the case against them and Nokia got lots of perks from Apple.  Edit: unfounded for the dual antenna , thanks for the awesome commenter that corrected me.
  • Nokia pushed for a swiped gestured mobile experience; Harmattan , it was so successful that it  was followed and improved upon by Blackberry10 and later on Jolla/Sailfish.  (also on the Nokia N9 they created a beta app called Air UI , which basically is the father of the Samsung Galaxy S4 air gestures.
  • Nokia introduced the first phone with Synaptic’s Super Sensitive Touch technology.  Samsung followed.
  • Nokia bought Scalado an imaging software company that made lots of cool tricks , Blackberry licensed their tech and used it in Blackberry 10 , while Samsung bluntly copied almost all of the imaging suit in the new Galaxy s4. (even Zoe in the HTC one copied a feature or two (lets say imitated because its not completely the same and obvious as the Samsung.
  • Nokia jump started high quality audio recordings in videos , which made shooting concerts and nature scenes AMAZINGLY rich and wonderful. HTC seeking the same experience used a chip designed by Nokia with St Ericsson however it turned out ST Ericsson was the one who was in fault. 
  • Nokia came to the conclusion that using maps is most necessary in travel, which meant high data rates or out of coverage roads. this is why they were the first to offer true offline turn by turn navigation and maps , they made offline maps for entire countries !!! . Google only followed that by manually caching the areas you want , which works great for a town , not really for unplanned travel and the areas you can cache is very limited you’ll need to cache three of maybe 20 times if you’re on a big trip across Europe for example.

There are lots of areas where Nokia excels that go unnoticed. please share those i haven’t mentioned in the comments section

Also we acknowledge that Nokia can and have followed other companies too, many design elements in the Nokia N9 were inspired by the simplicity of the Iphone , folders for example were almost taken out completely from the Iphone.

P.S : image used above was taken from “”  it was from an article about stealing ideas , I couldn’t bare stealing the picture without crediting them.

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I love mobile photography, I have a serious 8 years relationship with Nokia , and a love/hate affair with Microsoft. you can follow me on twitter @nabkawe5
  • wiishesh

    Thank you for sharing. Nokia for win. Nokia for pride.

  • Adeel

    Nokia created augmented reality all, City lens which no other company is able to create. That’s innovation. I hope Nokia implement’s
    1. Waterproof
    2. Solar charging
    3. Graphene
    4. A thermometer that would actually check body temperature, thus making traditional thermometer’s obsolete.

    in there upcoming flagship devices, bringing huge innovation

    • Dave

      Waterproof – niche, but useful
      Solar charging – doesn’t work; as in you can’t get enough solar cells onto a phone to give any useful charging
      Graphene – still early days
      Thermometer – for body temperature??? You realise the only accurate way you can record body temp is via invasive probes, don’t you? So you want a phone that you can stick up your … posterior to record your body temp???

      • Waterproof; Nokia spoke about it for too long but no phone has materialized yet. I think Nokia missed their chance to be first there. 🙂 Xperia Z made it their first (in Smartphones.) (watch the second part of the experiment.
        Solar charging is super useful for Africa where electricity isn’t available.
        the rest … I agree. 🙂

    • Nokia didn’t start the augmented reality , they were the ones who had the resources to give that augmented reality a useful purpose.
      I love how I can use live sight look all around me , pause the picture and navigate places through the panorama it took. 🙂

  • reedha

    good job boy

  • Random Random

    It’s easy to call Nokia innovative when you have double standards for defining innovations.

    Taking some other technology and using it in a Nokia product is called innovation, but then if Apple does the same, it’s no longer innovation.

    One great example of this is calling it innovation when you add resolution to the camera. You know, innovating with 41MP.

    Oversampling is also called innovation, but there is prior art. No way it’s really anything new.

    Then again, you have also some clear errors in that blog of yours.

    Apple introduced that antenna you mentioned in iPhone 4S and then you remind us that Nokia sued them over it. You even had a link to prove that. Unfortunately Nokia didn’t sue Apple for that but for antennas used in the older models.

    This blog post is an excellent example of why I don’t want to be a fan of any manufacturer. I want to like products they make but I want to be objective.

    • Viipottaja

      Did he say Apple has not innovated (perhaps he did, too many words for a lazy f like me to read)?

      • n8thebest

        Don’t feed the trolls.

      • Random Random

        Several people here in MNB have stated that.

      • Actually I didn’t , I just made an unbacked claim that the dual antenna technology presented in the 4s to improve signals reception was originally Nokia’s design.

        • Random Random

          How come BB10 happened because of Harmattan?

          Apple’s iPhone had 5 buttons.

          N9 had 3 buttons.

          There was a trend for leaving out more and more buttons. There was also a trend for phones with swipe gestures. Apple released iPhone in 2007 with swipe gestures. N9 had even more swipe gestures when it was released.

          So, how come BB10 happened because of Harmattan while it was just one more model trying to improve the previous models?

          • Dave

            Gestures in iPhones has never really worked that well. Its not truly baked into the whole UX.

            The N9 gestures were more based on the rather intriguing webOS.

            • Random Random

              I just pointed out that even the first iPhone had swipe gestures.

              In N9 Nokia just took that idea and tried to improve it.

              • jiipee

                It had nothing to do with Iphone.

                WebOS/Palm is the source for most of the ideas. I think they were also (one of) the first to have wireless charging on a cell phone.

                • Random Random

                  Of course id didn’t if you want to be able to praise N9.

                  In no way iPhone changed the touch screen strategy Nokia had.

          • Okey you seem to have read bits and pieces , I can’t blame you its kind of long.
            Blackberry gestures are based on those of the N9 , even the buttonless approach is based on the N9 , I don’t blame Blackberry for doing it , (since Nokia was getting rid of it anyway) , and as I said Blackberry improved upon … (Major difference.)
            It seems English might not be your first language and thats Ok too.

            • Random Random

              Of course English is not my first language.

              I have said several times that my native language is Finnish. Then again that should be apparent from my crappy English. Crappy but probably mostly understandable. Just ask when there is something you can’t understand.


              BB took some gestures from Harmattan and tried to improve those. Just like Nokia took some gestures from Apple and tried to improve the iPhone.

              There is no blaming for that. Samsung took the easy path and pretty much won.

              The buttonless approach? N9 has 3 buttons. It’s hardly a buttonless approach.

              • It was buttonless in two ways my dear. It had no buttons on the screen , it had no virtual buttons in the OS for homescreen or multitasking.
                It had the ability to operate fully without touching the 3 buttons on the right (double tap to wake , top bar to volume , and if you installed a free app you can put an icon to lock the phone … there you have it buttonless in my opinion. and buttonless in design too.

                As Nokia’s fall tells you , there’s no winning in this game , its a constant battle of either plain stealing or innovating and improving on old ideas.

                • Random Random

                  Apparently Nokia took Apple’s idea of replacing buttons with swipes. Assuming it was Apple’s idea.

                  Back in the Symbian days Nokia had phones where you could press a special button changing the icons you saw on the screen.

                  There was also a button for scrolling the web page you were reading.

                  Then came the iPhone and they replaced those buttons with swipe gestures. You no longer needed to use those special buttons for those tasks.

                  In 2011 Nokia launched N9 where they took that idea of replacing some buttons with gestures.

                  Technology evolves and of course Apple didn’t invent everything.

                  Then once again we have to ask, what’s really innovation and what’s not? And of course, what does it matter?

                  • Shaun

                    There are obvious influences from Nokia’s earlier Maemo tablets/phones. N900 was also buttonless except from volume and power in exactly the same way as the N9.

                    • Random Random

                      Yes, and Nokia copied Apple’s buttonless design from the 90’s.


                      Apparently it was Apple who shipped a mobile product without physical keys and Nokia copied that concept for N9.

                    • Sammy

                      Everyone inspires everyone one at some point in time, no one is the ultimate source of every idea/concept, or even the majority, it’s basic “emergence” at work.

                    • In case you didn’t see it random random those virtual buttons at the bottom are still BUTTONS , this is not buttonless.

                    • Random Random

                      Are you really suggesting that virtual buttons count?

                      N9 also has virtual buttons. People usually call them icons, but they really work as virtual buttons. You may check the definition of a button?

                      In that case N9 has lots of buttons.


                      In this picture N9 has 24 virtual buttons.

                      I guess N9 no longer is a buttonless design.

                    • Jackson

                      Nice try, but buttons (virtual or not) used constantly as the primary component of interaction throughout the UX, is fundamentally different to icons that are just a once-off for launching something.

                    • Random Random

                      Sure, you can start claiming that those software buttons are used differently. And of course they are.

                      However Apple’s design from the 90’s has no hardware buttons on the front side. Apparently N9 wasn’t the first one with that idea.

                      The icons or software buttons.

                      It sure has icons or software buttons, but so does N9. They are just used for different purposes and that hardly makes them to to act like buttons. You know, something you press for making something to happen.

                    • Jackson

                      To be clear here, we’re talking about “button-less usage” (of which the N9 was far from perfect, but certainly very different in that respect compared to your e.g.), that’s very different to being button-less.

                    • Random Random

                      If you were talking about button-less usage, why didn’t you say so at an earlier time? Here is a quote form an earlier message “Yes, and Nokia copied Apple’s buttonless design from the 90′s.”

                      Then again, if button-less usage is what you were looking for, I guess N9 has lots of use cases where you can’t really do something without pressing some kind of a button.

                      Or are you really sure that everything can be done without pressing those virtual buttons?

      • Bhairav Pardiwala

        All the innovation in the world cant help apple if the deciding guy (the one who says what goes into the product and what goes out) is missing
        Look at their UI for crying out loud,its actually good but finally destroyed by that colorful screen

        • Random Random


          When Steve Jobs was alive they said that he was not a genius and he didn’t really do anything.

          Once he was dead they started yelling how he planned everything.

          Double standards, perhaps?

    • Mark

      I don’t see your point. Innovation is not invention.

      Apple were not the first with a capacitive touchscreen. They were not the first with an app store. They were, however, the most innovative.

      The same applies to Nokia’s use of camera tech and shells.


      • Random Random


        And a second yes.

        People who talk about Nokia as an innovator should define innovation. Today we have a problem with that when people talk about innovations without understanding what they are talking about.

        I may be challenging those people, living with double standards, to make a reality check.

        However you seem to know what you are talking about. Then again I’m not surprised considering your previous comments.

        • Will be adding a definition to the article

        • Hypnopottamus

          Adding to what you’re saying, one also has to put it in the context of the fact we’re talking about Mobile Tech. Is more pixels innovative? Not really. But is putting more pixels, OIS, the ability to take pictures in dark environments etc.. in a mobile device innovative? Sure.

          One doesn’t necessarily have to invent NEW technology to be able to be called innovative. Nokia is innovative in the sense that it is pushing (and has pushed for many years) the direction that mobile devices are being taken.

      • Dave


        Nokia had an “app store” on Symbian prior to iOS. The difference – and in effect the innovation – was that Apple actually made it usable. Nokias implementation was utterly diabolical (and the last versions of the Nokia Store on Symbian still weren’t that great).

        • shallow ocean shoal

          And…Ovi still sucks! Been to it still looks like Old Nokia. It needs an overhaul. Who is in charge of it?

    • JGrove303

      Outside of the Huble telescope, where had a sensor with such resolution used super sampling of pixels to produce an increase in image resolution without loss of detail? And then in a mobile device? Huh?

      If you are not a fan, then piss off, troll. This is a fan blog, made by fans and for fans of…wait for it..Nokia devices and those connected parts. Go troll PhonaArena or GSMArena. AHoles like you, who have to argue every point just to argue like some Autistic jerk, are ruining my experience on this sight. Go AWAY.

      • Random Random

        So, are you saying that every increase in pixel count is an innovation?

        Are you proposing that every improvement over a previous technology is an innovation?

        Sure sounds like that.

        • Dave

          Pixel count increases – definitely not innovation.

          But the use of the oversampling and its implementation to reduce noise and improve quality – that could definitely be claimed as innovation.

          Too many fanois around who refuse to hear anything even vaguely negative about Nokia.

          • Random Random

            Yes, then we have to talk about defining innovation once again. Using more than one pixel to create a better pixel was already used in P&S cameras before 808.

            The implementation was not that good but the idea and a crude implementation was there.

            Of course I have nothing against improving features or products. I just would like to know the definition for innovation. Something that people could agree.

            Without that calling something an innovation is quite pointless.

            • I did a slight check on the P&S oversampling … came up with nothing , can you give us an example about a Point and shoot that had it ? , but then again Nokia used oversampling to solve an existing problem zooming on camera phones , where Point and shoots would enjoy some optical zoom love , Camera phones don’t have that luxury,
              This fits the definition of Innovation I edited into the article perfectly.

      • I think as this article bashes some products , even opposing fanboys should have the right to speak their minds , hell I was corrected on a major issue of the article , it helps keep a balanced well respected articles and posts.
        The line between a fanboy and a jackass is thin though .

    • MF

      All Random Random wants, is for everybody to sing praises for Apple saying how it is the most innovative company on the planet. Only then we can discuss about Nokia’s innovations.

      Come everybody, let’s bow before the fruit!

      • Random Random

        I’ll quote myself.

        “This is not about making people to admit that Apple innovated when they invented the modern smartphone. No, this is more about the definition of an innovation.”

        It seems that some Nokia fans have some kind of need to make everyone to admit how Nokia is the biggest innovator. All praise Nokia?

        • MF

          It is quite probable that Nokia is currently the most innovative smartphone manufacturer today. I would say Sony is a distant second. Apple is quite far behind, unless you consider an extra row of icons to be a major accomplishment.

          • Random Random

            Nokia as the innovator in mobile phones?

            Not likely.

            Nokia only pushed camera technology in the last few years. Almost everything else was substandard.

            Then again, if the definition of innovation in this blog post is a correct one, Apple indeed is one of the most innovative mobile phone manufacturers.

            • MF

              Apple was at one time, when it first introduced the iPhone. It no longer is today. By any measure nearly any major manufacturer (even HTC) can be considered more innovative than Apple today.

              So now, instead of Nokia innovating in camera technologies, it is merely “pushing” camera technologies? Was Apple pushing smartphone UI technology too in 2007?

              • Random Random

                Apple pretty much changed everything with the iPhone. Everyone just had to follow the example of iPhone.

                Are you suggesting that everyone just have to put in large sensors and copy the PureView model?

                Currently it seems more like people saying that it’s nice but… Meh.

                There is a difference between Nokia pushing the camera technology and how Nokia pushed it. Nokia really didn’t push it forward by making everyone to follow them. No, they just pushed the camera technology and tried to be competitive by doing that.

                The problem with the so called lossless zoom?

                When S4 Zoom launched and it was superior to 808, Nokia fans told everyone how zoom was actually not that important and how it was easier to get closer to the object.

                Now when Nokia launched 1020 and Nokia is really trying to push zooming those same people are saying how important zoom is. Yes, the problem is that Nokia fans are not logical. They are praising something they were hating yesterday.

                That hurts Nokia because people no longer care.

                • MF

                  Nokia had a camera with optical zoom way back in 2006. Before the iPhone. Most likely you were still using feature phones then since you thought Apple invented smartphones.

                  So please, do yourself a favour and read the white paper or video explaining Pureview concept. It is precisely because Nokia already had optical zoom back in 2006, that they are aware of the shortcomings. Lossless zoom is the result of their research.

                  You made it sound like Samsung implemented a superior zooming method. No you’re wrong. Nokia used this method 7 years ago. Yes, Samsung is 7 years behind Nokia.

                  You need to educate yourself on the evolution of cameraphone technology. Say what you want about optical vs digital zooming, I have no interest to discuss this matter with you. I will only say my view that Nokia’s approach is far superior. Samsung is 7 years behind, ’nuff said.

                  I will leave you with words from CNET comparing 1020 with S4 Zoom.
                  “The [Galaxy S4] Zoom’s optical upper hand comes at a cost. Its shape as a point-and-shoot makes it the most outrageously awkward smartphone I’ve ever tried to carry around.
                  If you’re seriously thinking of using it as your primary device, invest in an excellent Bluetooth headset now.”

                  • Random Random

                    Now when I think about it, Nokia really didn’t invent anything what it comes to zooming still images.

                    Cropping is an old invention. It’s also an old innovation.

                    That’s what Nokia’s zooming is about. Cropping one you zoom to the max.

                    Nokia just added resolution to the sensor. That’s pretty much it. That’s also a very old invention or innovation. Adding resolution.

                    Yes, Nokia fans like to claim that Nokia invented the crop zooming. How lame is that?

                • MF

                  “Apple pretty much changed everything with the iPhone. Everyone just had to follow the example of iPhone.”

                  Sure sure, I give them some credit for 2007. Too bad we are living in 2013 now. I can’t say iOS Map to be particularly innovative. Or extra row of icons. Can you still say with a straight face that Apple is innovative TODAY?

                  • Random Random

                    I can say that iPhone is a very good product and that’s what matters.

                    Nokia on the other hand has been shipping nice products but not as nice as Apple has. When you think them as modern smartphones and not just as cameras.

                • Dave

                  Apple changing everything with the iPhone? So what.. Nokia was once the leader and look at them now, and look at where Apple is heading. No one cares what you used to be, only where you’re headed.

                  • Random Random

                    Funny how you say that in a comment to a blog post where the author lists lots of stuff Nokia has done.

  • twig

    I JUST GOT MY BLACK 1020 today. Add for innovation the design of the 1020. This design brings back the time I lived in a small U.S. city and it had a Bang and Olufsen store. On Fridays and Saturday night people would go downtown to shop and hang around and everyone would go into the B and O store just to see the future designs that we could not really afford but it was so beautiful, like European art work. The 1020 brings back that feeling, its art. Modernistic art. It plays on the N9 but creates something totally different. Simple,yet complex. The pictures you can take ,you can not really understand how nice they are on a webpage, they are art and truly belong hanging on the wall on exhibition paper as Nokia did at their party in NYC. Nothing else does justice. Web based photo sharing is interesting but clearly Nokia has gone beyond. The phone feels light as a feather and Nokia has created something not within the competitions smartphones. Again, the Bang and Olufsen feeling. Nice new apps for the 1020 also.

    • We look forward to some pictures 🙂 or you’re lying ;D

    • shallow ocean shoal

      twig – YES!! You understand!!!

  • Cod3rror

    Nokia also had the first capacitive screen that can be used with gloves, what’s true is true.

    Samsung followed with Galaxy S4. I hope they follow 1020 too with a top camera phone of their own, a variant of Galaxy S, not a P&S with Android. Call it Galaxy SC and just let it be a normal Galaxy but with a bigger camera sensor, like 1020 is to 920.

    • Random Random

      That’s a nice but perhaps not a huge improvement. It’s definitely nice.

      Then again.

      Apple invented the modern smartphone and then some people say how one of the biggest revolutions in the mobile world in not an innovation.

      This is not about making people to admit that Apple innovated when they invented the modern smartphone. No, this is more about the definition of an innovation.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        Benjamin Franklin… Nikolas Tesla… Alexander Graham Bell… Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter…

        • Random Random

          Are you proposing that neither Nokia or Apple never innovated anything?

          Probably not, so what are you saying?

          • shallow ocean shoal

            Oooh. Guns, guns, guns. C’mon, Sal. The Tigers are playing… tonight. I never miss a game. Just kidding.

            I’m naming some other innovators for perspective.

            • Random Random

              Yes, and apparently proposing that Nokia or Apple never innovated.

              • shallow ocean shoal

                Oh good lord. I never said that.

                1) The picture at the top can be interpreted as a reference to Thomas Edison

                2) Besides the fighting technique with an axe that he popularized, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter didn’t actually invent anything

                • Random Random

                  Apparently you are insisting that Nokia and Apple never invented anything.


                  You could already figure this out, but why aren’t you doing that?

                  Perhaps you are trying to make us to believe you just don’t get it.


      • MdN

        Apple makes smartphones?

        • LOL!

        • Random Random


          Apple invented the modern smartphone.

          They call it iPhone.

          That product, iPhone, almost killed Nokia.

          How come you don’t know that one?

    • Actually I didn’t say Samsung stole it , it wasn’t Nokia’s tech , Nokia was the first one to realize and invest in it, probably because they live in such a cold country gloves operations mattered .

      ( I specifically said that it was through Synaptic’s to be clear on it :).

      I think Samsung can indeed create the hardware but Samsung still isn’t interested in improving their imaging algorithms which are a lot more expensive to obtain or develop.
      the Lumia 920 camera isn’t the reason why it takes good pictures at night its the algorithms. even the 808 performance relied heavily on Nokia’s algorithms in the 3,5,8 mp mode.

  • n8thebest

    *Sigh* another one of many comment discussions gone to ruin from trolls.

    • Yup, but i think trolls have their use ,they encourage you to learn so you could shut them up, and as far as trolling goes Cod3rror was on his behavior yet , and random random didn’t insult anyone , in fact he was on the receiving end of it.

      • Random Random

        I don’t insult people.

        It’s quite normal that people are trying to insult me. After all, I use facts and when people can’t find anything they start insulting.

        Insulting is usually a sign of people agreeing how they don’t really have anything.

        Yes, of course we have some special words here in MNB. Like ignorant, double standards or pathetic that would be considered to be an insult somewhere else. Here those have to be repeated because people are used to see them.

  • sandy

    U missed unlimited download of songs using nokia music…

    For nokia their first priority is using the device as a Phone..
    and they excel in this…

  • linkin

    it doesnt matter whether nokia invented,reinvented,innovated….what matters is something can be associated with nokia.

    • Random Random

      Actually, what matters is the product.

      It doesn’t matter if Nokia was early with the concept of Application Store. Nokia didn’t release a proper applications store in time.

      Then came Apple and invented the proper app store. Of course application store was derived from the app store, but that’s a different story.

      Nokia didn’t deliver.

  • Shane


  • Asharon Baltazar

    don’t forget that it was Nokia that sent the first SMS and the first MMS. Imagine if Nokia copyrighted that from the start… Nokia would be the only phone with text messaging… Nokia did a favor for all the crappy phones that came afterwards.

    • Random Random

      Imagine if Nokia did that and also prevented everyone from using those.

      Then SMS and MMS would have been long forgotten.

      There would be a similar invention and Nokia would be pretty much the only one not using a compatible method for messaging.

  • Anthony Hopkins

    Nokia the biggest achievement ever is Linux MeeGo and followers so based on it MER and Sailfish IMHO.
    Also Nokia made Symbian 1st global/worldwide mobile system.

    That was not directly underlined as deserves for. I don’t understand this fear for saying “MeeGo”, “Meltemi”, “Symbian” – self-censorship?

    Somehow Nokia loose it’s the best solutions in favour of average cheap solutions. Warriors fights for the best ideas, if they sold themselves for money only they are no warriors, but dogs of war/riots/uproars.

    • Random Random

      If that’s the biggest achievement Nokia had, they didn’t achieve too much.

      Back in 2010 Nokia was focusing on shipping crappy low end models.

      For the full year 2010 Nokia shipped only slightly over 5 million phones with a capacitive display. The rest of the industry shipped almost 100 million phones with a capacitive display.

      That was the future of mobile phones. Having a capacitive display. Think about it! Nokia had only 5% of that market. That’s a quite good proof of how Nokia was failing.

      Only a 5% market share.

      • Tom

        No-got yah.

  • Dave

    “Innovation differs from improvement in that innovation refers to the notion of doing something different rather than doing the same thing better.”

    Just goes to prove that apple isn’t an innovative company, just as I have always suspected.

    • Random Random


      I assume that you think Nokia and Apple neither innovated anything.

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