Nokia Amber PR2.0 Lumia Update Changelog

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This is apparently the full changelog for the Nokia Amber update (v3047.0000.1328.xxxx for the Nokia Lumia 920).

ETA? Unknown really. I thought it was July but apparently next month.


  • Glance Screen Clock Charging indicator / low battery Indicator for silent / vibra mode, night mode (change color for night time). OFF by default.
  • Smart camera capture the best moment. Accidental remove unwanted objects from the scene. Select the best shot and precise moment. Sequense take a group of images with advanced face, smile and blink detection. The, best ‘face for each person is automatically selected into a single, best’ shot.
  • FM Radio Be ready to tune your favorite station – FM Radio is BACK! Store your favorite stations for the next time.
  • HERE branding Location & Commerce
    • Here Maps v3.4 Your compass is a discovery What’s New: Increased venue map coverage Favorites saved in HERE Maps now sync across all HERE experiences Personalized Live Tile options: Pin and Pin destination to start a place to start as favorite Pin Pin to start a place category to start
    • Here Drive + v2.2 The open road made ​​easy What’s New: Sync favorite places with other apps HERE and Customize your map to display relevant points of interest, dry as restaurants, gas stations, and more one-tap access to speed limit Alert options right from the dashboard Personalized Live Tile options: Pin to Start a destination (one tap gives driving directions to That destination)
    • Here Transit v3.5 Now arriving: the best way across town What’s New: Access your favorites through your searches Display nearby stations directly on a map opens Transit Maps to display more route options Transit Maps opens to display the battles navigation options Personalized Live Tile: Pin a destination like Home, Work, or School to start (one tap shows public transit routes and times to get there from wherever you are)
  • Flip to silence Flip the phone to turn it silence.
  • Date of sense Managing your data flow monitor and control data usage Optimally compressing web traffic.
  • Find your closest hotspot Enriched web services (for operators).

Software Amber is the addition of Nokia, which is referenced GDR2 software from Microsoft.Below is a list of amendments in GDR2.

  • Xbox Music facilitated selection, procurement and pinning music. Also for fans of music are provided to display more detailed metadata (eg information about the songs and albums), and made ​​other improvements.
  • FM Radio You can listen to FM radio directly in the heart of Music + Video. (This is not available in some phones).
  • Data Sense Sense With the service date have complete control over the amount of data sent over the phone. You can impose a limit corresponding to your subscription or simply keep track of which applications send much data. (Not all mobile operators offer the service offering Sense).
  • Application Skype applications to support VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), for example, Lync and Skype now gained greater stability and efficiency of operations.
  • Internet Explorer browsing Comfort will improve significantly through greater compliance with HTML 5
  • Other improvements includes many other improvements of Windows Phone.


Cheers Michal for the tip!


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  • The bigest B*LLS*IT

    one year for this s*it? first May, then in June, now in August? this is an update? windows phone is b*lls*it, this is what offers the most innovative phones? (according to Nokia), i dont understand why Jay, Ali and all who write here support this b*lls*it, are you a*sholes?
    theres no doubt that this strategy is a complete failure, I will sell my 920, I wonder who will be the stupid that buy this s*it, there are many things to improve and Nokia “upgrade” these mediocre functions? that you didnt know Nokia has years in the market, fm radio? clock in lock screen? flip to silence? data sence? OMFG, and still you get to celebrate Jay? no doubt you’re an a*shole

    • Calileon

      And if you decide to by Android -phone, how often they publish updates? One every 6 months if you happened to buy phone that supports it. I previously owned Galaxy S and during that 2,5 years, got 2 updates. After the latter one, it was announced that no more is coming so I rooted the phone.

      Android has a lot more features than WP. I think you are most annoyed by the fact that these features are not yet in WP. I agree that MS should catch up with Android and iOS with these lacking features much faster. I think at this point they are more concerned about the apps and games that people grave, than the actual OS, which is shame. I would rather have fully equipped OS before tons of apps that are mostly duplicates of existing ones.

  • PackerFan

    Just wish they’d allow us to disable the stinkin’ bing button!!

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  • StefanP

    I still don’t understand why Data Sense needs operator support. It should be easy to simply count the used volume per App, as done on e.g. Android.
    It could not differentiate between chargeable and free services, but enough to give some control to the user.

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  • whoami

    And what about Video Messaging! We are a platform too, goddamn it. It would be a real blow against Microsoft if a third-party developer develops a video messaging app for Skype before an official one comes out.

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