Rudy Huyn’s 6tagram Instagram Client to be Officially Supported by Instagram

| August 2, 2013 | 7 Replies

DSC03262The never ending Instagram on Windows Phone controversy has just gotten a whole lot more interesting, Rudy Huyn, developer of 6sec (vine client) and the winner of the WP App Maddness has been sharing some interesting news about his latest project 6tagram on twitter. From what I (and others have gathered) Instagram have been in contact with RUdy regarding his app, and are now in the process of reviewing it (and giving their blessings? or maybe more APIs?) to the app. 6tagram although still in beta already has one feature that no other WP Instagram client has, geotagging of photos and adding it to the map, a pretty huge deal. Hopefull that would mean that WP loyalists would no longer have to wait and pray to get the latest features, such as Instagram video or the latest filters.

So you guys excited yet? I am!




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