Reminder: Nokia Have Been Using “Double Tap to Wake” Since 2008

| August 8, 2013 | 28 Replies

67708a12a76322167861aeaf25669282Earlier we posted about LG copying Nokia’s “Double tap to wake” feature that we all came to know and love in the N9 when it was announced in 2011; but that’s not even Nokia’s first to use it. The beautiful Ellen  was kind enough to remind us that Nokia have been implementing this idea in there phones ever since 2008 and the Nokia 6600 Fold:

The 6600 used to use Double tap to bring up the lockscreen clock to save you the effort of having to flip open the phone to check the time; check out the video of it in action below:

Unfortunately I can’t find a patent regarding this concept (anyone know if it is patented?); but once again we see other companies copying what Nokia have been doing for years (5 years), perhaps in another 5 years we’ll see a puremotion screen? But this just goes to prove that no matter how innovative Nokia are being they can NEVER stop, they need to keep pumping out new ideas and taking risk; don’t get comfortable, and of course Microsoft have to do their share on the hard baked software end of it.

 Michael: Otto also mentioned this a while back (about 3 months), in fact we were going to use it as part of our upcoming Trivia segment. In the post Ali mentions above, Otto also reminded us that the 6600 Fold is just one of the devices that had this technology. There was also the 6600 Slide, and the 3600 Slide.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 9.56.49 PM



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  1. Janne says:

    This can’t be true…

    The holy N9 and 808 invented everything at Nokia.

  2. Janne says:

    By the way.

    A bit sexist there guys.

    Otto gave the 6600 reference first.

    Just because he isn’t, quote, “beautiful”…

  3. moooo says:

    they are too friggin stupid…. They seem to NEVER show REAL features from S40 AND SYMBIAN..

    Video calling they implemented and failed
    then apple stole the show

    they didn’t bother about tap to wake till now when it should,could,would be on symbian touch or s^3 from 2010 could have been implimented on meamo5

    the Bluetooth keyboard accessories they had back then shouldn’t have been marketed more,maps should be friggin EXCLUSIVE to ONLY NOKIA DEVICES AND NOT THIS BS THAT HAPPENED….maps have been FREE since the 5800 navi edition which was 4 years ago…so wtf are these idiot doing and why hasn’t this PR and marketing team not been fired from years ago cause if symbian apparently s*** and it has no features why is it still being caught up too in term of features

    this i’ll rant about till they are fired and nokia is using HOME BREWED smartphone OS as a primary which why they for famous for just like symbian

    this is really damn sad

  4. edi_opteron says:

    Peter the Great. Alexander the Great and now The Beautiful Ellen :D
    I like the way MNB emphasis on Ellen’s beauty .
    Thanks Ellen for the tip

  5. pls says:

    As always, this shows how innovative Nokia is, but how much it sucks when it comes to marketing. Invent and forget. Then somebody else does the same and “steals the show”. There are so many amazing features in Nokia phones that are so much better the the competition but I haven’t seen any mention or any adverts on that :( The only feature that they are really advertising is the camera. It’s all cool, but that’s not enough! Why not advertise the sensitive screen, which you can use with gloves? If it was Apple, everybody would know that! It would be like “Hey, did you hear about new iPhone 6? You can use with gloves! Such a revolution!” There are plenty of others small things. Sure… WE know all of them, because we are fans and read the news, but what about those who aren’t into readings tech news daily?

    Things are somehow getting better with marketing lately, but still not enough. People should know that latest Lumia phones are good not because they can shoot amazing pictures, but how good and innovative they are altogether.

  6. torcida says:

    It’s also similar on the 2710 Navigation Edition.

  7. Pathetic says:

    why the fuss? if Nokia let go his chance with the n9 is their problem, now we are seeing what the n9 in 2011, multitasking and gestures, I wonder what would have happened if Nokia had gone with Meego, do you think that windows can compete with this power of Android?
    is powerful, WP not even have a notification center, can not even forward the music with the progress bar, wtf?

    • mooooo says:

      they would have dominated still with a 3-4 month update cycle meego would have been Awsome.. Swype with swipe and the customization level of maemo5/meego …. The drop shelf added so much content it was like a super secondary function wp doesn’t come close and timeline notification which was the notification hub was perfectly implemented… Ffs nokia right

  8. asdsd says:

    lol all of you guys are noobs and poor

    nokia had double tap to awake in 2007 with the nokia 8800 arte


    • mooooo says:

      even worse lol it was 2007 why didn’t they add this to sybmian and maemo5

      • asdsd says:

        because they were on top, back then the thinking was if we starve features from certain phones people will spread their money around

        sony ericsson was stuck in that method of thinking as well

        they had phones with the best camera/best sound system/best optics etc… no one had the mind to put all those features together in one phone

        as it was the 8800 arte was a super pricey luxury phone, flip to silence(which i believe was on earlier devices), double tap to wake etc… the build was all metal/sapphire glass but it was s40

        i had the 8600 myself.. ah those halcyon days

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