Videos: Nokia Flagship Store, Helsinki Finland (Filmed on Nokia Lumia 925/920)

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MNB WP_20130726_005nokia flagship store helsinki

Jason, Olli, Néa, Me, Hans-Petteri and CJ


Here’s a couple of videos touring the Nokia Flagship Store in Helsinki. On our way back from Suomenlinna, I thought I’d pop in to the Nokia Flagship Store in Helsinki for a bit of reminiscing and filming since we did that last year.

It was quite late, maybe around 6pm?

The first video is with the Nokia Lumia 920, freehand. I planned to do it entirely on the 925 but the memory ran out (so much filming the during the day).

I was still carrying my heavy camera bag and the stabiliser even though it wasn’t in use. Thanks to Néa Rajakoski for being on camera and giving a tour of the store.

Here’s the video with the 925. This is the one we actually recorded first. You can see a bunch more samples of additional stabilisation via an accessory when we filmed Nokia House. Most recently was today’s post with a cinematic movie and some freehand/stabilised mix.

Some things are easier and look better/steadier handheld (the inbuilt OIS) but some benefit from additional stabilising. Moving around from one point is better when handheld. Standing still also. Running, walking around in an arc, up stairs, more exaggerated motions require additional stabilising (even those with more professional equipment such as those filming with DSLRs would recommend as such)

MNB WP_20130726_008nokia flagship store helsinki MNB WP_20130726_009nokia flagship store helsinki

MNB WP_20130726_012nokia flagship store helsinki

This wasn’t staged. Néa wanted the group photo shot from the 920 (first pic) so we tapped and sent to her. Olli also wanted a copy 🙂

MNB IMG_1788nokia flagship store helsinki

Fresh faces at Nokia, Olli, Hans-Petteri and Néa

MNB WP_20130727_028nokia flagship store helsinki

The above pic was the following morning, CJ, Jason and I were taking some pictures and I noticed Risto Lahi at the store front! We met him last at the 925 launch in London but the first time you guys saw him was when we first did a tour last year of the flagship store with the 808 PureView. It’s a shame we didn’t get to do it this time with the 1020 as they didn’t have any available for us to use. Hah in Finland, go figure (the public didn’t even have 925s yet!)

MNB WP_20130727_031nokia flagship store helsinki


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