Alexander Stubb, Minister for Finland, loving his Nokia Lumia 1020 “best high quality photos ever!”

| August 13, 2013 | 27 Replies

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Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade of Finland, Alexander stubb tweets some praise of his Nokia Lumia 1020. You can see some of those shots on his Instagram (though not really the best place to view ‘quality’ given the potato algorithms of those squares.


I will reveal a secret. Reason for quality photos  – testing new @nokia Lumia 1020. Best high quality photos ever!

Cheers Sefriol for the tip


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  • chris wayne


  • chris wayne

    As a mexican i feel proud of this guy, seen his pics, he loves Corona beer 😉

    • Peter

      Corona IS AMAZING!! I’m from Finland and all my friends love Corona. It’s just so good.

      • Hary

        Just FYI: My impression was Americans think of Corona as cheap teen/college age beer.
        (Disclaimer: I don’t drink, just got this impression from coworkers and others around me)

        • Mariano

          Mexican beer? i love TECATE!!!

      • 808 mohican

        I’m a finn and corona tastes like I imagine piss tastes, I also think Stubb has it in his head.

        • Timo

          No more articles of idiot politicians.Stubb is potato himself. Just another “Finland seller” for own good. Hope he got L1020 for free because politicians are so poor that no one has own money to buy anything…

          • Sefriol

            So far he has said that he bought it himself. Stubb has been a Nokia fanatic a long time and via that reason Nokia gave it to him beforehand.

            • 808 mohican

              Any of these right wing bias embodiments are fanatics of their investments only, and nothing else is even remotely interesting to them. They gladly say sweet things publicly, but according to their actions, everyone and everything can go to hell, as long as their investments get some growth this financial year.

              I heard, that he got the phone before launch, so he didn’t buy it.

              Its a product placement.

              • Random Random

                It’s not really that simple.

                However he is not that nice guy. His looks are deceiving.

                Unfortunately I can’t possibly translate his talks in Finnish.

                • 808 mohican

                  Actually it is very much that simple. Not necessarily always their own investments, but investments nonetheless, and nothing else(unless its for keeping their place).

                  • Random Random

                    Sure, investments by someone.

                    Can you point me something that’s not someone’s investment?

                    Yeah right.

              • Pdexter

                Of course its product placement? Its his job to get people investing in Finland.

                You can’t hide for global economy that bring 45% of Finland’s GDP. Without doing better than others, there’s no reason for you to get rich.

                Sweden is way more towards right without the communist overtone of SDP and persut. How are they doing?

                • Random Random

                  Are you ignorant or what?

                  Please make a reality check about the top political parties Sweden has.

          • Random Random


            It’s not too pleasant to read articles about him in here.

            He is considered to be extremist and he is apparently making very unfavourable decisions to the Finns.

            Some people here in Finland even consider him as a t****r.

            This kind of stories are very bad publicity for Nokia.

            • Pdexter

              Extremist by having second most votes of the Finland’s largest party?

              If his views don’t go with yours, it doesn’t mean he is extremist. In a glbal political field communist parties like SDP and Vasemmisto are concerned extremist. Let alone persut with the outsider hate and mostly gathering uneducated Finns.

              • 808 mohican

                SDP and Vasemmisto are social democrats, not communists, and they are very central part of finnish politics and mindset.

                Extreme capitalism has only until just recently been alienating and zygomorphic thought for caring and social nation.

                But corruption has no borders.

                • Jesseri

                  Now you just blurbed something that even you don’t believe or you have been brainwashed by old Soviet agents :).

                  Both parties are as communist as they can be. SDP is like a sleeper agent. Usually they are behind the socialistic curtains, but when the call comes, they are willing to do everything to please their communist leaders. Vasemmistoliitto is full of proud communists and they are not hiding it. I’m willing to bet their supporters are using Lenin underpants all day everyday.

                  • 808 mohican

                    That was emptiest comment of the year.

                    It wasn’t I who took this into a “blurb” level. Even if its already off topic, no need to go any further off, of this off topic. No need to talk about me either(which is boring tactic.)

                    No agents, brainwashing or such on this side of internets.

              • Random Random

                Sure Alexander Stubb is an extremist.

                It’s not unheard of in the history of the world that some extremist gets tons of votes.

                The good question is? Yes?

                Compared to what?

          • chris wayne

            politicians in Finland are poor?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA here in Mexico politicians are rich as hell (and corrupt as hell too)

            • Timo

              +1 to Finland also, but it’s not corruption here. Here we call it for “system of brotherhood”. LOL

              This is going too much politican already, but I had to say I liked Stubb before, but after his comments during euro crisis no one in Finland cant like him. He is representative of finnish people and nation. Shouldn’t be member of $ss licking club of EU and global banks.

  • johnny1

    sorry Jay, but this blog is becoming a Nokia propaganda site with post like this…