New qi Wireless Charger Dt-601 Shows Up With USB Powering

| August 14, 2013 | 7 Replies

d4ccccea15ce36d32efc7ce03bf33a87eb50b1e4With the Lumia 920 launch Nokia announced several wireless charging accessories, including the wireless charging pad (DT-900), it seems that accessory is up for a refresh soon. The sketch design/blueprint (what are these called?) shows a smaller more compact circular design with a diameter of 6.5 CM apparently capable of charging form a USB port (similar to the QIMini we reviewed before).


DT-601, visual diameter d = 6.5 cm.
And seemingly dedicated input from the original oversized 12V/0.75A transformer into a common USB 5V/1.5A transformer.

I’m not sure if smaller is better seeing how sometimes I wake up in the morning to find that my 920 hasn’t charged because it wasn’t centered properly on the DT-900 (or perhaps I nudged it in my sleep), but perhaps the coil in the DT-601 will be larger?


Thanks for the tipĀ AIKON



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  • Gen

    Its probably designed to accompany the lunar headset

  • Janne

    I remember hearing that originally USB just wasn’t powerful enough for the Qi chargers, hence the different adapter. I guess they have made the charger smaller (less coils?) to accommodate that? Certainly a micro-USB connector there would be useful for many reasons (e.g. using the same charger to charge other devices).

    Could another option be (see the smaller model-number, current charger is DT-900), this is intended for smaller-battery devices? Maybe some Qi Asha models?

  • JGrove303

    I image that in the year that’s past that the components for amplifying voltage have advanced enough to fit into a smaller package. Also, the DT-900 was the first Nokia Qi charger and was over engineered, having 3 coils. The DT-910 charging stand has only one coil, but charges with the same efficiency.

    The smaller size shouldn’t be an issue at all, as the Qi coils in all the devices and covers are on balanced positions.

    I would hope that the price of components gets dropped to allow for the Qi chargers to be included with the charging cases or with the devices that have Qo charging built in

  • Bloob

    Could we now get a wireless charger that is actually cheaper than new smartphone?

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