Nokia Lumia 925 ProCam slow shutter Test 1 and ideas to try #Hologram screen

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So last night was the first night at my new accommodation. The frustration of no internet must have affected my sleep as I woke abruptly at about 2am. Instead of trying to sleep I thought the darkness was the perfect time to test some things out with Nokia Pro Cam on the Nokia Lumia 925.

Tired, no tripod, one person limits what I can shoot but I thought some of the results looked pretty cool. The ideas are here if anyone would like to take them further as I can’t at the moment whilst I’m at this placement.

Settings are otherwise auto except shutter at 4 seconds.

Now, something you see often is the movement of the light source to ‘draw’ on screen.

1) Hologram

This first one reminded me of one of the Nokia N8 adverts where we saw screens left and right, like a hologram.

The screen of a phone is very interesting. It’s nice to capture the detail. Moving it whilst the light is off can provide interesting patterns.

But to make it look like a hologram, I took a second without light, shifted to one side and then turned on the screen on my iPad to provide that light. It illuminates what was in the left of the screen too making the previous ‘burned’ image look like it’s just hovering there.

I tried to switch the tab to something else (applications) but that requires another pair of hands.

MNB WP_20130820_03_11_44_ProProCam Slow Shutter

MNB WP_20130820_02_25_05_ProProCam Slow Shutter MNB WP_20130820_02_57_10_ProProCam Slow Shutter MNB WP_20130820_02_57_31_ProProCam Slow Shutter MNB WP_20130820_03_10_37_ProProCam Slow Shutter

2) Multiple screens

This just involves swiping the screen midway whilst moving it and then stopping when you reach the other side. Don’t swipe whilst you stop because this layers on the image.

MNB WP_20130820_02_35_14_ProProCam Slow Shutter

This multit tile thing is done again at the end to make cool patterns

MNB WP_20130820_02_49_50_ProProCam Slow Shutter

3) Pseudo panorama

This requires a similar method to above, but requires a lot of dexterity/another person.

Find an image you can pan across

MNB WP_20130820_02_47_02_ProProCam Slow Shutter

4) Retro tiles

MNB WP_20130820_02_50_38_ProProCam Slow Shutter MNB WP_20130820_02_50_58_ProProCam Slow Shutter MNB WP_20130820_02_51_04_ProProCam Slow Shutter

I’ll try to refine this and try other slow shutter stuff as I get more used to procam (and possibly get more hands to help/tripod).

It’s interesting how well the 925’s OIS does considering I’m HOLDING it with my hands only for 4 seconds.


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