GDR3 coming with notification centre and “Appetite”?

| August 22, 2013 | 50 Replies
notification centre

not the actual notification centre, just for thumbnail purposes


It’s there, it isn’t there, who knows? TO the dismay of Nokia Lumia fans, the notification centre that MS said they were working on but didn’t implement in time for WP8 was supposedly pushed back to Blue instead of GDR3. But now it’s supposedly there again according to tests being undertaken on GDR3 in India.


We have more to add ourselves as we heard through whispers whilst in New York from “people in the know” whilst complaining about Notification centre to “Watch out for October”.

Now with a Nokia event expected at the end of September, it would be good timing to announce some GDR3 devices. I’m not sure if there’s been a concrete date yet for the GDR3 announcement but I guess Nokia can’t be showing GDR3 goodness before its released.

What could the “appetite” feature be?

Source: NPU

Cheers Viipottaja for the tip!


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  • Viipottaja

    Thanks for posting this, Jay. Whenever I try to tip on a story on their site, the tip doesn’t show. Even if I just type the name of the site (happened again with this comment just now) and not even copy paste a direct link. Perhaps you can check what the issue is.

    Maybe Appetite is just a draft name of a WP version of the food/cooking app said to be included in Window 8/RT Blue?

    • Will check askimet settings.

      • Viipottaja

        Thanks! Btw, I look forward to your review of the new headset you unboxed the other day! 🙂

      • Ritesh

        Same case with me too buddy 🙁

  • Mariano

    I would like that they add support for themes customization

    • Viipottaja

      While perhaps unlikely, they may add something along the lines of what is coming in W8/RT Blue.

      • It would be nice to have the lockscreen wallpaper as an option instead of the dark/light theme.

        • Viipottaja

          I would guess again that its more likely to be like in Win8/RT Blue. I.e. you can chose your lock screen or have it act as photo-frame, plus more functionality. For “desktop” backgrounds you would get a set of pre-designed graphics, plus possibly possibility to use your own picture (which could achieve the same effect you wanted, were you to so select).

          Most likely though: smaller steps towards more choices than this. 🙂

    • Daniel

      Yeah, or at least a better selection of colors. Fifteen-or-whatever is just silly.

      And there should be possible to override colors in the alphabetic app-list, possible to override all colors on tiles and replace them with whatever color scheme, or at least go b&w..

      Overall im hoping MS returns a little bit to freedom of choice, perhaps hidden in the background, but not dropped all together only to focus on simplicity.

      • Viipottaja

        Yup, agree on the overall sentiment and I would guess that’s the direction they would take, assuming a philosophy similar to what is already going to happen with Win 8/RT.

      • Richard Thomas

        Hey Daniel, you can get a b&w theme… kind of! You go into Settings/Ease of access and switch on “high contrast”. I use it now and again for a change but you do lose your lockscreen wallpaper while it’s active.

    • Yihang

      Please add more accent color!!!!! Customized color plssssss!!!!!

  • Janne

    Now that’s what I call… great features!

    • Pathetic

      yes 2007 features _._

  • Dargelos

    Still, the fact that people are screaming for a notification center means that the Live Tile idea doesn’t work. In other words, Microsoft is building their entire company around a UI that just doesn’t do the job and ends up just being Helvetica 2.0. Again: IT DOESN’T WORK. Incredible.

    And when one thinks about it, it’s kinda obvious why it doesn’t work: the info the Live Tiles are supposed to show I’m already getting on the lock screen, or even in Glance Mode (if you own a N9). Once you’ve passed the lock screen you’ve seen status updates, sms, missed calls and so on. I don’t need to see it a second time on my Live Tiles. Arrgh… Time to start planning Windows 9 and WP9, MS.

    • The live tile idea does work but needs refining. There’s already a notification centre of sorts in the ‘me’ tile, this would be the next step.

      • Pathetic

        does not work

    • Andy

      So, according to your point of view, Android brought Jellybean because ppl didn’t like Icecream Sandwich. Samsung launched Galaxy S4 because S3 was not attractive to the customer.

      It’s called evolution buddy. Any awesome feature need to evolve to make itself relevant to the current. Thats why there are updates and new versions for any software/products.

    • JGrove303

      Well, you don’t have to have both. You could disable one or the other. Also, the lock screen only has 4 status updates. Live tiles can update an almost limitless amount of services. Having live tiles brings you phone to life, versus the stagnant icons on of iOS6 and Android. (Yes, you can use live wall paper on Android, and it eats resources.) Sitting their, my Lumia is doing shit, be it scrolling through my gallery, my Xbox Live Avatar dickin’ around, or Weatherflow tile flipping around.

    • Janne


      Should Android also remove widgets because it has a notification center?

      Don’t be silly.

      Live tiles serve a completely different purpose than a notification center. Live tiles are “your phone”, where as notifications are basically “current messages”. You do realize Windows Phone has always had notifications and has also lock screen notifications in addition to Live tiles, because all these serve different purposes.

      Live tiles are meant to both convey more passive information as well as function as launches to particular apps or parts of particular apps (you can pin many kinds of things there) – and they serve as the “canvas” of your phone. You customize your Live tiles to represent how you use your phone, what functionality you want presented to you (both as info and as launchers).

      Notifications are, in Windows Phone too, a more particular, more detailed, more active kind of information – not necessarily something you want or need to see when you operate your phone, any more than you want your computer Inbox to be your desktop – you want your desktop for that and Inbox as separate. A notification center would be useful to grouping different kinds of notifications, but it is not a replacement to the idea that is server by Live tiles or Android/Symbian widgets.

      As for Live tiles vs. widgets, Live tiles of course are widgets. They have just made some very clever things there to make the accessible to regular people and offer very usable functionality that has previously not been as easy or convenient to use.

      • dargelos

        Good points from everyone, but I do think that a pulldown notification center doesn’t go with the UI paradigm. An expansion and refining of the me-tile would make most sense. Social network updates and so on could be shown there, and the more you expand the tile, the more detailed info you get. That makes sense, but then again, shouldn’t that have been a 2010 feature instead of a 2014 feature?

        • Brian

          I, personally, don’t think WP needs a notification center (I hated it on android and is one of the flaws of their OS in my opinion -> i want to be able to choose exactly what i see, which WP allows me to do). If you want to see what an app needs to tell you, pin the live tile. If you don’t (as is the case most of the time), don’t pin the live tile.

          Why does it always come down to “WP needs this because android has it”? Android has it because they don’t have another way to get you the information, WP does. If you like all the things android / iPhone has, by all means go back to it. But don’t start bogging down WP.. that’s the beauty of the OS in that it is a simple, easy, and elegant OS.

          • dargelos


  • jakiro

    well then, how about gdr2 phone…cant updated? then will waste to buy a impressive phone like 1020?

    • Viipottaja

      ?? What are you talking about? Of course you can update any WP8 phone to GDR3 (and Blue and likely beoynd) when it comes out.

      • jakiro

        ok thanks, I am worry about the development will ignore gdr2 since gdr3 is here.

  • File Manager..prety please?

  • herrno

    A swipe down notification menu would be boring. It would just be a copy of other mobile OS.

    maybe swiping left on the home screen would be more intelligent and it could be done with one hand even on phablets 😉

    • xb

      Yes!!!! This..swipe left to get notifications screen just like the N9.
      The only difference with N9 would be swipe right gets you an app drawer instead, of multitasking screen. Maybe a swipe up would get you the multitasking screen?
      God I miss my N9!.

    • Disagree.
      First of all notification centre needs to be available *everywhere*, which means they should put it connected to volume adjustment/silent profile/player keys. If I need to go to homescreen to see notifications, I can just as well look at the tiles.
      Second, the apps work as hubs where you switch pages by left-right swipes. Haveng a “swipe form left” for notifications would cause misswipes to frustration beyond human knowledge. 😉

      • Janne

        Yes, swipe from top is the most logical place, since that functionality is already in WP. I think they should expand that.

        • lam

          Logical for iphone but troublesome for single hand use on big size phones. Maybe swipe up from bottom or even lower bottom corners(like ios7 control centre) would be more ergonomic.

  • File Manager..pretty please?

  • punkaz

    however companies cry, the ease of access is must. What ever notification appearance be slide pull down whatever just offer it. People love customization, specially people who have used symbian or even android in past. We demand it. I have frenns around me, who say WP is too GEEKY. Simplify the customization. Add a layer to play around. Thats all.

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  • david

    Microsoft should allow permissions to OEMs[not public developers] who can cook their own flavor of Notification centers which will be good for the market.
    HTC Sense Notification Center
    Nokia Fastlane
    Samsung Notification Center etc

    • mirco

      And what would be the benefit for you and me? Why would you force a customer to relearn basic things of the UI work by allowing different implemenatations of the same elements? Differentiation for the sake of differentiation?

      • david

        Currently OEMS are hand bounded by Microsoft to maintain unity and order in WP OS metro design
        Thats one big reason why OEMS are disliking WP OS
        If microsoft can give a very small level of customization rights to OEMS that would flareup a lot of interest in the market.

        Access to customize
        Notification Center
        Lock Screen
        OEM App store
        will help OEMs a lot to put their innovation into it.

        and for this simple update of notification center in WP OS wouldnt take a year for OEM to release to public.

        • mirco

          Again, would it benefit the customer if OEMs start modifying the GUI? In my opinion, it is a huge advantage for the customer that every Windows Phone behaves in the same way.

          Furthermore, can you imagine how Windows Phone would look like with Samsungs TouchWiz approach?

          • David

            Why should you care about touchwiz when you use Lumia. Samsung fanboys will like touchwiz than lumia and HTC users…

            The point is, to create a littttttttllllleeee amount of interest to OEM. Bcoz its them who’s gonna push their differential stunts in marketing.
            IMHO, filemanager should also be OEM specific 🙂

            Other parts of the OS, UI can be still locked.

            • mirco

              So, you think that the little interest of Samsung, HTC et al. in WP is because they cannot customize the UI/UX?
              Well, I kind of doubt that and think that it is vice versa. Nokia shows what OEMS could add to the UX without being able to change what you suggested.
              Also, it is not true that all OEMs other than Nokia have no influence on the development of WP. Microsoft was working together with them since WP7.

              A file manager might come in the form of a blown up SkyDrive App. Anyway, this is nothing which hinders a broad success of WP.

  • Please vote for File Manager feature on Windows Phone. It is currently #2 requested feature. If enough of us vote Microsoft will have no choice but give us this must-have feature. File Managers are what makes smartphones “smart”

    • Zipa

      I’ve been using Symbian, Maemo, Meego, Android, WP and iOS phones, but I can’t remember that I would’ve ever used a file manager. Well, maybe back in ancient Symbian days when you had to go via the file system to open, say, a pdf instead of the logical way of opening the app that you use to view the file and then selecting what document you want to read.

      So no, the definition of a smart phone does by no means necessitate a file manager.

      • krishna6233

        lame justification :/

      • Bloob

        File manager which would have access to only one directory and its subdirectories would be nice, so you would not have access to system files but could have for general files.

    • Pathetic

      buy an android dude, and dump that piece of craaaap you dont have to vote for anything, android have it all

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  • Juha

    Cant wait for the Nokia Diamond update/GDR3!