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Here’s a beautifully shot, picture by picture review of the Nokia Lumia 1020. It’s by Andrew Kim who writes on Minimally Minimal. His background is interesting:

My name is Andrew Kim. I was born in 1991 in Seoul and raised in Vancouver. I’m a visual designer with a product design background and currently live in Bellevue and work at Microsoft (Xbox). Via Reddit

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You may have seen his 920 review. It appeared well after global availability but the style was fresh and the honesty was frank and welcome. Despite working at MS (Xbox) you’ll be told when things are crap. Andrew Kim is a stickler for design. He has high standards and openly praises what Apple has achieved on their hardware. As for the 1020, like other Nokia products, he finds this very well done saying Nokia has mastered polycarbonate and that the 1020 feels even more solid than the 920. Interestingly, Kim suggests that the 1020 would look hotter if there was a silver finish on the circular anodized aluminium camera bit (which surprised him to find it was not plastic)

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On the camera, there’s obvious praises. Whilst we’re told it’s not going to replace his RX1, it’s apparently better than most point and shoots and for 99% of consumers this would be the only camera they’d need. Kim notes that he’s an app fan and wants apps that share and manipulate apps. He doesn’t like the lack of instagram. Although he’s aware of Instance, he doesn’t like using it. Thankfully there’s 6tag (he hates the name) which he finds comparable to instagram on iOS. He doesn’t like the wireless charging cover either and thinks the added thickness isn’t worth it.

It’s a fair and positive review. It’s not technically in depth but it’s an interesting angle in more ways than one. Reddit is a bit too focused on it being so hipster (I think they found the 920 review more agreeable, though it’s pretty similar so..:/)


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