Rumors: Windows RT to be Merged With Windows Phone

| August 27, 2013 | 44 Replies

DSC01500More rumors have surfaced regarding the fate of Windows RT, the latest of which claims that somewhere down the line Windows RT and WP will merge together.

With Windows Phone and Windows RT, he claims that Microsoft is planning to merge both operating systems together. He doesn’t give any more information regarding the matter, but it has been rumored several times in the past that this is Microsoft ultimate goal for both Windows Phone and Windows RT.


Of course this would be the logical move, and should have been Microsoft’s ultimate goal all along, this would allow both the tablet space, and the phone space to piggyback off each others success, rather than having each of them try and make it on their own. With the most recent rumors giving all the gritty details about Nokia’s upcoming RT tablet it starts looking like  smart idea, push out a tablet now, and have it merge with WP later where you’re already leading.

Then again these are still rumors with no concrete evidence, so you never know; the source also makes mention of what to expect in Windows 9 and 10 (not WP) so check that out below.





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  • Viipottaja

    well, depends on what “merging” means. I doubt the exact same UI would be used in both phones and tablets.

    • Ron

      I think both OS will support same games and apps, but continue with individual UI.

      • Ron

        Or perhaps RT UI will be modified to resemble WP closely.

  • Bloob

    MS has stated several times that they consider tablets more PCs than oversized phones. Of course, they could back-pedal on that too. Tablet apps on phone screens would be terrible.

    • faune

      But they need this step back in order to be able to offer a “good” amount of apps. Anyway, many W8 apps are not more professional than iOS ones. Only Office makes RT more PC-like. I don’t see any problem on that. First put WP apps in a tablet and then work on the W8 app.

      • Bloob

        W8 / RT has the fastest growing app-store ever, no need for WP-apps, especially when their user-experience would be bad. The merge would maybe benefit 6-7″ tablets / phablets, but not much more than those. Merging the stores would be good for those devices but pointless for “pure” phones and tablets, but would potentially mean less revenue for developers (or they would just not make tablet-version as is often the case for iOS and Android).

        What I hope to see them do, is unify the APIs, so that even on the UI-side, developers would not have to do much re-coding, and could make the tablet-version more easily.

        And I am all for the unification of functionality (mainly, bringing more of it to WP).

  • Mergin will mean : SAME ECO SYSTEM (same app store)
    Like in Android or App Store

    So it’s mean for developper to develop more easily for both platforms and for the users more apps ! Also because when an app it’s not in you tablet, you can still use the phone app!

    This is just insane Microsoft didn’t realse W8 and WP8 already in this way since their ecosystem is the most in late.

    • Viipottaja

      What does “same app store” mean exactly? One store with app that work on WP, and some apps that work on RT (could be under the same entry with the store sensing which device type you are loading to)? OR the same app working for both OSs and with the same UI?

      • Janne

        I guess the “iPad way” would be the most plausible: WP apps work on RT, RT apps work on RT only. I think if RT and WP are merged, it doesn’t necessarily mean the OS itself (although they already share a lot), but app compatibility and maybe branding.

        Again, I think the uPhone/iPad is a good example at where things might be going with WP/RT. RT will probably loose the desktop at some point and that would align with this plan as well.

        • box

          Possibly, although the iphone and ipad are just ipods at the core, so same OS, just different resolutions and scales

        • Fred

          I hope the “desktop-app” will remain in the merge, because I really want it on my phablet !

          • Janne

            But there really isn’t a desktop in RT, not in any meaningful way, as there is only Office and file management on the desktop. Nothing else is allowed. So if you want desktop, go Windows 8… RT, I expect, will at some point shed the desktop. It might at that point merge with WP too?

            Or maybe it won’t – it will be interesting to see.

            • Fred

              True. But what I miss in these mobile OSs is a screen where the focus lies on files, like a desktop. All the screens put the focus on apps, the live-tile screen, the app-list screen. So, if WP/WinRT makes a 3th screen dedicated to file-management I’ll be happy too. At that moment I don’t need my “desktop-app” anymore.

              • Zipa

                Don’t fight the mobile computing paradigm, embrace it instead. I’ve been very actively trying to wean myself off the concept of “files” and “filesystems” on the desktop as well ever since Win 7 and OS X 10.6. Let the apps worry about the files, and focus on the content instead. There are really not that many use cases that would actually necessitate the use of files as such.

                I know it sounds like a bad cliche, but it works. It just requires a really conscious effort to try and break the old habits.

  • faune

    Of couse! Like ipad/iphone, RT need a complete compatibility with WP8 apps. W8 store simply cannot be considered a serious store, WP store is already becoming a good thing. Furthermore, I think Nokia was waiting for this point. We have seen that RT has been a flop. Now with a good hardware and all the 170000 WP apps, many of them already arranged for W8, plus Office suite, it can be a serious alternative to ipad and android tablets.

    • Viipottaja

      AFAIK, RT has over 100,000 apps already. I may be mistaken and that’s the whole Win8/8RT count. And again AFAIK, it is relatively easy to put out an WP AND an RT version of an app. Obviously it needs to become even easier and more the norm – not sure I would want the same UI/UX between the two in all apps though.

  • Janne

    Now, this would certainly put a new spin on the Lumia 2110 tablet.

  • prashant

    Its like symbian getting merged into meego thats what shud have been done to attain super stability.

    • Viipottaja

      Err.. not sure merging too completely different OSs would have been smart. Luckily this is water under the bridge times a thousand.

    • Shaun

      Not really. Symbian binaries would never run on MeeGo. The closest you’d get is almost source level compatibility. For whatever reason Nokia stupidly decided that Symbian and MeeGo had the same components in Qt but with slightly different names!

      It wasn’t totally awful to do cross platform apps, just another level that should not have been there.

      Hopefully if Microsoft has any sense, they merge the API.

      I don’t know where you get the idea of merging Symbian into MeeGo would increase stability. I’d think the opposite would be true… Unless you think it would improve Symbian app stability? 🙂

      • Zipa

        Well, the merge should have been done by deleting all Symbian code and replacing it 100% with Meego code…


    awesome, but should have been the case from the start, would have given RT a better chance.

    • Shaun

      Exactly. Three Microsoft consumer operating systems is at least one too many.

      If I was to be cheeky, possibly three too many. 🙂

  • prashant

    Now demand more people these features like notification center is very tiny wish for think the feature in your mind and your feature will be added on ur windows device.

  • prashant

    Only question is why they are not accepting failure for win RT anyway?

    • Janne

      Because ARM isn’t going away anytime soon. WP/RT is their bet on ARM. What you’ve seen so far isn’t the end-all-be-all, especially not for RT which is only less than a year old.

      Intel, Windows 8 is for that.

      If either eventually becomes irrelevant, they’ll adjust.

    • Viipottaja

      I guess it is simple. Full Win 8 is not the ideal OS for lower cost, longer battery life tablets.

  • Marcelo Velazquez

    I think that is a perfect move.
    They actually can make the app’s UI on snapped mode to work on smartphones and the full mode on tablets.

    • Janne

      Interesting idea, for sure…

  • JGrove303

    UI can stay the same. It fallows the formula of W8 and XBox already. WP8’s UI is what it is because it is a phone used mostly in portrait mode.

  • lax

    if wp and win RT merge that mean windows phone will have real multitasking finally

    • Shaun

      Or they remove it from the tablets, which is far more likely.

    • Viipottaja

      I assume that is not an OS thing/issue, its a resources/performance management thing/issue. I.e. there is nothing in WP per se that would prevent them from eventually adding more “true” multi/background tasking.

      • Ammad

        agree with Viipotaja (by the way, how do you pronounce that? lol)

        I feel true multitasking will be making its way to WP if RT merge, and i feel they should merge! It just makes sense and it should have been done from the get go, but now that RT didn’t make it on its own i s’pose they have no choice?

      • dss

        Yes, Windows NT is a great multitasker, it just need more resources than Nokia’s previous OS efforts. Both MeeGo and Symbian can multitask much better than WP on the current or older hardware, they are just better optimized for use in mobile phones..

    • Zipa

      WP has real multitasking already. Just because you can’t access it does not mean that it isn’t there.

      • dss

        Windows NT does, yes .. and therefore WP has it as well.

        I think once we hit 3000+ mah batteries, corei3 like CPU performance, and 3-4gb of fast ram they will unlock it.

  • noki

    About time

  • sammyl

    Awesome! I hope this will give WP8 a desktop mode (A workstation in my pocket!!)

    • dss

      That would be cool

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