Nokia One-Ups Samsung, They Never Saw It Coming #ZoomReinvented

| September 2, 2013 | 24 Replies

lumia-1020-marketing-s4-zoom5In the past Nokia have hinted and joked about other companies products, they’ve sent I <3 Nokia busses to a Motorola event, and now they’ve taken it up a notch. Publicly calling out the Galaxy S4 on its bulkiness claiming it never saw the 102o coming

Still it didn’t see this coming, the lumia 1020 exceptional zoom without the exceptional bulk. #ZoomReinvented

What do you guys think? pretty cheeky huh?

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  1. FireDragon says:

    Haha, this is brilliant copywriting. With their mighty Zoom they still didn’t see it coming. Good one. This is real piece of advertising I have been missing in some years now.

  2. jassp87 says:

    Now thats a marketing strategy. What a bold move by nokia. And yes, 41mp without the bulk.

  3. ammad says:

    Hahaha! :’)

    made my day,
    Good Job Nokia!

    Btw…think that reminds me of Manchester..Stockport road maybe.. What do you think Jay?

  4. ammad says:

    Hahaha! :’)

    made my day,
    Good Job Nokia!

  5. Jeetu Sadarangani says:

    Awesome nokia….they r doing some gr8 marketing for lumia range….only iff they had same thing for symbian…symbian would be no 1…still nokia has windows wat it is today….nokia rocks….me awaiting my 41 mp beast lumia 1020…for now 808 pv is keeping me busy…and note 2

  6. Ellen says:

    Nokia gorilla marketing at its best!

  7. RIPS10 says:

    Well it’s not the galaxy S4, but it’s the Samsung Galaxy Camera ;)

  8. says:

    great work :)

  9. zxv says:

    Brilliant.. The ads from Nokia and Microsoft promoting the 1020 keep getting better and better.

  10. رضا says:

    Good job Nokia in right way with wp8 , in tunisia i ses some people have lumia but lumia need a big ads in tunisia , i have a lumia 620 and i fait for 8,1 to mâle m’y phone better

  11. Alvester says:

    Oh Snap! Epic Win :D

  12. @martinkem says:

    Nice work from Nokia using their flagship device to attack the sales of a Samsung mid-range device.
    Nice Work.
    I miss the days when Nokia didn’t have to do this rather Samsung would be the one doing this.
    Ah the good old days, miss those days.

    • v.s.i says:

      Is there any problem that Scamsung lacks the technical know-how to fit a legendary camera in their flagship and have to sell it on a mid-ranger instead?

      Both are niche devices but hey, Scamsung asked for it. ;)

  13. kokko says:

    Yea. Picking in ads is about all Nokia can afford right now. How about showing the claimed superiority in the day to day market?

    • Harangue says:

      Eventhough I’m not particularly fond of these kind of advertising tactics I can see what Nokia thinks and that it has its merits.

      People know about Samsung and they don’t know about Nokia. People know about the Galaxy brand, but don’t know much about the Lumia brand. So, where Samsung is selling on brand name alone. Nokia is piggybacking on Samsungs name with a proven superior product or at least in the sense of camera performance that Samsung themselves is advertising there.

      Just clever guerilla marketing to get people to notice something more than just another Galaxy phone. Otherwise people might not have seen a 1020 ad and walked right past it.

  14. p says:

    Haha Nokia being sold. Glad I moved to Sony xperia z this year. Watch Nokias passion and enthusiasm and creativity plummet due to American corporate bureaucratic policies.

    I might buy lumia 1020 for family still. Exceptional phone.

    F#cking Elop the troll.

    Yo Jay why haven’t you wrote an article about this yet?

  15. Ganix says:

    Very funny… both of them are very good gadgets, but I think the best of them is Nokia…

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