Chris Weber on Nokia-MS (Symbian support till 2016; Nokia branding; Unified brand across all Windows devices)

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NokConv have an article where Chris Weber explains the impact of Nokia being purchased by Microsoft.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, they’re pretty much reiterating what we’ve been told already, but if you haven’t, take a read:

For the first 6 months, everything is business as usual. Chris notes that the deal isn’t finalised until then. But what happens afterwards?

NC: And in six months?

CW: We expect our smartphone, mobile phone, industrial design, support and all the related teams to be doing their same job to the same standards, but working for Microsoft. This is really important: this acquisition is about bringing over expertise in making fantastic, top-quality and innovative products.

Working with Microsoft we can increase the awareness and growth of Windows Phone, Asha and our feature phones. We can build upon the success of Lumia and create a stronger, faster, more innovative route to driving this portfolio and the exciting ecosystem around it. It will also mean faster innovation in our Asha and feature phone range – with the backing of Microsoft – a real boost to our goal of connecting the next billion people to the Internet.

Symbian will still be supported until 2016.

Nokia branding on smartphones is a complicated issue. It appears there’s going to be a unified brand across the whole of all Windows based devices, not just smartphones.

 How about the Nokia brand on the phones. Having it printed on there? A lot of readers care about that.

CW: In factual terms, Microsoft intends to buy the right to use the Nokia brand on its phones for ten years.

There’s a commitment now that this will happen for the Asha and feature phones business going forward.

On smartphones, it’s more complicated and we’ll be seeking to create a unified brand across Lumia and other Windows based devices. But we’re still a long way from when that decision has to be made.

Why should anyone buy a Nokia device now?


CW: All the things you love about Nokia devices haven’t changed – design, durability, apps and support. All of that is still there and we plan to keep it that way.

And in the light of this deal, it gets even better. The Windows Phone ecosystem gets more investment. Your support and updates for the lifetime of the phone is guaranteed. Then, more of everything because of that investment – innovation and better products faster.


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