Dear CNET: Facebook is DEEPLY integrated into WP and yes I can upload to instagram from Nokia Lumia

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This thumbnail: I uploaded these pictures DIRECTLY From my Nokia Lumia 920/925 to Instagram via several apps that are available.

A recent review of the Nokia Lumia 1020 seems to have angered some peeps. Watching the start of it, it seemed to start on a positive at first but then goes on to add some incorrect information as ‘negative’ points such as:

  • pleased to be able to upload direct to twitter but saying facebook doesn’t integrate that way. Facebook integrates even more than twitter. Facebook albums are accessible from my main gallery. Facebook chat lives in my messaging system. Facebook contacts are on there with my friends recent statuses, activities, latest pictures. It was the facebook phone before the facebook phone. And yes, there’s an option to upload DIRECTLY to facebook. The key thing here, CNET, is that you have to add your facebook account. SURPRISE!
  • Instagram. Your specific words were “you can’t upload to instagram”. If the words were “there’s no official instagram app” then that might have been excused. But if she bothered to check the store, she would have seen several apps.
  • Time to start up and shutter delay is not the same as shutter speed. Admittedly start up is something we agree can be improved but please, that’s not shutter speed.

1/16000 shutter speed demo

Opinions are one thing but incorrect information is another.

uploaded via windows phone

Uploaded via whatnow?

She goes to pick up the iPhone and calls the 1020 performance shameful.

CNET actually says the 1020 is great for festivals as it’s not going to be moving.

Her verdict is that she’d rather a phone like the iPhone that ‘does everything’ rather than a 41mp camera that doesn’t do much else. That’s not really what every other review said but it’s ok to have a different take on it.

Here’s Alvester’s comments (and cheers for the tip!)

Her complaints about the Lumia 1020’s and its camera?

The 41 MP sensor is “…almost a novelty…and it’s just a stunt to get people’s attention” even though the photos are admittedly “pretty amazing”

Uploading photos is “problematic” as it “doesn’t integrate…with Facebook”

“The most crushing part? You’re taking beautiful snapshots and you cannot Instagram them.”

Point and shoot social sharing: you are “super crippled”

She confuses shutter speed with the Pro Cam start-time with photo processing; it’s just all the same to her

Calls the Lumia 1020 camera performance “shameful”

She’d rather “…have a phone with a great camera that can do everything like the iPhone” instead of a phone “with a really great camera that can’t do much else”

Few things that are just flat out wrong with her assessment.

41 MP is not a novelty. She doesn’t even mention the oversampling technology resulting in high quality 5 MP photos for sharing, or the ability to “crop to zoom” that other cameras fail miserably at, including the iPhone 5. You would figure the lossless zoom ability of the Lumia 1020 would be a huge bonus when at a concert.

Windows Phone of course integrates with Facebook—simply login or download the official app; this is basic stuff

Windows Phone can upload to Oggl, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Imgur, EyeEm, PhotoSynth, SmugMug, Email, SMS and more. Super crippled?



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