Nokia Number 1 in Russia, overtakes Samsung; Nokia Lumia WP outsells iPhone in Middle East

| September 16, 2013 | 27 Replies

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A couple of related news. First up, Nokia is apparently number 1 again in Russia, surpassing Samsung.

Next up, Nokia’s Windows Phones outsells iPhone.
With 45.2% share, Nokia leads the overall Middle East mobile market (that’s both smartphones and feature phones). Sammy meanwhile has 18.3%.

In terms of smartphones alone, Nokia climed from 9.7% in Q1 to 11.8%, enough to overtake iPhone’s 11.4%.




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  1. efjay says:

    Only a few more months till those morons at Redmond kill the Nokia name from smartphones and replace it with something as stupid as Windows RT.

  2. jjkj says:

    I wonder why Nokia sold itself. I want Nokia phone to remain forever.

  3. Janne says:

    Watching the mediocre progress unfold doesn’t have to same ring to it now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t unfolding nevertheless. :)

    We’ll survive.

  4. Ujwal Soni says:

    Nice..Russia’s always been good for Nokia..wonder if that will continue after American ownership..

  5. Ammad says:

    *sigh* news like this sorta makes me sad now.

    I cant bring myself to be happy for Nokia, since its MS now.

    Jolla hurry up!

  6. manu says:

    what ever sales the lumia currently having will burst like a baloon.when the name ‘”nokia” is gone from the phone.

  7. Mark says:

    Good stuff.

    Nokia had their chance and blew it. Since MS have their staff and facilities now, to me it’s the same company with a new name.

    Given that the 925 I have is infinitely better than any pure Nokia phone I’ve owned, I’m happy with that.

  8. Grazy says:

    Just ordered my 64GB Lumia 1020 from O2 in black. Sim free effectively(probably locked to O2 though). I just paid £600 (50 down today). and got myself a Tesco contract for 7.50 a month :)

  9. iluvnok says:

    All this success news should give the shareholders the reasons to reject the MS transaction or at least demand for higher amount.

    • Zipa says:

      What success? We’ll have to wait for Q3 financials before discussing anything related to success or failure. Of course, the fact that Nokia felt compelled to get rid of the majority of their support functions and ultimately the entire phone business hardly spells a storming success…

  10. says:

    Bittersweet results

  11. D Harries says:

    The marriage of Nokia and MS culture is interesting as shown in ring tones and background wallpaper. I think they should keep it that way. Which ones would you select, Nokia, or Microsoft?

  12. chandan says:

    nokia just sell its mobile division which is in favour of WP system and license for 10 years using lumia and asha brand..No matter,nokia real talent of meego go somewhere,many keyleader leave nokia when it favour WP of microsoft…So i think nokia real talent is outside it can rebuilt its new reinvented mobile divison of its own than it sell to microsoft….If nokia built android mobiles then new nokia’s new android mobile divison will form.

  13. kues says:

    Next up, Nokia’s Windows Phones outsells iPhone.

    Acctually IDC doesn’t claim that Nokia’s Windows Phones outsold iPhone, there seems to be Symbian devices in Nokia’s smartphone marketshare for the middle east still.

    Symbian models are now being phased out as the Lumia Windows Phone lineup is extended, and it was the vendor’s cheaper Lumia models that helped stage its rebound.

  14. Asharon Baltazar says:

    First Finland, then Russia, and then the WORLD!

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