Video: Lumia 625 Gaming Performance

| September 16, 2013 | 4 Replies


Unlike all previous 512 Mb ram WP8 Lumias, the Lumia 625 has a 1.2ghz processor instead of the 1ghz found in the likes of the 720,620… This brings it even closer to the specs of 920 and 820 which both have 1.5ghz processors. So how does the improved processor compare when it comes to things that a large screened device such as the Lumia 625 should be good at (specifically gaming); well watch the video below and see for yourself:

All the games I tried run perfectly, with no stuttering, lag or dropped frames; however there is the issue I mentioned in the video regarding games restarting rather than resuming when multitasking, but it seems to be associated with the way the game is coded more than anything else. Overall the 625 is as expected in terms of Nokia WP devices, up to par and delivers when it comes to gaming; of course some games aren’t available due to the 512 Mb ram limitation, but those we tested had no issues.


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