Rumor: Nokia Still Working on Android Devices Just *In Case*

| September 19, 2013 | 253 Replies

Android LumiasAccording to some rumors/reports making the rounds on the interwebs Nokia still hasn’t given up on their Plan B, or an Android device codenamed “Mountain View”.  According to the Chinese source the device was in “late prototype phase? with over 10,000 prototype units already made. However the more interesting part is the fact that Nokia have not dropped the project, in fact according to the source Foxconn (who were making the first batch) are still hard at work churning out more devices.

Of course Microsoft will undoubtedly shut this project down once they take control of Nokia, provided the buyout is approved. However if by some miracle the buyout is shotdown Nokia will be a bit closer to being able to release their own Android device once their exclusivity deal ends in late 2014.

*Note: the site claimed that the device is being made by the Nokia R&D labs, which as far as I gather are going to remain under Nokia’s ownership after the buyout (under the “advanced technologies” name) so that adds an interesting angle to the continued Android research.



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