Rumor: Nokia Still Working on Android Devices Just *In Case*

| September 19, 2013 | 253 Replies

Android LumiasAccording to some rumors/reports making the rounds on the interwebs Nokia still hasn’t given up on their Plan B, or an Android device codenamed “Mountain View”.  According to the Chinese source the device was in “late prototype phase? with over 10,000 prototype units already made. However the more interesting part is the fact that Nokia have not dropped the project, in fact according to the source Foxconn (who were making the first batch) are still hard at work churning out more devices.


Of course Microsoft will undoubtedly shut this project down once they take control of Nokia, provided the buyout is approved. However if by some miracle the buyout is shotdown Nokia will be a bit closer to being able to release their own Android device once their exclusivity deal ends in late 2014.

*Note: the site claimed that the device is being made by the Nokia R&D labs, which as far as I gather are going to remain under Nokia’s ownership after the buyout (under the “advanced technologies” name) so that adds an interesting angle to the continued Android research.



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  • puppymonster

    as much as i’m happy with this news, the chances of seeing these on market would be very very small. I’d still prefer a N9 successor. the swipe UI is just really nice. Jolla should just licensed it from Nokia cause their own UI is just not so pretty.

    • Shaun

      I would guess they asked already and Nokia said no.

      • puppymonster

        jolla’s ui is like a design made by 5 year old… seriously

        • Shaun

          That’s your opinion. I couldn’t disagree more. As much as I love my n9, the Sailfish UI fixes quite a few areas in the n9 that are not as well thought out as most of the UI.

    • kornofilo

      they can still implement swipe ui as a skin on top of android

    • nabkawe

      Having an Android phone with N9/Harmattan’s skin is quite possible.

      • Thomas

        But why not just put Sailfish on it, Sailfish runs on Android hardware.. And you do not need a q core processor to run it…

  • v.s.i

    I will chose an Android Nokia over a M$ Lumia any day. Or night. 🙂

    • tom

      easy.. anytime. I would buy Nokia as long as they don’t have the WP crap.

  • panjgoori

    how many chances are there that Nokia buyout deal will be cancelled or will not be approved ?

  • it will like a dream come true in india, the time is coming to que for nokia after n8

  • GhaN9

    The shareholders denounce the Microsoft acquisition and Nokia goes ahead to produce mid range Android devices while retaining Asha OS for the low end. They then contract or acquire Jolla to produce fantastic high end devices with Sailfish OS. With android compatibility assured and swipe technology all round the transition between devices and operating systems for the consumer will be seamless.

    *sigh* a guy can only dream.

  • AlsoCan

    Nokia should consider joining Tizen. It is the most technically sound OS and it is backed by the world’s first phone manufacturer – I believe it has a chance of overtaking Android, an OS that is dubious technically and politically. Since the Tizen space is not crowded yet, Nokia could try becoming the de facto service provider for maps, music, movies, ads, apps…

    I sort of realize now that this is what they clumsily wanted to do with WP but WP proved to be too weak technically and commercially, plus the move was at the time absolutely not justified since they had so many resources and sources of innovation internally.

    But now would be the good time to join Tizen. Samsung did join Symbian back in the days. For Nokia there should be no false pride to preserve, and since it is an open source os with open governance, they could potentially eventually become par with Samsung in choices of the evolution of the platform. Samsung is a fierce competitor but they don’t have hegemonic and brutal ambitions unlike “the Americans” and they have always respected Nokia.

    • Random Random

      Why would Tizen be competitive?

      Where are the applications? Why would the developers want to develop applications for it?

      Is it because Tizen is based on MeeGo and MeeGo was so great?

      • Shaun

        Tizen is not based on MeeGo.

        Tizen v1 was essentially Samsung’s own SLP. They’ve been gradually adding in some of the MeeGo components but there’s no compatibility with MeeGo as such. It doesn’t run Qt applications for instance although a 3rd party is porting Qt to to Tizen.

      • Janne

        According to Tomi Ahonen Tizen will be the second biggest OS in 2015 (after Android and ahead of iOS).

        Also, “several” Tizen phones will be out in early 2013 according to Tomi Ahonen.

        • Noki

          and to that you will probably say… “It’s possible” same as nokia being bought my Microsoft was “possible”.

          but feel free to keep bashing Tomi for being more correct than most

          • Random Random

            In reality Tomi was not more correct than the others.

            It just appears to be like that because of the strategy he uses. He makes tons of forecasts and then picks the one that was the most correct one.

            That’s how he manages to fool you.

            • tom

              No.. he is more right than WP lovers like to admit. Remember MS/Elop was the only choice that would save Nokia. Now MS buys what essentially was Nokia for scraps.

              • Noki

                I still remember wen all market predictions pointed out that wp would have somthing like 25% market share by now.
                Tomi was wrong in his prediction, e estimated wp would have much more than 3%..But no one came close to his predictions on how low it would be…

                Well I did, think my wp sales predictions are the best 😀 think overall my error margin per quarter was smaller than 1/2 of a Million. heheheh..

                • Janne
                  • Noki

                    its sad to read that blog in light of how things went in the end..

                    At least Tomi gets to gloat about being right in the end…
                    That site…. will die out soon enough as soon as the mitigation budget dries out.

                    • Janne

                      I’m sure Tomi gloats. That doesn’t mean he was right about many things. We all, of course, are right about some things.

                      The case the Dominies Communicate site makes stands on its merits. I have no illusions that you would ever read it with a fair mind, but its merits are irrespective of any outcome – it didn’t argue the outcome, it argued the journey.

                      It is a gross over-simplifaction to think Tomi was “right in the end”.

                      That said, the one gloating on the ruins of this journey we have shared, well, what a sad person that must be. I’d rather have friends I’ve shared difficult things with and enjoyed some great tech with.

                    • Random Random


                      Most of the time Tomi Ahonen made tons of forecasts and afterwards picked the one that was the most correct one.

                      That’s how he fooled you to think he got it right.

                • Random Random

                  Not everyone said that.

                  And of course Tomi made multiple predictions before the numbers were released and only then picked the best one.

                  That’s how he fools people.

          • Janne

            Noki: I think it is pretty safe to say Tizen phones won’t be released in early 2013. 😉

            As for Tizen being the second OS in 2015. No, I don’t see that happening. It would take a pretty monumental shift successfully executed by Samsung. Probably too big for them too.

            Is it possible? Well, I don’t think I can say it is impossible. But I wouldn’t post on Twitter such things.

            • Random Random

              Of course it’s impossible that Tizen would be the second biggest ecosystem in 2015.

            • Noki

              Was not discussing Tizen, was discussing your Tomi fixation!!!

              • Janne

                Hey, I was providing you with his predictions on Tizen. According to you that is very informative stuff. 😉

                • Noki

                  Juts let Tomi be, he is far more accomplished than any of us…
                  I know you guys don’t like him, but wen looking at things from a distance, I think it would be wise for the “wp move” fans to not call on his predicaments, since he was far more correct than most..

                  It jut make you look like a sour loser, taking the messenger even after you lost the war… (hope you get that I dont imply you are in a war yourself)

                  • Janne

                    Nokia lost the “war”. None of us were actual participants.

                    As for the winners and losers of the debate, I consider winners those who made for a good one. You consider whom ever you feel worthy. I guess it is unfortunate you feel the need to use the word “war” of the past years. I would rather discuss Nokia products and our interests in them – I think that was a worthier contribution to the community than anything we ever bickered about.

                    Sorry, I can’t include Tomi’s recent years into my winners of good discussion list. (Dominies Communciate make a much better summary of that then I could ever bother.) Beyond that, he of course has an achieved past – no doubt about it.

              • Noki

                BTW I dont like Tizen one bit but since Samsung is putting it in all its TV’s it will probably have a larger installed based than WP pretty soon, last year Samsung sold close to 100 000 000 TV’s that’s a weeeee bit more than WP’s

                • Janne

                  Sure, but Tizen in TVs is a completely different story. That’s like counting Xboxes and Windows 8 boxes that run the same kernels and frameworks that WP does.

                  But sure, Samsung could try to push Tizen to their Galaxy phones. It would be interesting to see if they can achieve instant or fast big numbers, or if they face the same long, slow uphill climb that other “restarted” OSes have faced.

                  • Noki

                    Think its fairly obvious that Samsung’s take on tizen is a strategical one, a poking stick at Google.
                    BTW there is way more in common between a TV and a phone than a pc or an Xbox. Hardware and development wise its very similar platforms.

    • BellGo

      Why pick Tizen? Risk it all again? For what? A slice of the same pie and same market? It is very similar to Android minus the popularity, so.. again why pick the unpopular one?

    • Shaun

      “It is the most technically sound OS”

      I take it you work for Samsung. 😉

      Samsung don’t understand how to do open source development. Anyone joining that project would find themselves working on code that gets dropped/replaced at the whim of some random anonymous guy in Samsung because their management have decided to shift tech that week.

    • stormtroller

      let me know when Tizen phone spec and UI/fucntionality demo is out. thanks

  • torcida
    • Janne

      Maybe ship before new years? That would be nice.

      I’m sure MNB guys will post the story when they get to it.

    • Noki

      I have my T-Shirt here, just a couple of months 🙂 and it will have the proper other side, good solid specks, not wow but good enough for an amazing experience

      • Janne

        Don’t forget: the stickers too! 🙂

        • Noki

          have 2 of them 😀

  • Hypnopottamus

    While I love what Nokia has (and always has) brought to the table in mobile tech, I’m only mildly excited about Android. I “escaped” Symbian for Android after the frustration I had with the then newly released Symbian^3 on the E7. Android was more reliable for my needs (email and PIM), but was an incredibly laggy mess. I loved the endless amount of apps available and the virtually limitless customization ability of Android. I was intrigued by the UX of WP and switched. Email and PIM is flawless for my needs and for some reason I’m just more productive with WP. To each their own.

    My wife has a Google Nexus 4. It’s a pretty awesome device, but even with quad core there are some lags. While it’s a very powerful device, I still prefer WP. Although I love the fact Android can provide all the bells and whistles, after using it (Android) for a couple years I discovered that the way I use my device was just to get in and get out. Get things done fast and easy. I didn’t need or use all the bells and whistles capabilities that Android brought to the table. If Nokia ever does release these Android devices, I would give it a try for sure, but I would still use my Lumia as my daily driver.

  • MezanZack

    If the deals between Microsoft and Nokia seems to be going shotdown, the fact that Nokia probably rising again with Android.

    Just look what they’ve done with Windows Phone 8. Nokia force them to work with updates and others.


  • Stan

    Finally good news from Nokia 🙂 Down with pathetic WP turd.

  • Noka

    Yes Nokia please stay in phone business and use Android or something in that range then we will buy devices you make again.

    • Shane

      No thanks, we dont need another “me too” android oem….
      If nokia comes back into this sector, it has to be with real innovation, & a seismic shift in the industry.
      A very well coordinated plan using sailfish could offer that, but the hw would also have to be truly something else.
      Perhaps a completely different form-factor (e.g. wearables)…

      • Noka

        The only reason why Nokia failed is it went with OS nobody want to use.

        Android would be good kick start in 2014 and don’t say Nokia would only be another Android OEM that is what Elop was saying and we all know why it has nothing to do with reality. Nokia made competitive hardware up until now and it had strong fan base up until now and there is just no way they couldn’t compete directly with Samsung by using Android the only person saying otherwise was Elop and we all know why and don’t repeat that bullshit please it has nothing to do with reality.

        • Shane

          Why repeat the same thing, in the same article, & in the same discussion thread? Weird.

          • Noka

            Because to some you have to explain it twice then don’t get it the first time.

            • Noka


              • Noka

                And just a side note if they would make “wearables” as you suggest they would need to put Android on it in 2014 if they would want to kick start Nokia again.

                • Shane

                  That needn’t be the case at all if you can take adv. of the Android hw/sw ecosystem, whilst still differentiating with your own sw stack.
                  But it seems you didn’t know or understand that…

                  • Noka

                    Thin layer on top of the Android there is nothing wrong with that Samsung does it BUT it’s still Android!

                    • Shane

                      That’s why you don’t get it, there’s hard limits on what you can do with that “thin layer”, you can’t differentiate in fundamental/powerful ways. All you can do is dick around with the UX, & even then you’re restricted on how dramatic/innovative you can be.

                      There’s 3rd party frameworks that get around that, but you’ll not see any of the major vendors doing that or contributing to the UX in that way, as Google directs all of that, they have to.

            • Shane

              I read what you said the 1st time, & I provided my response, it was pretty clear at that point that I’d absorbed it.

              Repeating the same thing multiple times doesn’t make your point stronger, it just make you: weird, a spammer, or just someone with poor nettiquette, take your pick.

              A point has to hold up on it’s own merits, not via rote learning, yours doesn’t. Sadly it’s completely unoriginal & lacks any lateral thinking.

              • Noka

                And why are you doing the same then in every answer you made up until now. You did just that. Explained over and over again the same thing as you see it.

                Nokia sold is business to Microsoft it isn’t likely they will come back in 2014. If the sale would be stopped or they would like to start over again in 2014 they can experiment with what you are saying it’s nothing wrong wit that but if they would repeat the mistake and not choose Android from the day 1 it’s very unlikely they would sell high volume of devices.

                I follow Jolla for example but i don’t see them being capable to take 10% of market share in 2014 for example… But they are small ATM and they can experiment with “small things” ATM. If you are after big it doesn’t get bigger then Android ATM and if you can’t compete against other Android OEM with Android devices then you won’t be big any time soon.

                • Shane

                  I did nothing of the sort, I didn’t post word-for-word the same thing repeatedly.
                  Sailfish (similar models) = [(Android) Sailfish], that’s something you don’t understand.
                  I’m not overtly against a multi-OS strategy though, ruling out such things would be silly.
                  Although I would probably rule out WP, they’ve given it more than enough of a chance.

      • Noka

        The only reason why Nokia failed is it went with OS nobody want to use.

        Android would be good kick start in 2014 and don’t say Nokia would only be another Android OEM that is what Elop was saying and we all know why it has nothing to do with reality. Nokia made competitive hardware up until now and it had strong fan base up until now and there is just no way they couldn’t compete directly with Samsung by using Android the only person saying otherwise was Elop and we all know why and don’t repeat that lies please it has nothing to do with reality.

        • Shane

          As I said, it would be FAR SMARTER to do what I suggested.
          It’d give them the ability to stand out with a completely new/innovative UX, whilst simultaneously enjoying the benefits of the Android ecosystem.

          • Noka

            The smartest thing would be to go with Android in 2014. There isn’t bigger kick starter available ATM that this. Nokia hardware + Android.

            And in my original post i did say:

            “…Android or something in that range…”

            What i meant was Android and after whatever they see fit if it can compete with Android because Microsoft and Apple can’t compete with Android and Jolla will not be able to for some time that is why they support Android Apps right from the start and will use that as kick start.

            • Shane

              Nah, what I suggested makes far more sense, one just has to analyse/research carefully to truly appreciate it, no time to go into lots of detail ATM, sadly.

              • Noka

                Nah your suggestion would bring Nokia peanuts. Elop did better job than that!

                • Shane

                  Sailfish (& some close cousins) enables leveraging of the Android ecosystem “both Hw & Sw”, whilst also differentiating via a stack, not just at the superficial UX lvl (for which they’d be very limited in Android -relatively speaking), but at “ALL LEVELS” -barring some binary blobs.

                  That’s a PROFOUNDLY powerful thing, & if leveraged right is a “far better” approach than being another “me too” Android vendor.
                  In short, it enables them leverage all relevant stacks/”ecosystems” strengths at once.
                  As I said, I don’t have the time to explain in heaps of detail, & it sounds like you don’t have the technical capacity to appreciate it anyway.

                  • Noka

                    You said nothing i don’t already know. And here is something you might not know you don’t just get Android Apps for free if you are big player you have to make agreement with Google first and i will say it again Android and nothing else in 2014 would be the only way to go for Nokia if it would want to start big again and gain the biggest possible kick start available ATM.

                    Everything else in peanuts ATM compared to that!

                    • Shane

                      Please point to where in the framework of the OHA it dictates that vendors must have a exclusive agreement with Google “before” they can negotiate the use of a major app on Android.

                      I’ve never seen anything like that doco’d there & I call absolute BS on it, it would be very dangerous territory for google to get into.

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