Video & Gallery: Nokia Lumia 1020 Unboxing +Wireless Charging Cover

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We’ve FINALLY gotten our hands on a Lumia 1020 fresh from Nokia, and it came in one of those awesome lens looking container thing. Check out the video below then hop down for the quick first impression and gallery.

In all honesty I wasn’t the biggest fan for the black 1020, I was on the fence between the yellow and white, as I thought the contrast between the camera hump and the white/yellow would look pretty cool, but the black is pretty nice as well. The big thing that struck me right away about the 1020 was how light it was (compared to the 920), it’s amazing to think all that weight comes from the charging coil (I find that hard to believe); in fact the 1020 + the wireless charging cover still don’t weigh as much as the 920. The black finish is certainly awesome though, it gives the phone a very sleek profile, that makes it feel like a special agent’s secret weapon.

I still haven’t played around with the camera much so I can’t give any real thoughts on that, but I think the 808 had more lossless zoom in it? Of course there are plenty more of posts on the way, but this was just a quick first impression. Check out the gallery below for some side-by sides and comparisons.

*Oh and check out the Nokia 909.1 below 😉


DSC03831 DSC03883 DSC03880 DSC03877 DSC03875 DSC03873 DSC03870 DSC03869 DSC03861 DSC03859 DSC03856 DSC03855 DSC03854 DSC03853 DSC03852 DSC03851 DSC03849 DSC03848 DSC03846 DSC03845 DSC03841 DSC03837 DSC03835 DSC03825 DSC03820 DSC03819 DSC03817 DSC03814 DSC03812 DSC03809



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